Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Black Friday // Cyber Monday Shopping

Black Friday is becoming popular in Canada and i decided to partake in the madness this year. Black Friday is nowhere near as crazy here as compared to the States (i've seen one too many Black Friday Walmart YouTube videos). i did set out to two different malls that were in totally opposite directions, only because CrossIron Mills had 500 gift bags to hand out, first-come first-serve kind of thing (starting at 8 am). however, me and my sister went to bed late and could only arrive by 8:30 and by then, 500 shoppers had beaten us to it. i honestly thought that we could still make it cause it IS a Friday (people should be working right?) and the mall was an outlet mall (not even in our city! but then again, it wouldn't be considered far for us true shoppers).

after walking around CrossIron Mills for a bit, we headed out to Chinook Mall which was our original Black Friday destination.

lemme show you what i got over the weekend:
left to right:
* Forever 21 // "I Love Band Boys" Logo Top (White) - okay, this is not something i normally wear but my sister found it and thought it was funny (my boyfriend plays guitar in a couple bands). and it was only $2.49 (50% off sale items)! so i figured i can just wear it to sleep.
original price: $12.80; paid: $2.49

* Forever 21 // Lace Cami (Cream) - i've always wanted a bandeau to wear under sheer or low cut tops. i like how it isn't strapless either - one less thing to worry about!
original price: $9.80; paid $7.00

* Forever 21 // Sequin Shorts (Black/Blue) - they're sequin shorts! if i don't feel like wearing a dress or skirt, this could be an easy way to dress up an outfit. another 50% off sale item.
original price: $27.80; paid: $6.49

* Old Navy // Sequin Scoop Neck Sweater (Black Jack) - my sister has been eyeing down sweaters that have sequins sewn into them and this one was a good length and had a round neckline. the line at Old Navy was insane!!! there were like 7 cashiers and i still waited a good 15 minutes in line. geebers.
original price: $39.94; paid: $25.00

* Forever 21 // Button Up Peplum Blouse (Cream) - this was not on sale but i love the black collar and cuffs. it's also my first peplum top!
original price: $23.80; paid: $21.42 (SPC 10% off)

* Forever 21 // Zip Up Peplum Bustier (Black) - this is not something i would normally get but i like how there is a balance between edgy and girly. the top is form-fitting while the bottom half is semi-sheer and flowy.
original price: $23.80; paid: $21.42 (SPC 10% off)

* Urban Outfitters // Lace Floral Tights - these are officially my most "fun" looking tights. now we will see how often i will actually wearing them.
original price: $20.00; paid: $2.49 (50% off sale)

* Forever 21 // Makeup Brush Set & Holder - i could not care less for the brushes that are inside (in fact, i just noticed there is only 4 out of 5 in there - haha) but i just really wanted the animal print brush holder! i sometimes like to carry makeup brushes with me and this is perfect! it also has a zippered pocket inside and magnetic clasps.
original price: $5.80; paid: $0.49 (what! haha yeah it was 50% off sale too)

* Call It Spring // Esparaza Flats - so sparkly!! these flats are covered in white sequins that look pink when you move around.
original price: $30.00; paid: $4.99 (50% off sale)

* Bluenotes // Casual Skirt (Black) - sometimes i just need a really plain black skirt to go with a flashier top and here it was for $2!
original price: $6.00; paid: $2.00

 * Sephora // bareMinerals Let It Glow - so i really did not need any more bronzers but for some reason, i bought 2. i got this one because i loved the brush! it looks like it would be great for cheekbones.
original price & paid: $12

* Sephora // Too Faced Cocoa Glow - so with this bronzer, i much preferred the compacted version rather than the mineral bronzer. that is the story of how i ended up with both.
original price & paid: $12

* Sephora // Kat Von D True Romance Pigments (Meditation) - this pretty pigment was in the Sale section and i have not tried any Kat Von D products nor have i really experimented with pigments. guess i was in the mood to be a little adventurous!
original price: $19.00; paid: $7.00

* Rexall // Duo Eyelash Adhesive in "Dark" - who would have though Rexall would have some awesome sales too!! i don't wear falsies often but i could not resist this sale... i felt the need to pick up not one, but two of these eyelash adhesives because they were the dark ones! i've also heard that Duo eyelash glue is one of the best ones out there so now's a good time as any to try them!
original price: $7.29 x 2 = 14.58; paid: $1.87 x 2 = $3.74

* Rexall // Duo Professional Eyelashes in "Unknown, D13, D14" - i do not know why there is one unlabeled but they looked fun and dramatic so into the basket it went. i was not really feeling "D14 Short and Spiked" but it "adds thickness to thin, sparse lashes" which is an exact description of mine so again, into the basket.
original price: $13.69 x 3 = $41.07; paid: $3.47 x 3 = $10.41

* Rexall // Prestige Brow Lash - needed one for my boyfriend's place. can't say no to a 50% off sign either.
original price: $2.99; paid: $1.31

* Rexall // Prestige Brow Perfection in "Medium to Dark" - i have taken a deeper interest into eyebrows lately so this was great timing! all Prestige items were 50% off so i decided to try this one. it sounds interesting enough - step 1 is a tinted fiber filler and step 2 is a clear setting gel conditioner. i will let you know when i figure it out!
original price: $8.99; paid: $4.10

