Monday, January 14, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: My Fab Prizes from Closet Voyage and Vanity Box

ahhh i feel so lucky to have been one of the winners from Closet Voyage's and Vanity Box's BIG giveaway back in October - not to mention... i was the first prize winner!! :)
the giveaway was indeed huge - there was over $450 worth of prizes and 19 winners! thank you so much Jiawa (Closet Voyage) and Vanity Box for your generosity.

Jiawa is a beauty and fashion blogger over at Closet Voyage. i love her outfit posts - she finds really unique items and i especially love her taste in shoes :) Vanity Box is an online Korean clothing and cosmetics retailer based in Australia (they ship to Canada!).

Closet Voyage and Vanity Box shipped the prizes out separately (from Australia) and i recently got them both so i was finally able to share my winnings with you. there are so many goodies to play with and review - what should i do first??

first up, i got Vanity Box's... box!
here's what i found inside:
* Cath Kidston iPhone Case in "Electric Flowers" - ahhh so pretty!!! it's about time i changed the case of my iPhone 4 and i couldn't have found anything prettier than this Cath Kidston iPhone cases are available online at the Apple Store website for $34.95 in case you are interested or you can purchase them on Vanity Box's website on sale for ~$18.16 CAD (as "Rose Deep Pink").

* Ameli Plat Lips Lip Rouge in "100 Nude Beige" and "501 Natural Beige" - very neat! i tried going to the Ameli website to find out more about this product but i do not understand a word of it. it's on sale for ~$5.19 CAD each.

* Peripera Nail Polishes in "GR308" and "PP108" - another brand i have never tried - these bottles will definitely stand out in my collection. i do not know if there are official names for these colors but some eBay sellers have translated the colors as GR308 = "Acid Lime" and PP108 = "Holy Lavender".

i also got two mini Chupa Chups!! my sister and i used to always buy these in Chinatown after Chinese school... and what a crazy coincidence that they will send me a Coca Cola-flavored one (my sister's favorite) and a Strawberry one (my favorite).

from Closet Voyage, i got:
* Peripera Wonder of Lips Lipstick in "3 Wonder Beige" - sounds like i might be able to pull off this nude color. on sale for ~$12.45 CAD.

* Peripera I Love B.B Light Brightening effect B.B Cream - very excited to use this! i haven't actually tried a whole lot of BB creams yet... and even the box is so pretty. SPF 50 is pretty dang impressive. found on Vanity Box for ~$19.19 CAD.

* Minibus Louis Sticky Notes - cute!

* Ameli Plat Lips Lip Rouge in  "501 Natural Beige" - hmm i think i was only supposed to get 2 Plat Lips but hooray for an extra one :)

*Ameli Cake Eyeshadow in "027 Nude Beige" and "217 Charcoal Brown" - both are matte shades which i have taken an increased interest in. they are also very wearable colors. on sale right now for ~$6.74 CAD.

as for the jewelry in the white bag:
* Baby Ribbon Stud Earrings - i am wearing these rightnow! very cute :) ~$7.05 CAD on Vanity Box.

* Corius Ring in "White" - i usually only wear rings on special night outs but i like how these are stackable. ~$13.28 CAD.

* It Girl Necklace in "Pink Gold (White)" - i love the look of this necklace even though i prefer longer necklaces (this one sits near my collarbone). on sale for ~$10.37 CAD.

* Heart Hoop Earrings - can't seem to find these on the website but the hearts are so tiny and cute.

- - - - -

phew!! that is quite a few items and i am very excited to use and review them all! but where to start? let me know if you have any suggestions!
again, many thanks to Closet Voyage and Vanity Box!


  1. Congrats! Looks like you got some nice items! I am curious about the BB cream, hope you will review it!

    1. okay i put it on the top of my list! but i am going to use my new camera for that so ill need to figure that out first :)

  2. Oooh congrats! I've been wanting to try Peripera products for awhile so let us know how they work out!

    1. alrighty!! i have never tried them either so im very excited

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  4. Oh, these goodies look so fun!! Love the little notepad and I'm intrigued with the nail polishes!

    1. :) yay!! yes Acid Lime - not too sure how often i will wear this color but we will see!

  5. Hey guys I was wondering if you could check out my blog. Theres really nothing on it right now but I will me posting more. Thanks!


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