Friday, March 15, 2013

BEAUTY BOX 5: February 2013

what the what is going on with Google Reader? i missed the announcement apparently made all over Blogger yesterday but i guess it explains why i've had an exponential increase in Bloglovin' followers :) thank you for wanting to keep me around!!

anyways, i got my February box from BB5 the same day i got my Glymm (last Friday). Beauty Box 5 also celebrated their one year anniversary, just like Glossybox. i think both did rather well with their one year anniversary boxes!
i love the cute touches that BB5 includes on their card - they have a little poem and thank yous to customers for their support. i believe that BB5 is really sincere since i know other companies who only pretend to care about the customers...

let's check out what i got:
1) H2O Plus Bath Aquatics Shampoo - the shampoo features watercress, Iceland moss and seaweed. both watercress and Iceland moss are great for repairing damage and restoring moisture. seaweed is listed on the back of the shampoo but not explained on the site (Provitamin B is featured instead so i am not sure if H2O changed the formula). the shampoo has a fresh marine scent to it.

i haven't seen this brand sold in stores before but they do have a Canadian site  ($9.95 shipping if spend < $75). also i did a store locator search and it turns out there are a few Duty Free stores that carry it.
size: 37 mL
retail value: $14

2) Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in "Coconut Lime" - i am absolutely in love with Tree Hut scents and products. i tried the Shea Body Butter thanks to BB5 last May and it was divine. this Shea Sugar Body Scrub also smells very yummy - like an island cocktail (coming from a non-drinker but hey, it smells like something that'd be delicious on a beach). the scrub itself is very fine and 'goopy' (as opposed to hard and chunky?).
size: 156 g ("full size!")
retail value: $7.49 (510 g)... or same price for 156 g according to

3) The Brush Guard Sample Pack - this sample pack contains an extra small, small and medium Brush Guard that you can slip over your makeup brushes. these Brush Guards can be used to shape them after they have been cleaned or to protect them while travelling or storing. i actually think that this makeup tool is quite genius (everyone remembers the other 'invention' that we cannot escape from right?).
it says that it is available at Walmart but i haven't seen them there yet.
size: 1 XS, 1 S, 1 M
retail value: $5.50 (Variety Pack - 1 XS, 2 SM, 2 M, 1 L)

4) Coolway Boost Repair Serum - i already have this from January's Glymm which i was just about to use up. as mentioned before, it is to be used instead of a conditioner and to leave 2 days between uses. the product is slightly gritty and smells sugary. i don't feel that this does much for my hair but then again, Aleksandra (Plumpish Beauty) told me that you can't really get the full benefits if you don't have the complete Coolway system.
size: 30 mL
retail value: $39.95 (236 mL)

5) **bonus** BB5 Foldable Brush Compact - oh BB5 how did you know i needed something like this!!! i was thinking that i needed a mirror as well as a brush at work since i'd like to check if i'm scaring anyone with food stuck in my teeth or a rat nest in my hair. so thanks to BB5 for coming up with a solution to both :)

congrats to BB5 for reaching their first year anniversary! i found everything in February's box to be quite handy/useful! i am especially loving the Tree Hut scrub and the Brush Guard is something i am excited to use. i will definitely consider sticking around for the second anniversary :)
cute - everything matches the Beauty Box 5 color :)


  1. I just got mine today and I loved it too! Brush Guards are GREAT! I got them a few years ago and use them religiously!

    1. hooray!
      and wow i did not know that they have been around for that long

  2. I really need to try the brush guards! And I agree about the lash cards. lol

    1. haha yes i see that you have quite a few of brushes too! :)


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