* The Body Shop // All-in-One Face Base - i actually bought this prior to Black Friday but it's only because The Body Shop was having awesome sales leading up to the date. i picked this up during their 50% off all makeup sale and i did a ton of research prior. i went to two different stores and both times, the sales lady did not seem to know what color suited me best. the first time, the lady was just handing me all the tester ones and waited for me to decide. the second time, the lady tried to test them on my arm but she'd also pick out shades that were way too orange. she said that if it didn't work out, i can just bring it back. guess i'll just take my chances with this one (it's #45).
original price: $22.00; paid: $9.90

* Winners // Color Club Winter Affair Mini Collection - say what! this is actually a Holiday 2012 collection. i did not know Winners carried the latest nail collections. anyways, i was easily mesmerized by all the pretty colors in this mini set! the colors are: "Berry and Bright", "Ho-Ho-Holly", "Gift of Sparkle" and "Snow-Flakes". i love every single one in this set - especially "Snow-Flakes" which is a flakie top coat! i had Essie's "Shine of the Times" on my wishlist so i can cross it off (for now). i'm so excited to use this!!
original price & paid: $6.99

okay so you think i've reached the end but nope!
i made a few online orders as well... i'll do a separate post on them later when i actually receive it but i'll just quickly summarize right now:

* MUA Store (35% off and free shipping) - really it is the timing! i have not tried MUA products before but they seem like a great and affordable makeup company. and then they reached 35,000 likes on FB and they had this crazy deal! i picked up 1 eyeshadow palette, 1 eyeliner, 5 lipsticks (oops), 1 gloss, 4 nail polishes, 1 concealer and 1 pressed powder. i had to refrain from making a ridiculously large order and kept telling myself that i could always try more later (like when they reach 50,000 likes!)
original price: $48.98; paid: $23.87

* Sea Lore Nail Polish (15% off) - i took advantage of Cyber Monday and decided to order my very first indie nail polish purchase. i picked up "Beluga Blizzard" (mini), "Ariel" and "Attina" (mini). "Ariel" was a must since i was already thinking months ago that it would be a perfect Christmas present for my sister (Ariel is her favorite Disney princess).
original price: $25.43; paid: $22.21

* Fanchromatic Nails (select full size polishes for $6, minis 10% off) - make that TWO indie polish purchases in one day. i absolutely love love love Firefly/Serenity so i was searching for nail polishes that were inspired by them. i missed out on the Nerd Lacquer ones but i found a couple from Fanchromatic Nails. i am very excited! i bought "Layer Cake", "Blue Sun", "Dire Wolf" and "Wowsville" (last 3 are minis).
original price: $27.83; paid: $22.01

* Miss KL (16% off and free shipping) - only ordered one item but this was the first site i've found that charges handling separately so that's the slight catch! it was $2.00 for handling.
i got a long-sleeve bodysuit that i can wear easily with skirts. i don't like how sometimes my shirt ridges up so this is a great way to make sure it remains tucked in all day!
original price: US$13 + shipping; paid: US$11.26

okay NOW i am done. or at least i think i am. i know i listed all my spending here but i am afraid to add it up.
what purchases did you make? any awesome deals you could not say no to?


  1. That looks like a good lot! I didn't get so lucky with the sales :( I have that Kat Von D pigment though and it's really nice.

    1. did you head out to a mall too? or do some online shopping?
      i haven't played with the KVD pigment yet.. but do you prefer to use it wet or dry?

  2. Wow girl, you found some great deals! Yay for the falsies and the Sephora kits!

    I ordered from Cake Beauty and Exclusive Beauty Boutique, that's all. lol I really don't need anything right now, I know I shouldn't have ordered but only 2 orders isn't THAT bad. Is it? :P

    1. Yay for the falsies! i know you especially like your Duo so i had to try it!
      Cake Beauty had a great sale! and you shouldn't be asking someone who made twice as many orders as you if that's okay...haha cause im going to say it is!

  3. You found some great finds.. I did alittle shopping online though not much since I don't really need or want anything. Will be posting what I got soon! Think I spent about $50 - thats it.. :)

    1. im excited to see what you got! i never really need anything... it's a whole lotta wanting though

  4. Hello hun, nice blog.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know what you think.

  5. Wow it looks like you had quite the shopping day! On that Friday I went to the outlet's by my work and the stores were insane!

    1. haha yes it was fun searching for deals. did you join the madness too?

  6. OMG! Those are good purchases! I really love FOREVER 21. Im an addict f21 shopper! It's so affordable yet classy and trendy.


    1. i love F21 too! so much variety and so affordable :)
      did you go there over the weekend?

  7. Ooh you got some fantastic deals :D I love the color club nail polishes and the shorts from forever 21!

    1. i think im gonna do my nails today using one of the colors!! but which oneeeeee hmm

  8. Wow, it looks like you got really great stuff for awesome prices!
    Unfortunately, I didn't (and couldn't) do any Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping. Boo for no money! Haha.

  9. very nice clothes and combiantions *_* your blog is very good and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


    1. thanks thi! and i already am a follower from before :)

  10. love the shorts! wish we had black fridays in the Uk!

    1. do you have special shopping days in the UK?
      in Canada, Boxing Day is even bigger than Black Friday :)


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