Saturday, January 28, 2012

COMPARING: Glymm, Loose Button, Topbox & GlossyBox

hi there - i have finally completed 3 posts about the beauty products i received from December. thought that this would be a great time to do a quick comparison of the 3 companies i subscribed to for these products, as well as a 4th that has recently emerged.

i signed up for Glymm, Loose Button and Topbox all on the same day (November 7, 2011).  please keep in mind that these are all monthly subscriptions. once you sign up, they will continue charging you until you unsubscribe. also, if you prefer, certain sites allow you to sign up with quarterly or yearly subscriptions. with a yearly subscription, Glymm offers 1 free box and Loose Button offers 2 free boxes.
recently, i signed up for GlossyBox on January 25, 2012 which means that i do not have a lot of information about them yet. will let you know more when i finally receive it in March.
please note: to receive these boxes for the next month, you will need to sign up before the 31st of the current month.

Glymm & the Glymm Box: 
price: $10/month ($10.50 including taxes)
contents: 4-5 "luxury" and "deluxe-sized" samples (oddly enough, under FAQ, it says 3-5 instead); personally, i received 4 in December and 5 in January
delivery time: from Montreal to Calgary: in December, it took 5 days (shipped on the 15th); January - 11 days (shipped 13th).
other bonuses: can shop online, now offers glymm for men as well (7-8 samples for $20/quarter), loyalty program where you can earn points to receive a discount when purchasing products online, can complete surveys to allow company a better understanding of your tastes
more infowebsite or if you don't mind helping me out with some loyalty points, please click here. i appreciate it! :)

Loose Button & the Luxe Box:
price: $12/month ($12.60 including taxes)
contents: 4-5 "deluxe-sized" samples; still waiting for my January box, but received 5 (including the perfume sample for men; otherwise 4) samples in December
delivery time: from Mississauga to Calgary: December - 5 days (shipped 16th); January - N/A (shipped 27th)
other bonuses: can complete a beauty profile to tailor future products to your interests, current promotion: free 3-month subscription to Flare magazine, referring friends can earn you free boxes, can reserve a product each month - however, the reservation limit is reached SO quickly (i've tried 2 hours after receiving the email but to no avail)
more infowebsite or help me earn a free box here. please and thank you!

Topbox: *currently sold-out* (not sure until when)
price: $10/month ($10.50 including taxes)
contents: 4 "deluxe-sized" samples (this has been consistent in December and January)
delivery time: from Toronto to Calgary: December - 9 days (shipped 6th); January - 6 days (shipped 12th); has been the first box i receive each month
other bonuses: complete a beauty profile to customize products for you, invite friends to earn a free box (however they don't provide a link - you need to email them instead)
more infowebsite

GlossyBox: *sold out until March*
price: $15 (including taxes) - most expensive $$$
contents: according to their website, 5 samples
delivery time: N/A
other bonuses: complete a beauty profile, earn GLOSSYDots towards a free box when you refer your friends 
more info: website or help me out here please!  

what are your experiences with these companies? thank you and have a lovely day!


  1. Are you open to try Julep Maven as well? They have a great promo going on where you get your first box for $0.01 (LITERALLY) and you get over $40 in value for nail polishes and other Julep brand products.

    Complete the style quiz and type in the Promo code: PENNY to reduce the price from 19.99 to $0.01!!

    If you do decide, I would be so appreciative if you signed through my referral link (I'm one credit away for a free month :D)

    PS. I'm a new follower :D

    1. hi samantha! thanks for following! i will definitely check out julep again. last time i looked at it - yes it is a fabulous deal but i was holding out for some super awesome colors. glad that it is still a penny! :)


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