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BEAUTY BOX 5: October 2012

so i finally got my BB5 today - seems that many of my blogger friends already got their's last week. and what is up with the tracking info for BB5?? i always get an email with my tracking number and after listing "October 15" as the day i got my electronic notification, nothing else happens after that. not a very useful tool! i did not peek myself but i already heard the general consensus that October's BB5 was not that impressive.
so let's see, shall we?

October's BB5 "Tricks of the Trade":

1) Margania Pure Argan Oil - i know argan oil is good for you but i am still getting used to putting oils on my face after years and years of limiting myself to specifically marked "oil-free" products. the sample comes in the form of an eye dropper since you only need very little. it is clear and 'thin' (as opposed to thick... or should i call it runny?). it absorbed quickly into my skin and i can feel the difference between where i applied it as compared to other parts of my face - it feels sleek and smooth. do you remember the Vitamine & Sea serum we got in our Glymm June bag? well i much much much prefer this one! the Vitamine & Sea one was pretty much the exact opposite: hard to use, stinky and oily.
on the Margania site, it is recommended you use 2-3 drops on the neck and face, or you can also use it on your hair for some extra shine. aside from the "Pure" version, you can also purchase argan oil "with a touch of" amber, eucalyptus, lavender or vanilla.
size: N/A ... little eye-dropper size
retail value: $32 (60 mL)

2) City Lips Lip Plumper in "Clear" - so i do not need a lip plumper but to add to this, i got the most boring "color" available - Clear. everyone else seemed to have gotten a nice color! i think i am going to put this aside for a gift or a swap - even these sample sizes are quite pricey (the sample is worth $9.60 - or you can purchase 3 of these mini sizes for $39.99)!
i checked out the site and it seems that the company is also focused on eyelash enhancing - now that i need!
size: 1.5 mL
retail value: $32 (5 mL)

3) ShowStoppers Fashion Tape in "Black" - these are actually quite useful items but i've only used them a handful of times. the ones i got are black but i've seen others receive nude ones.
size: 2 strips
retail value: $9.99 (24 strips)

4) Goat Haus Dairy Lip Balm in "Sugar Kisses" - i have way too many lip products right now but this one is interesting since i can spot "glitter" as one of the ingredients listed. apricot kernel oil is the first ingredient so i am guessing it will smell like apricots.
size: N/A ... normal lip-balm size (full size!)
retail value: $2.50

5) Furlesse Elevens (Frown Line Reducing Patches) - i have never seen such a product before... it's very interesting. i wonder how well it works except i can't test it out since i currently do not have frown lines (why are we frowning so much anyway?).
size: 3 patches
retail value: $19.99 (30 patches)

6) Lash Card (Individually Wrapped Mascara Shields) - this again? twice in one month?! i got them already in my recent Glymm bag. go to that post to see what i have to say about this - i don't want to discuss how ridiculous this idea is again.
size: 2 cards
retail value: $6.99 (10 pack)

the majority of these items came with a promo code which is one of the nice benefits of Beauty Box 5. it also came with one of those useless NuMe $100 gift certificates that i have received one two (too) many times.

this is one of the lightest BB5 i've had in a while. the beauty samples are definitely on the smaller side this month. it appears that BB5 tried to compensate the smaller sample sizes by providing 6 samples (instead of the usual 5). there's not a whole lot here that i'd use often - i'm probably most excited about the Margania Pure Organ Argan Oil (LOL Aleksandra). what did you guys think about this box?


  1. hehe I have to giggle at your second last sentence "Organ Oil" :)

    Anyways, I got the same as you..boring clear plumper and the black strips. I was bummed on this as well. The NuMe, yes tired of that. Also we share the same feelings on the lash card!

    1. LOL - oops!!! organ oil - well that would be something else... disgusting...

      haha so we agree this box was meeeeeeh. the previous couple months BB5 has been pleasantly surprising me but this box was just not doing it for me.

  2. Oh my lash card? That is really ridiculous, I can agree on that! I get the whole using a card to prevent your mascara from getting on your eyelid (even though I have never used it myself) but actually making and selling them? Oh boy.

    Oh and about the Lioele Super Gold Snail BB cream: it is called that because it has some sort of snail slime extract (sounds gross, I know) but it seems to provide healing benefits and it is used in many Asian BB creams and skin care.

    1. haha and can you believe it is actually patented??
      thanks for dropping by to tell me more about the snails! :)
      snail slime extract doesn't sound like something i'd normally want to put on my face but i am sure there are plenty of benefits. thanks for the recommendation!

  3. we can make our own lash cards! haha

  4. Nice blog! New follower here, follow back if you want! :)

  5. That lash card sounds ridiculous! I haven't heard much about this box :)

    1. haha it seems like most people agree about the lash card...
      as for this box, BB5 is actually based out of the states - it's the only beauty box subscription i know of that ships to the US and Canada :)

  6. I'm starting to think that NuMe products are a huge rip-off because they keep forcing this gift of $100 on us all the time! This is my third one! I just got mine today and it was quite light, but the actual products were pretty "interesting" (bleh Lash Card...). I was most excited to try the City Lips product. I just hope I don't have an allergic reaction to the plumping effect. That happens to me sometimes and my lips stay red and inflamed for a whole week!

    1. I tried the City Lips product and it does feel a bit irritating, as if the plumping effect was based on an allergic or inflammatory reaction... ?

    2. @ Jayne - NuMe products are definitely way overpriced! i see them at Winners ALL the time - under different names but the exact same product - at around $40.
      what color did you get for the City Lips plumper? and wow for a whole week!? that sounds intense! i haven't tried it myself so i can't warn you... but have you tried Buxom or Fusion Beauty inFATuation lip glosses before?

      @ Lili - hmmm... that doesn't sound good! are your lips becoming plumper?

    3. after i typed that last sentence, i don't know if i can use "plumper" that way... "plumpier"? lol let's just say, are your lips becoming more plump?

  7. Lash cards? Really? Haha! I wouldnt use it for mascara but maybe more for setting false lashes into place. The idea of patenting such an 'innovation' is a HUGE marketing scheme!
    Esp recommending 1 card per session!

    The Misty Mom

    1. oo i didn't think of using them to set false eyelashes... i am always having trouble with falsies!
      and that's EXACTLY what i thought about them too! such a marketing ploy. i really hope consumers are smarter now!

  8. I'm disappointed that my first box is this one, after all the great editions I saw the past few months... :( And I don't like receiving "lifestyle" items like the cardboard thing or the clothes tape. They always seem cheap to me !

    1. i knew it was your first one :/ it's really too bad! i hope they make a comeback from this box... and it was actually the first time that they did a theme for the box so maybe that's why they threw in those lifestyle items. i wonder if having a theme is what they're going to be doing from now on...

  9. I don't like a lot this box!!I would love to find out that ships to Greece:(
    I just found your blog and I really love it!
    check my blog if you want and maybe follow if you like it!

    1. thanks for visiting all the way from Greece ;)
      are there any boxes like this available in Greece? this particular one wasn't the best but i've had some pretty good ones from them too

  10. thanks for dropping by :) will check your blog out soon!

  11. That's a disappointing box! :(


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