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first of all, i apologize for the slight neglect of my blog lately. i blame the nerdy gamer inside of me because i got caught up in the Diablo III craziness. my sister got it for her birthday (which was on the 22nd, happy birthday mui!) and then somehow i have invested over 15 hours in it.
still i was super excited when my Glossybox showed up in my mailbox yesterday without any notice! according to the company, Canada Post did not send out shipping notifications this month so a lot of people were confused. anyway, it's funny how Glossybox and Loose Button always comes soooo near the end of the month but just makes it right in time before the 1st.
the packaging of Glossybox still makes me happy. i love the sturdy box and untying the pretty pink bow. i also love how Glossybox is always so heavy! right away, i'm pretty sure there's a large bottle in there somewhere.

May's Glossybox items:

1) Curel Foot Therapy - fantastic! just in time for summer! i wear sandals/flip flops a ton in the summer and the heels of my feet often get super dry and cracked. this is a lifesaver :) it's a white cream with a floral scent that i really like. a very decent sized sample too.
size: 100 mL (full size!)
retail value: $3.99

2) Simple Eye Make-Up Remover - this is an item i definitely run out of so it is great that we received this. ever since i got the Simple Cleansing Face Wipes in March's Topbox, i've seen this brand being heavily promoted on TV and in magazines. i have yet to test its effectiveness but it says that it removes waterproof mascara. i hate getting a ring of black underneath my eyes when i use certain types of makeup remover that don't finish the entire job. will update soon!
size: 56 mL
retail value: $9.99 (125 mL) - i heard the card was wrong so i am assuming Glossybox meant 125 mL since it is the only size this item is available in

3) Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel - another Simple product but i don't mind trying it. i don't usually use gels to wash my face. i tried this one out and it boasts "No Soap" and "No Perfume" which is great for those who are sensitive, but to me it feels like there is no evidence it's working. it doesn't lather, there's no beads and i can't smell it so i guess i just can't really tell that it is doing anything to my skin. maybe it's just a weird me thing. it also says it is a non-drying formula but after i wash my face, i always feel the need to moisturize.
size: 50 mL
retail value: $9.99 (150 mL) - same assumption as for #2

4) Boxx Cosmetics Cream Corrector in "Evelia" - love multi-use products! apparently this one can be used as a primer, concealer, foundation and brightener. and it's a full size! this product is to be placed into one of those magnetic palettes that people who depot their makeup often use. or i guess you can use it in it's current container but it is very inconvenient. Boxx Cosmetics also sell their own version of compacts on their website.
i took a look at the other colors available and i am glad Glossybox sent me one in my skin tone! "Evelia" is meant for those with light to medium skin tone while "Terrwyn" is meant for fair skin, "Amber" for medium/tan and "Orel" for dark skin. "Melina" is yellow-based and best used for under eye circles.

it's much less yellow than in the photos!
there was a promo code for 25% off your first order included. on the site, there is free Canadian shipping over $100 (BS100). not sure if you can use both of them at the same time but you can try!
i think their names for each shade is really cute - they use words from different languages. if you click on the item, you can also see what they mean ("Evelia" is French for hazelnut while a lipcolor in "Akoko" is African for noise maker). so interesting!!
swatches coming soon!
size: 4 g (full size!)
retail value: $24

5) Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo - a familiar brand from a previous Glossybox (March). this is HUGE! any bigger and it would not have fit in the Glossybox. i am excited to try this since it's been a difficult journey searching for a volumizing shampoo/conditioner for THICK hair. does that exist?? please let me know! my hair's thick but on days i do not want to use a hair dryer, it falls completely flat on my head. not a great look.
size: 250 mL (full size!)
retail value: $15.78

great box this month! every single item is something i will use so i am excited! i feel that each month i get so much more value for my money from Glossybox. it may be the most expensive box at $15 but the sizes of these samples are awesome. just awesome. if you want to try it, click here!

thanks for reading! did you enjoy your Glossybox this month?
i got my Loose Button today so stay tuned!!


  1. OMG! D3!!!!!!!!! I finally unlocked Hell's hard to blog and play at the same time isn't it? LOL!

    1. so true so true LOL! i was thinking that you'd be the one to notice that :)
      and holy moly!! i am definitely not that far yet!! i heard it gets super hard it's nearly impossible. my finger gets so tired from clicking so much after like 3 hrs.

  2. lucky you got yours already mine wont be here till next week boourns :(
    if you know of anyone who is interested in trying out Glossy Box I have a promo code good for 10% off just type GLOSSY5 at checkout.

  3. I'm almost thinking I have carpal tunnel from the mouse clicking! :P

    Diablo is super hard to kill. I am not looking forward to having to do this three more times! Guild Wars 2 needs to come out soon!!! ;P

    1. i was 4 hours off from my guess - i'm actually almost 20 hours in. lol good luck on the rest of the game! i should look into this other game you are talking about... :)

  4. I just got into D3 as well so my fiance and I have been logging in hours of gameplay on weekends! It's so much fun playing together! My Glossybox isn't arriving until June 4th...I tracked it on Canada Post using the invoice number. I'm a little sad about that...

    1. lol nice! i like that feature too! and june 4!! that sounds so far away. :( at least you know it will be a good one!

    2. Hey Jayne and Helen! Want to real ID it??? :D

    3. hehe let's make it happen!
      i'm definitely not as experienced as you though :)

  5. i know hey! YAY for full size products! i just got my luxe box today and it's a lot of little samples ... and of course

    ***** spoiler ******
    shampoo and perfume samples again.

  6. Awe man I cant wait to get mine! I got loosebutton though!
    I liked your review I'm your newest follower :)


    1. thanks for reading!! i'm checking your blog out right now :)

  7. I got all the same items! Was so happy with the box as well and all its contents!
    My bf has been playing D3 Except yesterday he thought his character was pretty much all deleted and he was super crushed...later realized his country settings were switched for some reason.

    1. Glossybox has not failed me yet! :)
      haha and i think i would go a little crazy if that happened to me too


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