Sunday, November 11, 2012

REVIEW: TokyoMilk Petit Parfum Solide in "I Made You a Mix Tape"

sooo this review is my first real review on a fragrance - and more specifically, a solid perfume. i saw this at Winners (you find everything there!) and the super cute packaging caught my eye. i have never heard of the brand TokyoMilk before nor have i ever owned a solid perfume but i loved the idea of being able to carry it around and reapply it whenever i wanted to.

first, i was sold on the packaging: TokyoMilk Petit Parfum Solides (5.6 g) come in the style of a matchbox where you slide the middle out. the jar itself looks very elegant - the lid has the company's name on it as well as their emblem (logo). then, i was intrigued by the name - "I Made You a Mix Tape" (No. 002). there is a glittery image of a cassette tape on the front of the box (the website says that this was done by hand). it reminds me of the episode where Chandler and Monica decide to exchange home-made gifts and Chandler gives Monica a mix tape...

hehe anyway, the final factor that convinced me that i absolutely needed to buy this was the scent itself. it's really difficult to describe to you the scent of "I Made You a Mix Tape"... i can detect flowers and musk, but as i stare at the word Milk on the lid, i think i can smell that too. milky musky flowers. a very unique scent.
the official "hidden meaning" of this perfume as noted on the TokyoMilk website is "lily, rose, osmanthus, woodsy notes & balsam musk".

when you slide open the 'matchbox', you can find descriptions of pulse points (which are locations that solid perfume are best applied). pulse points include: behind the ear, nape of the neck, decolletage, on the wrist and behind the knee.
also included in the matchbox are 5 tiny blank cards with different artwork. so cute!

i've been applying this on my neck and wrists and find that it lasts a few hours. two hours after applying it, i would still be able to smell it when i moved my hands around. but near the seven-hour mark, the scent is almost undetectable unless you stick your nose to your wrist. since it is meant to be portable, i'd recommend reapplying it every couple hours to enhance the scent.
the solid perfume feels waxy to the touch but after you rub it on your skin, there is no shine/oil left behind.

TokyoMilk Petit Parfum Solides go for $18 each but can currently be found at Winners for $5.99. there are also plenty of stores in Calgary that carry TokyoMilk (just check the Store Locator). Sephora carries the line TokyoMilk Dark which are "edgier" scents that have names like "Bulletproof" and "Arsenic".

do you own any solid perfumes? which ones are your favorite?


  1. This sounds so cute! I have only ever seen solid perfumes at Lush but none of the scents appealed to me :(

    1. i haven't actually gone into Lush very often so i didn't know that they had solid perfumes.
      i really love the one i have now though!

  2. Oh I didn't know that there is such thing as solid review. :) I just know that there is after reading this review. LOL

    Im going to try one if I find one. This is sound cool!


    1. haha i'm glad i introduced you to it then! :) they usually come in very cute packaging, like tokidoki's or Juicy Couture's (i am just searching up Sephora right now hehe)

  3. Replies
    1. oooo ooo! what else have you tried? i'm interested in checking their other stuff out

    2. I haven't tried alot since they are quite expensive at regular price. I never knew they had them at Winner.. wowo.. will check my local store(s) sometime.

      Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Lip Balms -let them eat cake, sweet cream

      Tokyo Milk Let Them Eat Cake Shea Butter Hand Lotion

      Would love to try the bubble bath.

    3. yes! that is why i love Winners :)
      mmm let them eat cake ! that sounds like a wonderful scent haha

    4. I'll check out winners during boxing wk. :)

    5. hmm are there usually sales during that time?

    6. I don't need anything so no point going to winners yet. Winners has some sales during the boxing wk.

  4. I just picked up the TokyoMilk Dark lip balm in Salted Caramel and it is amazing. I love how unique their scents are and I would love to try their solid perfumes as well!

    1. ooo nice! Salted Caramel does sound like it smells lovely... did you buy it at Sephora?


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