Thursday, November 22, 2012

TOPBOX: November 2012

my Topbox arrived with my ipsy on Monday. i did the ipsy post first since it was new and exciting; meanwhile my eagerness to tear open Topboxes has been dampened these past few months. if you asked me a few months ago, Topbox and Glossybox was unarguably my top two faves. but after the price increases and the entry of a new player into the market, it seems that i am not so sure anymore where Topbox stands. Glossybox definitely does not seem to provide the same value for my money so it is going on the chopping block after the holidays. ipsy has shone a whole new light since they are more makeup-oriented, which is really why i started signing up for all these beauty boxes in the first place. Topbox used to never include fragrance or tiny tiny samples, but here we are today...

November's items (Box 26 - that's a ton of versions...):

1) B. Kamins Nia-Stem Moisturizer Kx & Nia-Stem Serum Kx - i tried my first B. Kamins (Canadian) product last month with the help of Glossybox. now i have two more - and these ones are also quite expensive!
the serum (to be applied prior to the moisturizer) does not feel oily and is absorbed quickly into the skin. the lightly scented moisturizer is also absorbed pretty quickly and my skin feels hydrated but i am surprised that it actually did not leave my face feeling smoother.

both of these products are part of the Nia-Stem line (anti-aging) and contain niacin, plant stem-cells and Bio-Maple Compound... wait a second! doesn't something sound familiar here? plant stem-cells!! i was just talking about another anti-aging product in my ipsy bag in the post right before this one! guess plant stem cells are all the rage right now.
size: 3 g each
retail value: moisturizer - $125 (50 mL); serum - $135 (30 mL)

2) China Glaze Nail Lacquer in "80527 I'm Not Lion" - this polish is part of the Fall 2012 On Safari Collection and the name is just too cute. there's another one called "I Herd That" and "Prey Tell" teehee.

i recall that when Topbox sent out their monthly surveys that one of the questions asked was about nail trends that i would like to try. i selected 2 of the 3 options: dark & stormy and bold sparkles (the other option was camouflage).
"I'm Not Lion" looks like a pale gold with holographic glitter. i'll have swatches coming soon!
size: 14 mL (full size!)
retail value: $10-12

3) Cuccio Naturale Butter Blend in "Pomegranate & Fig" - i encountered some difficulty when i tried to use this product... you actually have to cut the tip off. i like the tube packaging of this cream - makes it really easy to get the product out. plus, the tube is clear so you can see how much you have left.
i love pomegranates but this smelled more like grapefruit to me. i really like the formula - non-greasy, moisturizing and smells good :) perfect for throwing into my purse.

size: 9.24 g
retail value: $18.95 (240 g)

4) Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum - so this parfum sample is almost an exact replica of the actual bottle (just minus the tiger-print ring around the neck). i really like the perfume topper (the Roberto Cavalli symbol). i'd suggest you hold on to the base instead when wiggling the top off so you don't spill it everywhere.
the sample is the type where you have to dab the perfume on. from the website, i found out the top notes are pink peppers, the heart (middle) notes are orange blossoms and the base notes are tonka beans.
of course, i can't detect all that but it definitely is a floral. i don't love the scent but it's not bad either.
size: 5 mL
retail value: $80 (50 mL); $105 (75 mL)

overall, it's an okay box. there is a full size nail polish but on a whole, Topbox samples seem to be getting smaller and smaller. i really hoped that accepting more subscribers didn't impact the quality of Topbox but it looks like it did...
new Topbox card cover
what did you think about the box?
here are some Topbox giveaways you should check out:
- Pure + simple gift set (ends Nov 27)
- boxx cosmetics makeup set (ends Nov 29)

P.S. thanks Jayne for the Dropbox tip! :)


  1. The perfume bottle is gorgeous, but like you it's not really my kind of scent!

    1. i love the cute little bottle and the amount of detailing they put into it!

  2. it's neat to see that they really do customize the boxes - i just got my second this month, and mine was 100% different! (still got the china glaze, but in a plum shade) - i am still on the fence with them too... i was with luxebox until they changed their format..... i enjoy my top box but i tend to only use like one of my items... so we will see

    1. hmm i am starting to realize that too - how i only just use a few of the items or only use it because i have it (and not because i like it).

      we will see we will see!

  3. I only have one monthly subscription and that is Topbox, I loved the products I received this month and am really enjoying them.

    1. such willpower! i am impressed :) haha
      did you get the exact same items as me?

  4. Aww, you're welcome! I heart Dropbox!

    I got the exact same Topbox except that my nail polish colour is Jungle Queen. I am amazed that the little tube is supposed to be body butter. It won't be enough to cover my legs...

    1. haha that's very true - i think i'm going to just keep it in my purse for when my hands start to crack from this dry winter weather!


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