Sunday, February 17, 2013

POLISHED: Pink Ombre [Valentine's Day] Nails

i am a tad late showing you my nails for Valentine's but here it is! i tried doing a form of ombre nails - the much simpler version across my entire hand rather than having an ombre pattern on each nail. i'll call this the amateur version :)

i was actually inspired by the Ombre kits by The New Black on the Glymm website. i was tempted to buy a set but i figured i could do my own since i already own a gazillion polishes.
i picked a number of pinks from my collection and i was looking specifically at ones that were not shimmery or glittery so that the color morphing would look... erm.. cleaner... subtler? 

anyway! this is what i came up with:
natural light; artificial light

seems like the last two colors (my ring finger and pinky) are almost identical in the pictures. whoops!

from thumb to pinky, i used:
* Zoya in "Shelby" (Glossybox July 2012)
* Nicole by OPI in "Something About Spring"
* Diana Manicure in "1104"

the two lightest colors, the Barbie one and the Zoya, required 3 coats while the other ones only needed two. this was the first time i did ombre nails and i thought it was really fun! i was hesitant at first, thinking that it may look slightly childish at work if my nails were all different colors but i think it works if the color changes weren't drastic. 

i am thinking of doing this again with purples next... it gives me a chance to use more polishes and to provide you with some swatches as well. win-win!
would you wear ombre nails like this? :)


  1. I like this idea, these look nice! I have been wanting to get Shelby for awhile, it looks like such a pretty pink! I am currently practising the ombre nail sponge technique ;o

    1. haha that's too advanced for me! i'd love to see your results though!!

  2. Oooh i love your blog! I just read a few of your posts and really enjoyed them! I followed you :) x

    1. thanks for coming by Danielle! and for your sweet comments :)

  3. I like the effect and the swatches - do it again!

  4. Looks pretty. :) I like the dark to light effect aka ombre. :)

  5. Oddly, I have yet to try the ombre look, but I love it!
    I was tempted to get those mini sets as well, but it's so true that we probably all have the colours in our own collection to create an ombre look.

    1. haha i know hey? i took a look at my collection and i was ohhhh yeah i can totallyyyy do it.


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