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GLOSSYBOX: February 2013

soooooo i am stuck in Fernie right now due to poor road conditions but i am not complaining since i actually have time to put this post up right away! (had to call in to work though... not sure how well they took it since i've only been there for a little over a month!)

i bring you Glossybox's One Year Anniversary Box which i received just last Friday (March 1). i am totally trying to do these posts quicker for you... i still have my ipsy one to do but i can't upload those pictures yet since i don't have the right camera with me :/

just take a look at this pretty packaging! the pink, the bow... it really makes you hope that the contents inside are not a disappointment (Glossybox actually delivers this month!)
for this special box, i got V2. there was also a Golden Ticket item (ruffle undies) for 50 people. i still haven't been lucky enough to be 1 of the 50!

February's box of love:
1) Givenchy Gloss Interdit in "03 - Coral Frenzy" - ooooo Givenchy hey? Glossybox got all fancy shmancy with their anniversary box. this tube of gloss may seem tiny but considering that the full size is less than twice its size, the sample one is worth over $15!

"Coral Frenzy" is described as a soft coral. on my lips, the coral hardly shows but the shimmer is definitely there. the floral-scented gloss has a brush applicator and lasts about three hours on me. i like that it feels lightweight on my lips. at first, i would've said it was non-sticky, but after trying Benefit's lip glosses, i'd have to say that this one feels stickier than that.

on the Sephora website, the scent is described thoroughly - with top notes, middle notes and base notes - like a true fragrance - i am guessing that Givenchy put a lot of thought into the smell of their lip glosses.
size: 3.5 mL
retail value: $30 (6 mL)

2) Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in "03 Vamp It Up" - i've tried a ton of Essence products since i love the range and how affordable it is but i haven't tried their eyeshadows. the colors of "Vamp It Up" look fun and are colors that i'd use so i gladly opened this.
i found that the colors, although pretty, are rather chalky and the pigmentation is just okay. i'd say the blue is the most pigmented.
size: 5 g (full size!)
retail value: $3.99

3) Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips (Ultra) - ooo i am going to have some fun nights with these! the last time i used them was in August and it was my first time in a long time. the strips got really hard around my nose and i felt that it worked pretty good. yay for no blackheads!
size: 6 nose strips (full size!)
retail value: $9.99

4) Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment - it seems like hair oils are getting really popular now... this specific brand has been widely talked about on the blogosphere and i'm glad that we get to try a full sized version of it! i've been using this on the ends of my dry hair and it feels softer and actually looks healthier.
not exactly sure how to describe the scent to you but it is what you'd think macadamia oil would smell like...
size: 30 mL (full size!)
retail value: $13.50

5) Anatomicals You Need A Blooming Shower! Your Nose Smells Rose Body Cleanser - this cleanser is now called "Rose and Jasmine Body Cleanser". i think Glossybox might have gotten a load of the old packaging but i am not complaining since i have never heard of this English brand and i am happy to try it.
it is interesting how they use they term "blooming" as you learn from the excerpt on the back.  the paraben-free cleanser smells like roses and it might smell really strong when you sniff it right from the cap but when i use it in the shower, it is actually not overpowering.
size: 150 mL (full size!)
retail value: $3

6) *bonus* Eucerin Hyal-Urea Anti-Wrinkle Day/Night Cream Sachet - i haven't tried it yet but it is nice to try the day version and the night one together; although, i do not have "dry and very dry" skin...
size: 1.5 mL each x 2
retail value: $18.50 (50 mL) each

7) *bonus* Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy Sachet - i have never tried Crabtree & Evelyn products before, even though i have walked by a couple of their stores. ever since i tried the Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange body butter, i have taken a liking to blood orange scents so i think i will like this. it would be nice to too, since the Glossybox card says to stay tuned for a full size version!
size: 5 g
retail value: $8 (25 g)

8) *bonus* Glossybox Glossy Anniversary Cupcake Kit - this was a cute idea to celebrate the first year anniversary. i haven't baked cupcakes for a while now but now that i have these...
size: N/A (full size!)
retail value: N/A

so as expected, Glossybox stepped up their game with their anniversary box. why, there were even a number of non-drugstore items in the box!! the packaging and bonus items were also a nice touch. sadly, i don't think these occasional great boxes make up for the other ones including the discontinued/expired product issue and the price hike.
what are your feelings on February's box?


  1. It's awesome that you got a Givenchy gloss! I am jealous :)

  2. It's not a big WOW for me but it's ok. Did you try the oil ? Do you like it ? I received mine friday but I didn't try nothing again. The Oil is the best product in this box, maybe I will like the gloss bacause it look like neutral like I love. thank you for the review :-)

    1. i've only used a little bit of the oil - only at the ends of my hair since i don't like the greasy feeling. i like the effect it leaves on my hair - soft and healthy looking! i will definitely keep using it :)

      thank you for reading!

  3. I agree with you that this box was much better, if only all boxes were this good, not just special occasions. I love how they put on the info paper that they strive to be as good as they were when they started....not better? just the same as when they started.
    I felt this wasn't an exciting special birthday box, just a really good regular box. I hope all their boxes stay this good from now on.

    1. good catch on that sentence! hahaha that isn't an impressive statement at all then hey!
      i hope for the same thing! but i don't think ill be sticking around long enough to find out

  4. Pretty good box this month.. too bad they are not consistent with having decent box's every month. I am over the beauty boxs eps the Canadian ones.. The USA ones are amazing & look forward to trying them out in the future.

    1. i know hey? GB seems to have a really difficult time being consistent... one thing they are consistent about is their shipping times - always late!

  5. Looks like a great box those cupcake bits are soo cute too xx

    1. haha they are cute! i hope i get to use them soon!

  6. I really love the colour of the gloss, even if I wish it was less sticky (I hate lipglosses).

    I wasn't impressed with the eyeshadows either. :/

    1. yeah i agree that it would definitely have been better if it was less sticky. the eyeshadows were just alright - but they are definitely pretty good considering their price :)

  7. too bad their boxes aren't always like this! i quit them and i'm trying ipsy out now. Don't forget to earn daily entries in my GIVEAWAY ♥

    1. yes it is too bad that boxes like this are so rare! ipsy is a good way to go! you won't be disappointed :)

  8. I actually thought it was a decent box this month. I can't believe how it hardly shows up on your lips...are your lips naturally that pink? Sooo pretty! You received the palette that I hoped for! I also had to giggle at your description of the macadamia scent! ;)

    1. my lips are pigmented but notttt as pink as it seems in the picture - usually more red than pink.
      the palette you got is nice too! hahaha and i know, i am not good at describing scents at all!

    2. I'm not any good at describing scents either..soooo no worry! :D You're lucky that you have such nice pigment anyways...mine are totally faded...they look like I just ate a powdered donut. :P

    3. LOL Aleks! i am sure it is not that bad!
      and btw, i love powdered donuts. especially the one with the strawberry or raspberry filling @ Tim Hortons haha

  9. wow, lovely blog!

    i have a new post on how to make clover cupcakes
    what do you think?

    1. why thank you Christie! clover cupcakes sound awesome!

  10. GB definitely delivered with their anniversary box, but you're right in that I don't think they can keep it up. I still like them though, but I can definitely understand people's disappointment with seeing so many drugstore brands. This was a fantastic box though and I will enjoy every bit of it!

    1. thanks for taking us down memory lane with your Glossybox post! there were some really good ones in there!

  11. gloss has a nice shade;)X


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