Wednesday, February 13, 2013

GLYMM BAG: January 2013

after doing my report card on the beauty box subscriptions available to Canadians, the January boxes that followed seemed to reaffirm my decision in regards to Glymm and Glossybox - wowwwwwwwwww i honestly cannot believe how bad both are this month.
thanks to both of them for making it easy for me. once i cash in all my points, i am outta here!!
Glymm's recent price increase was very sudden - we got the email late last month (Jan 21) and the price change was effective immediately. to me, the contents of January's bag do not reflect the increase in price... in fact, i don't think i would have actually been happy if it was at $12 or even $10 (which was what i was paying). holy cow!!!! i just realized that this means that this is a 50% increase for everyone that was grandfathered at $10 during the previous price increase!


okay, putting the massive price hike aside, let's take a look at the products:
1) LASHEM Double Trouble Mascara - this is the teeniest mascara sample i've ever seen! it's the exact same size as the LASHEM serum from last month. i will start testing this mascara this weekend... i am on the verge of tossing a few so it's time for something new. i am pretty sure i can use this one up much faster.
size: N/A
retail value: $20 (6 mL)

2) La Fresh Travel-Lite Facial Cleansing Wipes - i'm sure no one is seriously overjoyed when we receive a couple foil packets of facial cleansing wipes...
size: 1 wipe ("full size") x 2
retail value: $3 each

3) 360 Skin Care Lavender Mint Firming Serum - the serum smells like lavender which i am not a fan of but i can hardly tell when i apply it to my face. this is unlike any other serum i've ever tried... it's rather thick and difficult to absorb onto your face. you know how lotion dries up and leaves residue around the cap? the texture is sort of like that but not nearly as hard.
this firming serum is to be used around the eyes. just make you sure you really try to smooth it out on your skin or you will get odd yellow globs on your face. just a suggestion!
size: 6 mL
retail value: $34 (30 mL)

4) Coolway Boost Repair Serum - this patent pending serum is to be used as a replacement of your conditioner and has strict instructions that you should wait at least 2 days between use. i found this serum to have a unique scent for a hair product - very sweet and sugary. the product itself is white and has a very very slight gritty texture. so far i haven't seen any transformation in my hair but i will let you know down the road if my feelings change.
size: 30 mL
retail value: $40 (236 mL)

5) ** bonus ** Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion - ho hum. i am not a huge fan of Burt's Bees lotions - i don't find the scents appealing. oh shoot - as i stared at this sample while i type this, i realized i got a larger sample of this in my Glossybox that i have yet to post...
size: 7 mL
retail value: $12.99 (170 mL) ... according to my January Glossybox card

you can tell from the tone of this whole post that i am not exactly overjoyed with this bag. haha - it may be that i am harder to impress now that i've subbed to 6 beauty boxes but in all honesty, all of these samples are tiny and have very limited use.
does anyone have high hopes for February? also, who knows when Glymm's anniversary is?
by the way, i have a giveaway coming up!!!! please stay tuned!!! i am letting you know now so that you can make sure i do it this weekend. i am giving you permission to get on my case about it. 
i really hope that i can work on more posts for you this weekend! i miss this :(


  1. yea, i agree with you re: the burt's bees lotion. i got it in a beauty box and had a hard time using it up just b/c the smell was so unappealing.

    1. i applaud you for getting through it!! i want to put it in my swap list but i am not sure if anyone would want it hahah

  2. I love the idea of bags instead of boxes! So disheartening when you get a baddie though :( You seem to have much more choice than we do here xx

    1. i liked the idea of bags at first since it was different and new but now i have too many bags!!

      you might be getting more beauty box choices once the competition increases :)

  3. my mascara sample arrived all dried up! I still a few months left of glymm and then I'm crossing it off the list.

    1. i tried using it and i think there is only mascara at the very bottom millimetre of the tube!

  4. Glymm started in July of 2011 I believe!
    Glymm is known for little samples I think. I remember receiving very few deluxe sized products towards the end of my sub.

    1. ooo thanks Jayne! were you a subscriber that early?

      and yes i find that extremely true! everything is quite tiny

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Aparently I should spellcheck BEFORE posting xD

    I received my last Glymm bag in October, and every time I see one of these review posts, it reaffirms my decision to cancel. There is no way this is worth the $15. I also cancelled Glossybox and will be receiving my final one in March (cancelled after the payment was taken for the Feb. Birthday box and cashed in dots for March). I'm thinking that Glymm and Glossy just have a really sub-standard relationship with brands.

    The point of these boxes/bags is for cosmetic brands to send the companies samples (for free to get the word out about their product--basically it's seen as advertising cost), then subscribers pay to get them packaged and shipped and the convenience of not having to track down the free samples on their own (via makeup counters, promos, etc).

    It makes you wonder what Glossy and Glymm are doing wrong (other than Glossy having TERRIBLE customer service and sending expired products from who knows where), as their prices keep increasing, yet we keep receiving crap. Both Topbox and Ipsy offer some amazing iconic brands and great size samples for a fraction of the price of these other companies. If they can't do it, why can't other subscription services?

    1. hahaha i only noticed one spelling error but i still understood you all the same! :)

      i agree with your comments! i do not understand it either - how Glossy and Glymm are continually raising prices but provide poor products and services at the same time...
      i think that perhaps it is soon time where Topbox and Ipsy are the last ones standing. they seem to be the only successful ones right now and will soon knock out the competition.

  7. Omg we had the same reaction to jans bag. Unimpressed! Glymm had such potential as a company providing niche brands :/
    Customer service needs to be worked on and product sizes!
    New blogger here, show some love?

    1. hi kasey & peggy! thanks for reading :)
      and yes i agree - Glymm definitely could use some improvement with their customer service and product sizes!

      following you now!

  8. I can't fkn believe they just folded up!
    I joined in Oct 2012 and got 3 deliveries FOR $120!!!
    I'm sooo mad !!!
    Those were something for me to look forward to items... A gift to me from me: goddamn scams!
    The last time I do anything nice like that for myself.

    & I will never use any of the products sampled because of it!

    1. i know exactly how you feel!
      i hope you get your money back! call your credit card company. i've heard many people get refunds. and don't let Glymm ruin it all for you! there are still beauty boxes out there that provide better products and better customer service!
      don't give up on them entirely :)

  9. Now Glymm has deleted everything (Website/Facebook/Twitter)! Wow. SO MAD.

    1. yeeeeppp. completely disappeared.

      they were never good at providing answers!

  10. Has anyone been able to get in touch with anyone at Glymm directly? I bought my sister a subscription for her birthday, and she never received any boxes! I emailed them after receiving the going out of business email, but no response.

    1. i haven't heard of anyone actually being able to reach them! i hope this all worked out in the end for you...


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