Wednesday, November 07, 2012

REVIEW: Rimmel Glam'Eyes Quad Eye Shadow in "Thrill Seeker"

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so following my Annabelle Leopard Bronzer post, here's another item i picked up for a toonie! not only was this item a great deal but it also had a color i have incessantly been hunting down.

i picked up Rimmel's Glam'Eyes Quad Eye Shadow in "022 Thrill Seeker" (4.2 g) mainly because of the top gold color. i have been searching high and low for a pigmented gold that was more yellow rather than bronze or brown.

for the first week that i used this, i didn't even notice that there were two suggested looks on the back (which is also why my swatches below are not in the same order). and what a coincidence that this quad happens to complement brown eyes.
i personally preferred using the yellow on the inner half of my lid, the dark gray near my lash line and then the  forest green near where my crease should be :)
natural light; artificial light

the color payoff of these shimmery eyeshadows were good - the two darker shadows were the most pigmented but they were also slightly chalky. i don't usually wear light grays and i wish the yellow gold was a tad more vibrant. after about 8 hours of wear (without primer), the yellow had faded on me and after 9.5 hours, i experienced creasing in the inner corner. but by this time, it's just my oily eyelids to blame.
Rimmel doesn't seem to have this particular shade listed on their website anymore, but they do have other Glam'Eyes eyeshadows as well as Glam'Eyes HD.
do you know of any fabulous golden yellow eyeshadows out there that will fill this void? let me know!


  1. I kinda like #1! and the gold is lovely as well

  2. That gold colour is very unique :) I do enjoy blitz from my Urban Decay vice palette, it is quite dreamy!


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