Saturday, March 16, 2013

REVIEW: Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadows

i've been eyeing the Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadows (5.5 g) for a while now and finally took the plunge. mind you, it was more like a little hop since Essence products are so reasonably priced and i even got these two on sale (75% off!).
i picked up the Stay All Day Eyeshadows (which are cream eyeshadows) in "02 Glammy Goes To..." and "09 For Fairies". these eyeshadows come in a tiny clear pot with a dome lid.

"Glammy Goes To..." is a shimmery champagne gold. when you layer it, it becomes darker and more brown.

"For Fairies" was released after "Glammy Goes To..." and has slightly different labeling. the color is a shimmery pink with a golden sheen.

i love both of these colors!!! they are both very pretty and wearable. keep in mind that they are really shimmery so i love to use them on the inner half of my eyelid and then a dark matte powder eyeshadow around the crease. i am surprised that even though the formula feels rather thick, it actually lasts 8+ hours on my oily eyelids if i am wearing good primer (for the "Glammy Goes To..." anyway - haven't used For Fairies on my eyes yet!). i only noticed the slightest trace of creasing after i've been wearing it for 11 hours - there was also some fading of the color but otherwise, it was still very impressive.

the eyeshadows are very pigmented - the top picture shows a swatch of when i just lightly rub my fingers in the eyeshadow. i also decided to use this close-up to try to show you how the eyeshadow may feel patchy and uneven. note that "Glammy Goes To..." looks more gold here than in the bottom swatch, which is where it is layered. when i wear it on my eyes, i only need to use a tiny bit since a little goes a long way.
like i said, the texture is slightly thick and patchy but as long as you put in a little effort to blend it out, you shouldn't have any problems. the eyeshadow dries nicely afterwards and does not budge. when you first touch it, it does feel a little hard but it's only because the top has dried a bit. 

warning: it looks like these eyeshadows are in the process of being cleared out for the new Essence releases so if you want to get your hands on these before they are gone (possibly forever), head to your Shoppers Drug Mart right now where you will find them for $3.99 or probably cheaper in the Clearout section! hurry hurry!


  1. I went looking for "for faires" today but I couldn't find it!

    1. oh no! i can't seem to find them at a few locations now :/

  2. Ok ok, I'm going!! Running now!

    These colours look scary shimmery just the way I like it!

  3. Oh these are pretty! 75% off is even better! :)


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