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TOPBOX: December 2011

soooo thank you all for staying tuned!! i am happy to say that this is my first ever review - and it will be about the first beauty sample box i ever received. this box came from Topbox on December 14, 2011. needless to say, i was super excited to open it after seeing many many videos about similar sample boxes from Canada, US and England.

i find that it is interesting to check out what people received in their boxes since it seems that some people receive different items according to where they live. (reminder: i live in calgary, ab).
let's begin!!

it came wrapped up in in a cylinder shape with a large Topbox sticker. underneath was a pretty box with a purple design.

besides the samples, it came with some matching purple tissue paper, crinkled black tissue (not sure if there is a proper name for these!), the Topbox card, and a coupon for shopper drug mart points if you purchase Cover FX products.

apparently, Topbox ran out of the Bella Pella soap so instead i got a Dr. Brandt eye serum. i heard that this was included in the november box but since i wasn't subscribed then, i didn't mind too much.

products i received:
1) Cargo Cosmetics gloss in "Big Sur" - came customized for me as well as in full size. it came with something called TimeStrip technology which tells you how much longer the lip gloss is good for - according to Cargo, the lifespan is 9 months. i took a picture of it just a couple of days ago to show you how surprisingly accurate it is.

the color is alright with me: it looks like i'm wearing just a hint of gloss since my lips are already quite pigmented. (i apologize for the lip pictures - i find that close-ups of lips are really strange looking!). the left picture is of my bare lips, and the right one is with the gloss on. i've used it a couple of times and it doesn't feel too sticky which is a plus. sadly though, the plastic tubing around the gloss has come off so each time i use it, i have to pull off the tube and then twist it open. it gets a little messy around the edges now.
size: 4.75 g (full size)
retail value: $25

2) Cover FX primer - i haven't actually used this product yet but when i went to test it, the tube felt quite empty. i love using primers since my skin is often oily and makeup doesn't tend to last long on such skin. hopefully, this doesn't turn out to be too greasy. i've tried it on my hand and it comes out as a clear liquid, but as for staying power, i will have to find out.
size: 7 mL
retail value: $45 (30 mL)

3) Skinceuticals gel - i have never used a gel before and was a little confused as to what to do with it. i went online, and it was suggested that i use it before applying makeup as it helps create a smooth surface to work on. i found it made my skin really soft. i will definitely keep using it, but as for purchasing it in the future - not likely. it is very expensive for a full size product and i have not yet seen long-term benefits that will convince me to fork out the money.
size: not sure - but quite tiny.
retail value: $78 (30 mL)

4) Dr. Brandt eye serum - i find that i do not really have a use for collagen eye serums yet since i am 24 and have not been developing wrinkles just yet... still, when i went to test it, i had to really squeeze the tube in order for some product to come out. did anyone else have the same problem? i am not sure if this is a common thing... or if the tubes are not supposed to be fully filled? anyway, it comes in a white liquid.
size: 2.5 mL
retail value: $65 (~14.8 mL)

all in all, i was slightly disappointed with my first Topbox. none of the products really wowed me. i will continue to use a few of the products but only because i have them, otherwise i would not go out and purchase them. it was also unfortunate that two of the products seemed to be empty. however, with this said, i kept my subscription since i feel that i should not judge a company entirely based on one month's review. seeing that i have already received the january box, i will update you about this soon!

please note: i have heard that Topbox is sold out for the next couple of months but they are working on shortening the wait time.

thanks for reading!!

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