Friday, February 15, 2013

GLOSSYBOX: January 2013

oh this is sad.
i was not motivated to write this post at all. Glossybox, what happened?? are you trying to compete for the largest amount of dissatisfied customers with Glymm?

i got this box 10 days ago. there was a Canada Post processing error and i didn't even notice.

onto the items (from V1)...

1) Wella Professionals Brilliance Leave-In Mousse - i enjoyed the other Wella products i have received from their Brilliance line. this one says it is for colored hair - why am i not surprised that i got this? all it says on the back is that it helps protect colored hair... i wonder if it does anything else. i am not much of a mousse girl so i will probably pass it on to my mom.
size: 190 g (full size!)
retail value: $17.99

2) Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme - i had to laugh at this. Glossybox hardly ever breaks from their drugstore brand preference so this is quite rare! but of course, it had to be the tiniest thing ever! it only looks large below because i had to zoom close enough to see it :D see below to see how it actually compares it size.
this lip plumper is clear and shimmery - something you can wear layered over a lipstick.
size: minuscule
retail value: $28 (6 mL)

3) Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion - i already expressed my feelings on the scent of this lotion in my previous Glymm post. i am not exactly willing to open a larger sized sample.
size: 25 g
retail value: $12.99 (170 g)

4) Nivea Essential Lip Care - so a plain lip balm... that's rather boring, no? i have such a variety of lip products that i never reach for a plain lip balm anymore. passing this off to my boyfriend - he likes the plain ones. haha
size: 4.8 g (full size!)
retail value: $2.00

5) *Glossybox Best in Moisture* Vitabath Fresh Citrus Twist Hand Creme - at first, i thought it sort of resembled my Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter in the recent ipsy bag but it's nowhere as delicious-smelling. in fact, for a citrus scent, it could've been much better (the Pacifica one is also better for you - no parabens!).
i also got the same scent for my Vitabath shower gel (received in my Glossybox November 2012) and found that this hand creme smells more 'diluted' or 'manufactured' than the shower gel.
my camera does odd things to red/pink backgrounds

size: 60 g
retail value: $15 (120 g) ... according to

6) *bonus* BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanitizing Wipes - uhmmm so i was very happy to get these half a year ago (where i received 4) but i haven't even used them yet! i should definitely make use of them. anyone out there that uses these regularly?
size: 12 wipes
retail value: $12.50 (48 wipes)

so this box... rather blah. i am probably going to give away most of this stuff since i have plenty of other alternatives that i actually enjoy.
let's not talk about the box anymore.
who has seen Gangster Squad? i saw it on Tuesday and i quite enjoyed it! it was bloody and had plenty of guns but there was also Ryan Gosling. hahaha and Emma Stone. i liked most of the characters and was constantly on the edge of my seat (although you can sort of tell who is going to die... or not). :) what other movies in theaters would you like to see?


  1. Sorry to hear you were disappointed with your box. My favorite, though, is the beauty so clean wipes. You can disinfect your makeup with them.

  2. I hated this box, don't even want to post about it either. Just ick!

  3. Aha! So I am not the only that doesn't use those sanitizing wipes! I think they're so dumb. I'm sorry you were not happy with January's GB :( I was OK about it, but I totally understand your disappointment. Will you keep your subscription?

    1. nooo i will not! after my free boxes run out, i don't think ill stick around. i am sort of curious of what they are planning for their anniversary box though!


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