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GLOSSYBOX: October 2012

Glossybox made it to me yesterday and here's what i received in my V2 box...

October's goodies:

1) Jouviance Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Cream - first time i've heard of this brand - it's actually made in Canada. this white, unscented cream can be used as a day or night or specifically as an eye contour. i am building quite the collection of anti-aging items which is good as a preventive measure. however, in the last two weeks, there has been two people that tried to guess my age; one said 22 and the other one said 19 --> LOL. so i am glad that i don't exactly need these anti-aging creams just yet! :)
size: 5 mL
retail value: $93.50 (50 mL)

2) ModelCo Flipstick Lip Duo in "Dusk Lipstick/Striptease Gloss" - i was very excited to see a ModelCo item in the box! i have an eyeshadow, a blush and a few makeup brushes from them (which i picked up in Sydney) and i really like them. now i get to try a lipstick and a gloss - hooray! the brand is very difficult for us Canadians to get our hands on. 
this is marked as a "Special Edition" for Glossybox members only. i searched the ModelCo website and they do not have any Lip Duos on there. the Lip Duo is a combination of their Shine Ultra Lip Gloss and their Lipstick Lip Couture which you can purchase full size for US$16 and $22 respectively.

the Lip Duo is a bit on the chunky side but it does come with a mirror. i found it a little awkward to put on the lipstick since it is longer and wider than the average lipstick.
both the gloss and the lipstick smell like watermelons  strawberries but it is sweeter on the gloss side. the lipstick is very creamy and glides on your lips easily. it is also quite pigmented - this particular "Dusk" shade is a brown but a wearable brown (not sure if this will work on all skin tones). the gloss looks like peachy shimmer in the tube but applies sheer. i find wearing the gloss over the lipstick makes the brown appear softer and i like the combination better than wearing the lipstick alone.

size: N/A (full size!)
retail value: $38.75

3) Zoya Professional Lacquer in "Rory ZP620" - this is the second Zoya i own as well as the second pink Zoya i own. i got both from Glossybox and they are both nice pinks (the other one was Shelby) but i am loving Rory!! Rory is described as "Medium mauve pink with lilac tones, gold and silver reflective metallic shimmer accents, and a foil-like finish. The gentle color of this polish gives the foil finish a softened appearance." on the Zoya website. even the description sounds beautiful!

size: 15 mL (full size!)
retail value: $8

-- update November 2, 2012 -- i love how smooth this was to apply!! no streaking, quick dry time and the color was quite opaque! i only used one coat in this swatch:
 left to right: natural light; closeup; artificial light

sorry my nails aren't in the best shape but the swatches are done without me doing any cleanup! the brush definitely helps me be more precise. 
i am also in love with this color - Rory is a gorgeous deep metallic pink. i personally prefer these fun shades over the sheer pinks (no offense!) :)

4) Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shampoo & Conditioner - these two hair products are designed especially for "shine preparation". it contains "rock crystal" which i tried Google-ing but found nothing related to hair (except how to remove hair with a rock crystal - which is a completely different idea).
size: 50 mL each x 2 = 100 mL
retail value: shampoo - $15.79 (250 mL); conditioner - $16.59 (250 mL)

5) Gillette Venus & Olay Razor - another razor from Glossybox... ho hum. this one is the exact same as the one i got from Loose Button in May. i haven't even gone through those yet.
size: 1 razor & 1 cartridge (full size!)
retail value: $16.99

i almost forgot about the Golden Ticket item (Caroline Néron jewelry) until i read the card - boo i was not one of the lucky 50! let me know if you have seen anyone who got it!

in all honestly, i really like the box if i am considering it from a $15 point of view but at $21, i am a little unsure. i know that the retail value of the box is well over $21 but i have to remember that the retail value of the box and the value of the items to me are different.
i am most excited about the Zoya polish and the ModelCo lip duo - what were your favorites this month?

so i'm sure most of you heard the news buzzing around on Facebook yesterday - ipsy (previously known as myglam) has come to Canada. as soon as i heard the news, i felt a number of emotions: 1) excited because i've seen a number of ipsy unboxings and they have been pretty good (seems to be more makeup focused than others), 2) uneasy because i went to take a look at my finances and 3) torn because it means i will need to make some difficult decisions.
and to add to that, Topbox has also followed suit after its fellow Canadian subscription services and raised their prices. 

