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BEAUTY BOX 5: September 2012

i picked up my September BB5 on the first of October. it's another good month for Beauty Box 5 - seems like there were some different shades so it's exciting to read other people's posts (there's not enough of them though!)

recently, BB5 has decided to include tracking info for Canadians! this is great but the tracking number they gave me provided me absolutely no info.
i was missing a product from the July box and they also sent that out last month so using its tracking info, i could see when it was accepted and when it left Austin, Texas but that was as far as it went (head on over to the July box to see the updated post).  i am not sure how this new change will benefit us if there are no (or hardly) any updates available. was this the same for everyone else?

September's BB5 contained:

1) lip shine in "ruby" - did you know was created by the Hollywood nightclub h.wood? the line was inspired by h.wood.tea so the products are actually infused with tea. pretty cool.
i got "ruby" which looks like a startling red but these lip shines apply sheer. on my lips, it looks like a dark pink-red. i like how easy it is to apply. the formula is very moisturizing and the color is just right for a tinted lip balm - you can actually see that i am wearing a soft pretty color on my lips. the color does catch on any dry skin, making it more visible so having smooth lips is recommended. there is a slight scent to it but it's not a bad one. like other tinted lip balms, it comes off easily after eating.
ooo a 25% off code... slightly tempting but i currently have way too much makeup. i have a box full of stuff  awaiting its turn to be blogged about and hence, they are unopened and unused.
shipping is a flat rate of $5.95 - not bad! they don't ship to international addresses though. i always get confused when i read this since some sites have a separate page for "Canadian shipping" and "International shipping" but others consider Canada to be international. i thought that anything overseas was considered "international"... what do you think?
size: 4 g (full size!)
retail value: $16 
artificial light; natural light

2) Goat Haus Dairy Bath Melts in "Angel Kisses" - just looking at the package, i was thinking i got some cheese. hahaha phew! a bath melt! i haven't taken a bath in who knows how long but i'd like to get around to doing so. "Angel Kisses" is described as a "light vanilla with a hint of lavender, extremely relaxing". 
size: 50 g (full size!)
retail value: $2.50

3) Silk Naturals Eye Color in "Nekkid" - my mineral eyeshadow collection has been growing lately, thanks to BB5! Silk Naturals has 272 eyeshadows on their website and describes "Nekkid" as a shimmery pink that is supposedly a dupe for MAC's "Naked Lunch". i don't own any MAC eyeshadows so i can't do a comparison here.
looking at the jar, it looks more brown but once applied , it looks like a orange-y pink with all its' shimmer. on the shimmer scale, Silk Naturals rated it a 5 out of 6. i don't think this type of pink looks flattering on me - sort of gives me a swollen look - i should just apply it lightly next time. the wear time is impressive though. even without primer, the shimmer and the color lasts all day.
swatches above (under 1)) are only two swipes of the color. a deeper color can be achieved. it also appears more intense on my eyelids.
another promo code offer - 5% off.
size: N/A but < 1 g
retail value: $4 (for a 5 g jar)

4) Nastassja Enzyme Facial Peel - it looks like a wetter version of Vaseline and has a slight lemon scent. i will use this peel tonight and let you know how it goes!
a 25% off code was included.
size: 7.5 mL
retail value: $45 website says $40 (60 mL)

5) NuMe Hydro Punch Hydrating Shampoo - hmm got this already in my July Topbox as well as a conditioner version in my May Glymm. now i have another one missing a partner again! oh and plus - it is for dry or colored hair and i no longer have virgin hair!!
again, the same $100 off code for NuMe products that is really, not that special at all.
size: 20 mL
retail value: $24.99 (250 mL)

BB5 is great for trying brands i have never heard of before - 4/5 of this month's brands were unknown to me. i also enjoy how there are a couple of cosmetic items and then a variety of other types of products including skincare, bath and shower.

what colors did you get in your BB5? if you are interested in joining, i'd appreciate it if you used my link. thank you thank you!


  1. ooh - you got a different lip colour and shadow! I do like those colours as well - the lipstick looks great on you.

    I always thought of international to be overseas! :)

    1. why thank you! i like checking out everyone else's colors - seems like they are all very pretty!

  2. I've been pretty impressed with BB5 lately and decided to join ! I just signed up for a quarterly plan and used your link :)

  3. Oh my gosh I so need to do something like this but I am worried I would just end up with tons of different make up and beauty products that I would never use. My drawer is already filled to the top with beauty products- I don't think my husband would approve of even more. I guess I'll have to live vicariously through you and your new beauty products each month! I just found your blog and I've loved getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

    New follower :)

    1. hi bonnie!! thanks for coming by my blog!
      and yes i know what you mean - my makeup stash is a bit out of control right now. if i don't see it, i'd forget about it and not use it. i even have a box of items that are set aside for me to take photos of for blogging before i can even use it.
      i need to start getting a little more organized! i love love love getting these boxes each month so i'll continually share my experience with you. thanks for reading :)

  4. I like the balm.

    I honestly have no clue how you van have a box full of unused stuff. It makes since, yes, however it would eat me up inside. I just bought the MAC Pure Zen lipstick from the Marilyn Monroe collection and I'm trying not to use it before I could at least take pictures... of course, had to clean the apartment like a mad woman last night and now I'm omw to Quebec. Its still in my purse. I want to use it. I may have to improvise somehow.. lol. Kudos to you!

    1. hahaha have you taken the pictures yet? i'd like to see this new Marilyn Monroe lipstick! i hope you had a good trip to Quebec :)
      and it is my mission this month to get through... hmm half of the box! i should keep a logbook on that box...

  5. I got Ruby as well and thought that it was going to be scary bright, but it was surprisingly nice and subtle!

    I would love to get cheese in my beauty box ;-) Gouda please!

    1. haha jayne :) but then are you OK with everything in your beauty box smelling like cheese? i am not familiar with cheeses so i am not sure how Gouda tastes like but now i will keep an eye out for it!


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