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GLYMM: December 2011

and so the year of the dragon begins. i am very glad that i am here making another post so soon - i am glad i did not get tired of blogging and just give up after two posts :)
today, i will be discussing my first Glymm box which arrived December 19, 2011. 

it came in a pretty pink box, and i am glad it was marked fragile. i find that when i order online, some of the items appear to be tossed around quite a bit. i found out this was definitely necessary since it includes *spoiler* a jar of jelly beans!! 

after opening the pink cardboard box, you find another pink box - this one with the Glymm logo on top. upon opening this box, i like how everything is wrapped up neatly with white tissue paper and a bow. there is the Glymm card that tells you all the items that were in this month's box, an advertisement card about some products that can be purchased online, as well as a $10 off coupon with any purchase - oh! and some of the crinkled white paper... i am not really sure what to call them.

products received:
1) Caudalie mask - don't let the picture fool you - this was a super tiny sample. on the back of it, it says to use twice a week and i have yet to use this enough to see results. i currently use a face scrub that works in a similar way in that they both remove dead skin cells. 
size: 3 mL
retail value: $40 (40 mL)

2) Ahava hand cream - you definitely do not need to use a large amount because just a tiny bit of this hand cream will make your hands really smooth. the formula appears to be very mousse-like and non-greasy. it looks similar to whipped cream. it also smells very nice - sort of reminds of flowers and clean babies.
size: 20 mL 
retail value: $20 (~101 mL) 

3) Yves Saint Laurent "La Parisienne" perfume - i have not own anything YSL before and when i looked at the packaging, it sort of looks like it was geared towards more mature women. i'm not very good at describing perfumes but i do enjoy the smell. it doesn't smell musky to me - maybe flowers? again, i don't know how to describe perfume scents - it's usually just nice or not nice. the sample is not one where you can spray on but just dab on.
size: 7.5 mL
retail value: $85 (~ 88 mL)

4) Sula Beauty lip gloss in "In Disguise" - i have encountered the Sula brand only once before - i purchased a paint & peel nail polish that didn't turn out too good. the color was nice but didn't work as expected. this lip gloss color was a light baby pink and the packaging is really pretty. really girly. with my lips, the gloss only looks like gloss; it does not give my lips any color at all. (if you want to see my bare lips, please check out the previous post on Topbox!). one good thing was that it was not sticky so my hair didn't get caught in it.
size: 2.69 g (full size!)
retail value: $8

lastly, Glymm is known for including a jar of different flavored jelly beans each month! for december, they went festive with white and red jelly beans. they look super tasty but also so cute in their jar i'm not sure if i want to eat them. 

all in all, i am pretty pleased with the variety of products in my very first Glymm box. again, i received a full size lip gloss which i am not complaining about since i use lip products all the time. i also go through a lot of hand cream. living in calgary means that we have some cold winters and hand cream is a must! i enjoy receiving samples of perfume since you can never really tell what it smells like on you until you wear it for a few hours. and jelly beans - candy is never a bad thing! i am also super duper excited to say that as i type this, there is another Glymm box right behind me that i just received today, just waiting to be opened! i will let you know very very soon on the contents - hopefully this subscription to Glymm will continue to impress me :)

thanks for your time again! to find out more about Glymm, please click here.

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