soon we will all be sitting at:
Glossybox: $21/month
Luxebox (Loose Button): $26/3 months
Glymm: $12/month (unless you were subscribed prior to the price change: $10/month)
Topbox: $12/month
Beauty Box 5: US$12/month
Ipsy: US$14.95/month

i know many of you probably have Julep and other beauty boxes to add to the list... are you guys going to reconsider your subscriptions too now that Ipsy has joined the table? let me know what you think! anything to make my decision easier :)


  1. I got the exact same thing! Except I got a different colour of nail polish!

  2. The Zoya looks very nice! Can't wait to see swatches :)

  3. I love the. Colour you got it's kinda like a raspberry ! Mine is a bit lighter . If you know anyone wanting to sign up tell them to use GLOSSY5 to save 10%

    1. yes i am really liking my color! thanks for commenting

  4. Ouuu GlossyBox looks amazing! I have Birchbox but it can be hit or miss.

    XO Amy

    1. thanks for dropping by amy - i think most of the beauty boxes are like that - they can't please everyone all the time! :)

  5. We got the same box. I really like this Zoya polish. The shade is very pretty and perfect for the summer.

    I went ahead and subscribed to ipsy. I figured it was worth a try since they said November was the best bag ever so fingers crossed.

    1. oh wow - ipsy themselves claimed November is the best bag ever?? that's quite a statement! i've only seen one sneak peek but i am glad they are also throwing in the Benefit mascara (not that i need another mascara sample but hey!)

  6. I got a different nail polish than you, which is fine by me since I already own Rory. Sadly, I didn't like the nail polish color I got very much! I subscribed to Ipsy a couple of days ago (before I received the e-mail, somehow.. I just happened to notice it on their website), and I'm really looking forward to it. All of their boxes have been amazing, and it'll probably replace my Loose Button subscription.

    1. was yours one of the sheer pinks? i have seen a few of the ipsy boxes too and i am looking forward to more makeup samples!
      as for Loose Button, i read recently on FB that they are delaying the winter box til "december/january but they are really hoping for december" which is completely ridiculous since it was supposed to be november and they are only sending out 4 a year now rather than 12!
      and i was not impressed that this statement was made only as a response to someone else's question - they did not officially announce the delay themselves.

  7. I say go for ipsy for a few months. That's what I'm doing :)

    1. great idea! i say i am only trying it for a bit but for some reason, i am afraid of missing out on something fantastic

  8. I like Rory way more than Loretta which is the colour I received! Loretta is so sheer, I hate her.
    I just subscribed to Ipsy as I have been waiting for MyGlam to come to Canada since it came out. I've cut Glymm and I will think about Luxe Box. I just tried out The Natural Beauty Box which I like, but can't see myself wanting every month so I'll try it on an occasional basis.
    We're all going to be so poor at the rate beauty boxes are coming out and/or increasing in price!

    1. LOL jayne - i am sorry i laughed but your comment "i hate her" is so funny especially since the polishes names are people names :P

      i have been following ipsy's/myglam's unboxings too so i am very excited! i saw that you cut Glymm - i applaud you for your braveness! 3 of the boxes i am receiving are actually Christmas presents from last year so once they run out and i personally have to start paying for them, i am definitely going to feel the crunch!!

  9. I love those boxes. You have something to choose from - that's so cool! we have just one box here and it's very expensive (around $50) so I even envy

    loved the gloss!

    Inside and Outside Blog

    1. hi lyosha :) i am glad that i have the opportunity to choose from many beauty boxes but it is also problematic because i can't pick just one!!
      and wow $50! that is expensive! have you tried it and what does it have?

  10. Great review! :) I got similar box to you, except I'm V1, so I got a lighter shade of pink nailpolish (Loretta), which I don't care for much. I love the color you got though!! Never heard of ModelCo before, is it a popular Australian brand?

    1. i believe ModelCo is pretty popular in Australia! my cousin who lives there introduced me to them.
      and i really love Rory! im not a big fan of sheer pinks either

  11. I really loved last month's GlossyBox and can't wait for November to come! I'm about to unsubscribe to TopBox, after waiting since April on waiting list, I absolutely hated last Months (my first) box. This month will determine whether I stay with topbox or not and also the price is going up... I'm getting this months' glossybox free since I redeemed my glossydots yay! I've also subscribed to ipsy soo happy! I had glymm for 2 months and hated that one so I no longer subscribe to them!

    1. like you, i enjoyed last month's Glossybox but not Topbox as much. i really hope that this month has a huge improvement! otherwise, all that waiting seems to have gone to waste... :/ and hooray for free boxes! im excited about ipsy too - i tried not to peek too much so it's still a surprise :)


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