Friday, November 30, 2012

REVIEW: Commonwealth Soaps and Toiletries Almond Bath Bar

i had no idea blogging in Calgary during winter can be so frustrating!
these past couple of days i have been trying to squeeze in as many product and swatch photos as i can in the very tiny span of time that we have sunlight. i don't like how it starts to get dark at 4 pm!! so i apologize that many posts have been delayed.

today i'll just do a quick post about a certain soap that i absolutely love. i grabbed it off the shelf randomly one time i was at Winners just because the UK flag packaging was cute. and then i took a whiff. and i fell in love with the scent. BUT i had never been a bath/spa kind of girl so i was not accustomed to paying $6 for one soap.

and so fate brought us together again, when on a later visit to Winners, i find it on Clearance. funny how the red sticker can play tricks on you since i immediately made a beeline to the cashiers only to find later on that i saved $1.

which brings me to yet another visit where i picked up a second set - this time, it was $4 off! if i was willing to buy it at $5, then it makes perfect sense to buy it $3! :)
and the cylinder box would be great for storing makeup brushes (at least i think ahead right?).

on the left:
one large rectangular soap in a box with a magnetic clasp. 340 g. retail $12.99 (Winners $5.99, marked down to $5)

on the right:
two small round soaps in a cylindrical box with lid. 142 g each. retail $14.00 (Winners $6.99, marked down to $3)

i also figured it'd be perfect if i kept one at my boyfriend's place and one at my house!

it took me a while to figure out who in the world actually manufactured these soaps. the label wasn't very clear at all:

i Googled several terms found on these labels and could not find a thing! the words "NBC Apparel" also threw me in for a loop (these are not related to any NBC shows).
FINALLY, i looked up "CST Fall River" and there it was - aha! CST stands for Commonwealth Soaps & Toiletries. they are also so hard to find since their website is "Coming Soon" and there is hardly any other information available except for contact info.

i guess this "review" is just me rambling really. these Almond Bath Bars smell fantastic! the scent is described as toasted almonds and cherries that come together to smell like freshly baked biscotti. mmmmmm! i actually don't think i've smelled fresh biscotti before but "mmmmm" sounds like it would be appropriate.

i find that it also lathers up quick well. my only problem is with the large rectangular soap - it is so big!!! my hand can wrap around half of the soap bar. and it's pretty heavy too (like 3/4 of a pound!) so it makes it difficult to lather up when you are afraid for your toes.

a bonus with this soap is that the scent is strong - not in a dizzy kind of way but more like a pleasant surprise when i walk into the bathroom and can smell this soap :)

by the way, i just saw this new display at Shoppers yesterday... eep! a new Revlon lip product!! i'm a huge fan of their lip products but i can't let myself purchase another one just yet. but lucky for me, i got an email from Revlon today about being accepted into Revlon Selects and this is one of the products they will be sending. HOORAY! are you guys excited to try these out? they are rather pricey right now - $14.99 each! that's much more than their other lipsticks... quite expensive for a drugstore lipstick in fact.

so what is your favorite bath soap? and can you believe that December is just around the corner? (seriously, it's in 13 minutes...!)


  1. I saw that soap and the first thing I thought was that it was BIG. Bigger than my hand! I'm glad it smells good though and the packaging is so adorable.

    I know what you mean about the lighting during winter! It has been raining like EVERY day that I've had off so I take pictures like a mad woman when I can!

    1. i am glad that you understand how big it is!!! i should've taken a picture of me holding the soap haha

      and yes trying to cram so many photos in is tiring! we havent had any rain but a ton of snow

  2. I feel you on taking pictures in the winter! I get home at 4 and literally have 15 minutes to quickly snap pictures outside in the freezing cold. I got selected by Revlon too; isn't the product list they're sending us sound so exciting?

    1. it is so much brighter outside with the snow but it is way too cold to bear!!
      and yes it is so exciting!! i was surprised that they are sending us a number of products too - do you think they will do it again?

  3. Wow 14.99$ is pricey for a drugstore lipstick, you are right! It's only 3 dollars less than a MAC lipstick.

    Oh and I totally understand you about the darkness at 4 pm. I try to take all my pics on the weekend!

    1. that's a shocking realization! only $3 more for a MAC...
      i haven't heard the greatest reviews about the Revlon Suede lipstick either...

      right now is the perfect time for some picture taking but i am feeling too lazy on this sunday afternoon!!

  4. They looks amazing! want to try it too :)

    1. the only place i've seen the soaps are at Winners - no idea where else they carry it!

      as for the Suede lipsticks, i want to try it but the price is way too much right now!

  5. hi jan! i've already checked it out but i dont live in the philippines!


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