Tuesday, January 29, 2013

REVIEW: Ameli Step Basic Cake Eyeshadows

i anticipated the arrival of my lucky winnings from Closet Voyage and Vanity Box's giveaway since i have not really dabbled in Korean cosmetics before. these Ameli Cake Eyeshadows were one of the items that i was especially excited about. 

Ameli is a Korean cosmetics company that dates back to 1996. they sell their cosmetics online and even have an American page which makes it much easier for me to understand :)
no idea what the sides of the boxes says!

the eyeshadows are well packaged - they come in a box within a box. they are stored in a reflective metal container with a lid that has "Ameli cake eyeshadow" inscribed around it and a little window so you can see the shade.
i received the Ameli Cake Eyeshadows (4 g) in two colors: "027 Nude Beige" and "217 Charcoal Brown", both from their "Step Basic" eyeshadow line. at first glance, these two looked a tad boring compared to most of the eyeshadows i own; however, i've come to really appreciate these matte shades! 

"Nude Beige" looks almost like my skin color; it doesn't seem like it will show but it definitely evens out my skin tone. i enjoy using this as a base since it makes the eye area look brighter and more even.

"Charcoal Brown" is another fantastic shade. i use this in the crease area and it is dark enough to pull off a smokey look but at the same time, toned down enough to wear it at the office. in fact, Ameli describes this as a "toned-down grey with brown hue". 

the texture of these eyeshadows are powdery soft and velvety. it feels very smooth and the powdery-ness may come off as chalky at first. i wore the shadows with primer and it has lasted 12+ hours (i can't really say for sure for "Nude Beige" since it is so close to my skin tone but definitely for "Charcoal Brown"). i can't read Korean but from what i gather from the websites, the colors are crease-resistant and long-lasting because they have "sebum control" built in. definitely a plus for oily eyelids!
i really like the packaging, pigmentation and long-lasting ability of these eyeshadows - this is my first introduction to Ameli and i am impressed!
Ameli ships worldwide and shipping starts at $20US (if you spend less than $100). you can purchase "Charcoal Brown" here ($12) but it appears that "Nude Beige" is no longer sold on their website. there are plenty of other pretty shades available though! you can also buy them both at Vanity Box where they are currently on sale for ~$6.82 CAD (50% off!) and shipping starts at $15.

i think i have discovered a new love for matte shades! let me know what your favorite matte color is!


  1. Oh I like that nude beige! I dont have many matte shades unfortunately; I ended up with heaps of shimmer shades unwittingly. I am trying to collect more matte shades now though :)

    1. i am the exact same! though i have tons of eyeshadows, i really only have a handful of matte ones!

  2. These look lik gorgeous shades! I don't normally wear nudes either, but these look really pigmented and wearable.

    1. super wearable and easy!! with like no effort required haha

  3. I love matte eyeshadows. I agree that they seem "boring" compared to shimmery eyeshadows but nothing beats matte for a natural camera friendly look in my opinion. I've never tried the Amelie brand but those cakes look really pigmented. Can they be used wet?

    Hope you can visit my blog too. I'll add you to my blogroll.

    1. oooh very true about them being camera friendly :)
      i havent tried them wet yet - i should totally update this post when i do.
      thanks for commenting - i will be checking out your blog shortly!

  4. great reviews!
    the charcoal brown shade is really something. looks like it can be used to fill in the brows as well. :)

    1. thanks Lena!
      i actually thought of you when i was taking the pictures of the packaging and could not understand a word of Korean :)
      and yes! the charcoal brown can be used for brows! i will experiment with this tomorrow

  5. That is great that they have oil control built into the formula! Great review :)


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