Thursday, January 19, 2012


hello everybody!!
... i'm sure there isn't actually anybody reading my blog just YET but i am very excited to start this project. i decided last month that i should start a blog - i know it has taken me quite some time to actually get started so i do apologize for the next few posts that will probably take place within the week. once i get adjusted i will make this a more regular thing.

just to let you know what you are in for:
i decided to dedicate this blog to one of my favorite things: makeup! since i've subscribed to all (as to my knowledge, 3) canadian companies that send out monthly samples of beauty products, i've decided that it is a great opportunity to write about the products i receive. these companies include: topbox, glymm, and loose button (luxe box). i will also occasionally review other beauty products i have decided to add to my ever-expanding collection.

a little about me:
as mentioned earlier, i am from canada - more specifically, calgary, alberta. yes - where the calgary stampede is held. go flames! i got my degree last year and am still ... sort of postponing "real life" - just for a bit longer!! it's both an exciting and scary time, and right now, i am enjoying all this free time - i'm actually reading for FUN! besides harry potter, i'm not sure when i was able to do that during university years. i love shopping - for makeup, clothes, anything really! i especially get excited when i find something for a great deal. i'm often on ebay for this very reason. i'm also very thorough - i will check all the winners in calgary if there is a certain pair of shoes i want.

anyways, i hope my future posts can be useful to my readers in that they will provide pictures, accurate information and honest opinions.
see you very soon!! please hang in there while i play with the layout and everything. i'm new to the blogging world!
thanks for taking the time - i appreciate it :)

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