Wednesday, March 13, 2013

GLYMM BAG: February 2013

there you are, Glymm! i almost forgot about you and your February bag until you finally showed your face March 8. i don't recall that it was going to be so late so i checked my inbox and i checked Facebook. there were no emails saying that you would be sending February bags out so late and there were a ton of concerns from your customers that went unanswered - until March 1. that post on March 1, informing us that they were finally shipped, took much too long and is very unprofessional on your part. Glymm bags are supposed to ship on the "week of the 10th" but i see that you have made changes to that and now say that you ship "by the end of the month". i have to say that customer response time and shipping times can definitely use some improvement.

aside from all this, Glymm's bag - as in the bag it came in - is my favorite yet. it is a satin black bag with white hearts all over it. super cute!
but haven't we been taught to never judge a book by its cover?

1) Purely Pro Cosmetics Eye Shadow in "Luxury" - how many people pulled this eyeshadow out and wished it was any other color? that navy blue in the pamphlet is pretty but it seems that everybody got a rather boring-looking brown (they even tease us by saying that this "innovative shadow is sure to make you stand out in a crowd"!). BUT if you have dark hair, you may be in luck since i found it to work well for filling in my brows!
the color is very similar to my Ameli Cake Eyeshadow in "Charcoal Brown".
size: 1.7 g (full size!)
retail value: $18

2) Villainess Bar Soap in "Ginger Snapped" - this is a newly released scent - smells more like cinnamon than ginger i think. if we are to keep receiving Villainess products, please oh please send Paradise Misplaced!
size: N/A
retail value: $6 (99 g)

3) Nailuv Gel Nail Polish in "Berry Sweetie" - i don't understand.... this polish requires me to purchase a $70 UV/LED light in order to use it? why do you bother sending this, Glymm? did your team research how many of us actually own such a device? and this is just out of curiosity but how many of you have brought your own polish to a salon before (as suggested by Glymm)?
sadly, the color actually looks pretty in the bottle (Nailuv: "a fresh dark pink with a hint of iridescent shimmer").
size: N/A
retail value: $14.95 (15 mL)

4) Femme Couture Plump Up The Color Lip Gloss in "827241 Coral Burst" - i haven't tried many Femme Couture's products so i was pumped up that we got a product from them but this shade is rather interesting. there seems to be multiple shades of coral in the gloss and it is very, very shimmery. i just don't feel like i would wear this often... but i'd love to see a swatch of someone who did try it!
there was some variability in the bags this month, where some got this Plump Up The Color gloss or  a Monster Gloss - which did you prefer?
the Monster Gloss is almost twice as big! 10.4 g! that's monstrous indeed.
size: 5.4 g (full size!)
retail value: $9

this month's bag also came with a 50% off a ShinySet subscription (jewelry) and a red heart lollipop. a subscription to ShinySet regularly costs $24.99 a month. they also have quarterly and annual ($299.99!) subscriptions. there's no way i'd subscribe for more than a month since jewelry is a very personal thing. it might be good to try it out for a month at 50% off though... hmmm. i'll need to do some more research!
as for the red heart lollipop... it would've been cute if it arrived by Valentine's... or even if it came while it was still February... oh - and if it wasn't slightly broken already :(
what are your feelings on Glymm and ShinySet?


  1. I've cancelled since that bag, will not be paying $15 for this stuff anymore.

  2. i dont have a uv lamp so bummer! i signed for yearly shinyset at 50% 6 boxes free! awesome deal! hey did u use the monster gloss? isnt it too sticky?

    1. ohhh nice! a whole year! i'd love to see pictures :)

      and no i didn't get the monster gloss but the plump up the color one. and i havent opened it either because i don't think i will use it...

  3. I've since cancelled too - this was my last bag. Loved the bag though.
    Still annoyed about the polish, and that everybody got the same damn eye shadow when they have tons of colours in their shop.
    I got the Monster gloss - in Vixen. It's pretty hefty of a size though.
    Seems like Glymm is trying really hard and crashing and burning lately

    1. hi Kira!
      yeah the bag itself is really cute! i agree with everything else you said haha
      the polish - useless, the eyeshadow - boring :/
      i need to double check when their anniversary is... as much as i want to cancel, i sort of want to hold out to the anniversary .. hmmmm

  4. I got the pump up the colour and thought I wouldn't like the colour. But I do. Oddly my redemption points order came fast and furiously. 5 business days! I am thinking about cancelling in June and switching to ipsy. Any thoughts?

    1. hmmmm i really enjoy ipsy and Glymm has let me down a few too many times.. i'd say ipsy would be the safer choice if you are choosing between the two.
      let me know what you decide!

  5. Great review!

    My thoughts are management changed during the summer of 2012...ever since then, things started getting slower, products started becoming repetitive (I do love the products...but would like a bit of variety), and shipping is..well...a let down with no notice.

    Can't wait for my 6 months to be over!

    1. thanks Crystal!!
      i've been hearing bankruptcy rumors about Glymm and their lack of response for this entire week.
      i hope Glymm gets on track soon...


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