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GLOSSYBOX: July 2012

ahhh.. Glossybox. why is it that you are so consistently late?
i got mine just yesterday but already plenty of posts from other bloggers were up. i resisted taking a peek until i got my box and after reading about it on Blogger as well as Facebook, it seems that a TON of people are unhappy this month. 
most of the complaints are regarding the different versions - apparently there is a major price difference between them. i am a V2 this month (there seems to be 3 variations).

so upon opening the box, i can automatically tell it is more deflated than usual. still there is one very large item, but you will see why it is not a huge deal:

July's samples (and fancy, fancy - the product card is glossy this month):

1) Zoya Nail Polish in "Shelby ZP616" - ooooo my first Zoya nail polish ever! i've seen these floating around many nail bloggers' websites but i have never actually seen one in real life. woooooaah. 
i'm not sure where they are even sold in Canada! "Shelby" is from the Summer 2012 Beach Collection. it is a bubblegum pink creme. when i look at my nails, it makes me feel super girly.

i needed 3 coats to get full coverage. it dries rather quickly but not quick enough for me to avoid denting it in the following pictures (i blame this on having to put on 3 coats)...
size: 15 mL (full size!)
retail value: $8
left to right: natural light; artificial light

2) Alessandro International Pedix Feet Heel Rescue Balm - this company is based in Germany so kudos to Glossybox for branching out. Alessandro International also sells other pedicure items as well as cosmetics such as lipsticks and nail polishes.
the Heel Rescue Balm is nice - i think i am starting to build a little collection of heel creams. this one in particular has a fruity but minty scent. 
size: 30 mL
retail value: $19.95 (100 mL)

3) John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution - frizz has never been a major concern of mine so i have never tried such products. the solution needs to be shaken before use and the cap that it has does allow for shaking 10 drops into your palm and then rubbing into your hair (as per directions). i can say that my hair seems to be less tangled but that's it.
size: 10 mL
retail value: $14.99 (60 mL)

4) Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in "Strawberry" - this is the second lip product from Burt's Bees i have gotten from a beauty box. i am glad that this one has less packaging that the tinted lip balm had - if you have forgotten, click here. i am glad to get to try a different color since i find "Cherry" a bit similar to "Rose".

"Strawberry" is a sheer shimmery pink. it smells like peppermint and leaves a tingly feeling. i like that it is 100% natural and is moisturizing. the shimmer in addition to the pink doesn't work too well on my skin tone if i put on a few layers of it - it comes off as a bit too frosty so i need to stick with only a minimal amount.
size: 2.6 g (full size!)
retail value: $5.99
top to bottom: artificial light; natural light

5) Dove VisibleCare Softening Crème Body Wash - so here's the thing with Glossybox. i don't want to point the finger at Glossybox and say that this is exactly what they are doing, BUT it seems that Glossybox includes a full size drugstore item to create the illusion that there is a lot more value for your money. i hear plenty of people are unsubscribing this month because the drugstore products are turning them off. personally, i don't mind as much when it's something i can use but body washes aren't my thing. i can't blame Glossybox for that though.
the body wash smells nice but i don't understand why it is a "Limited Offer".
size: 200 mL (full size!)
retail value: $5.99

6) BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes - i missed the very first Canadian Glossybox that included the sanitizer mist so i am happy to get to try these wipes! i find the company's idea so simple but genius at the same time. i have a brush cleaner but hadn't thought of cleaning lipsticks or face powders before hearing about BeautySoClean. 
size: 4 wipes
retail value: $12.50 (48 pack of wipes)

so overall, it is a "good" box in that i will use mostly everything in here. i don't normally use body washes or frizz solutions unless they are given to me. i like being introduced to brands i haven't tried before like BeautySoClean and Alessandro International. my favorite item would be the Zoya polish though - it's hard to go wrong with nail polish!

i will be going to L.A, L.A, L L A, L.A (re: Bran Van 3000's Drinking in L.A.) in a few weeks!!! hooray hooray hooray! first time ever so i am asking all you lovely bloggers if you have any suggestions on things i need to see or do while i'm there. it would be fantastic if you know of any places i must visit for some awesome beauty deals (like CVS? or something haha) or any brands only available in the US? very excited! thank you thank you :)


  1. you need to read this untill the end you will find your name , you did a great job.

    1. i just checked it out - thank you very much for the special mention :)

  2. I agree this box was ok. I must have gotten the other version as I did not get Burt's Bees. Here's hoping to a better August box! (which will arrive sometime in September, lol)

    Please consider following my blog?

    1. hmm i think that would be V3? and it's almost inevitable that it would be in September! checked your blog and now following :)

  3. They do sell Zoya nail polishes in Canada. I already owned a couple colors before getting mine in my box, so atleast you can buy more if you like them!

    You can check out my review at :

    1. cool - do you know which stores? i've only seen them online at Zoya

  4. Yours was the same as mine but different.

  5. Ooh I like the strawberry lip colour better. I got cherry. Have fun on your trip and take lotsa pics to share with us upon your return :D what is the purpose of the trip, just to site see?

    1. yep just to have fun! there's going to be so much to do - i hope i can fit most of it in... i will be the ultimate tourist so don't worry there will be pictures!

  6. Just a note about the dove, it says 'limited offer' because the full size is actually 300 ml. The 200 ml is just a smaller version of the full sized bottle

    1. oohhh that's interesting. odd that GB would say that is full sized.. thanks for letting me know!


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