Sunday, October 07, 2012

REVIEW: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in "Nude Lustre"

happy thanksgiving!! it's been a busy weekend of eating but since i have some time before dinner, i thought i'd throw in a quick post.

i picked up another Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss (5.9 mL) recently, the first being "Coral Reef" that is supposed to be in my much-delayed coral lip collection review (soon, i promise!). i got this one at Walmart during their Anniversary Sale for $3.88. who can argue with a price like that?

i wanted a nude gloss that would actually look nude rather than sheer. "Coral Reef" was a pigmented color so i thought i'd take a swing at it with "040 Nude Lustre".

i like the formula of the Super Lustrous Lipglosses - they leave a shiny finish but does not feel thick or goopy. they are slightly sticky in that they will stick to your hair if it comes into contact with your lips but you will not have to peel it away and run your fingers through your hair to remove the goop. it lasts for hours too and my lips continually feel moisturized. SPF 15 is a nice plus too!
left to right: artificial light; natural light

the color "Nude Lustre" is a warm nude with some micro glitter. i think it gives my lips a tiny bit of nude color and a lot of shine. the nude color can be seen pretty well on my arm swatches but personally, i wished it was more pigmented on my lips.

i am honestly going to try to hold back on purchasing any new lip products this month. i took a look at my box of products yet to be used as well as how many lip products are currently in my purse (7) and i think i am prettyyyyy set for now.
don't worry i have plenty of lip posts coming still!


  1. I can't even think about getting more lip products! I have these "guilt session Sundays" where I look at all the makeup I have and remind myself of how much I have!

    1. lol guilt session Sundays!! that is really interesting - i should do that to remind myself too... i keep forgetting what i have! it's so baddddd

  2. I haven't tried this formula but I like their colourburst lip glosses :)

    1. hmm i haven't tried those! maybe next time (in a long while actually) i will buy another gloss. i should try finishing a couple first though!

  3. this looks like a pretty shade! I too suffer from the too many lip products issue as well :(


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