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TOPBOX: January 2012

hello hello hello!
im excited to have finally caught up to this month's boxes! whoohoo! also if you scroll down, you will notice - dun dun dun - i've switched to black frames! maybe next time it will be even crazier and i will do patterns or something :D i wouldn't mind some feedback!
so i'm always excited when i see Topbox in my mailbox. it means that there are more boxes soon to come. i got this box on January 17. the second i picked it up, i was very surprised by how heavy it was.
the exterior of the box was exactly the same as last month's, with the pretty purple design. i didn't even have to open the lid because it pretty much popped right off. guess it's because of the heavy products inside and the fact that it was stuffed to the top! also, all the liquid products were frozen solid. who knows, the box may have been there for only 2 minutes since we were having -30 degree weather in Calgary (without wind chill!)

it came with the usual Topbox card and 4 samples. i must say the size of these samples are impressive! i know Topbox says they are deluxe-sized and i completely agree.

January's samples include:
1) Principessa Beauty dry shampoo - first of all, YAY! i've always wanted another dry shampoo. i only have one by TRESemmé but everytime i walk into Sephora, I want to buy Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo. i don't wash my hair every single day since the natural oils in your hair are actually good for you so dry shampoo can help your hair look more voluminous and less greasy. i'm excited that this was customized according to my hair color (which is black but in the sun, it looks brown). i found it a tad difficult to open especially since i didn't want to spill it everywhere. i had to twist the cap and then just wiggle it back and forth until it came off. the product itself smells pretty nice.
size: 30 g
retail value: $24 (125 g)

2) Shu Uemura shampoo - the title of this shampoo is "full shimmer illuminating shampoo for color-treated hair". this confuses me since with the previous product, it was customized for me, but this one is not. i have not colored my hair... ever. i grew up with strict parents who would not allow me to color my hair back in junior high and high school. and now that i'm 24, i haven't had a strong desire to do so. but if i were to dye it... hmm.. maybe a really dark purple or blue? the kind of blue you'd only see in certain lighting? anyways, i tried the shampoo and it smells good. when you rub it in your scalp, it doesn't get soapy (you know, when you lather?) - i find i had to use more product because it felt like it wasn't enough. if only i had analyzed my hair beforehand i could tell you if it actually made my hair any shinier. oops.
size: 75 mL
retail value: $45 (300 mL)

3) Cake Beauty foot creme - after receiving a few hand creams (as well as the following sample), i was delighted that i received a foot creme - and from none other than Cake Beauty, which i've heard great things about. it is a white, non-greasy formula and smells just like spearmint gum.
size: 100 mL (full size!)
retail value: $16

4) LillyPilly hand and body creme - this one came with a seal. the second i opened the seal, the creme wouldn't stop coming out! i had to run to my sister so she can help me use it up. anyways, we both have to say that the smell is not the best - it reminds of me of old ladies (i apologize!). i'm thinking this is what rosewood smells like? however, it is moisturizing and doesn't feel too greasy.
size: 50 mL
retail value: $22 (150 mL)

even though there was no makeup in this box, i enjoyed the samples - especially the dry shampoo. i like how i can get plenty of uses out of these samples as well. definitely looking forward to my next Topbox! unfortunately for those who are currently unsubscribed, i heard on the grapevine that Topbox is sold out til June :(

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  1. Sooo jealous, such awesome products!! I can't wait to get Topbox, mine won't be starting until May as they were already backordered =( Can't wait - I'll just have to live it through you until then lol!


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