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LUXE BOX: August 2012 [Fall Edition]

in case you didn't know about the changes at Loose Button, here's a quick recap:
- now $26/season (one box per season) that contains 7-8 "trial-sized" items; you can also choose semi-annual or annual plans
- recently they sent out the Fall Edition box in August (received in September though); the Winter one will be sent in November (in reality, probably December!); Spring Edition in February and Summer Edition in May

there seems to be plenty of variations of this box - i thought my box was decent upon opening it but as soon as i saw other people's boxes, it went downhill for me. it makes me feel like a little kid - you know how you're happily enjoying your lollipop until someone with an ice cream cone walks by? yep, that feeling.

it's sad missing out on the Eyeko eyeliner, the Benefit Stay Don't Stray, the China Glaze nail polish, the Marcelle BB Cream or the Blinc mascara! oh well, what can you do! 

let's start off with the packaging:
Loose Button was definitely going for the appeal of exclusivity by having "Members Only" written on the outside of the box. all new members have to be invited - did you know that people can "speed up the approval process" by sharing with their friends on Twitter and Facebook? that turns me off because it is really unfair. it's like lineups outside of nightclubs - the majority of the time, it is not packed inside, but the bouncers are only letting in a few people at a time so there's a huge lineup to create the illusion that it is absolutely mind-blowing inside and worth standing in line for. 

the new box is rectangular - sort of like a thin shoebox - in an off-white color. the gold touches make it very fancy. and that monogrammed sticker with my initial! the products are wrapped in white silk-like fabric. all of these details scream "luxe". i am pretty sure a large portion of my $26 went into the packaging.

the card has a new format too (it opens downwards rather than sideways) and you can look up more information on how to use it online on your "Personal Product Dashboard". unfortunately, both do not offer information on pricing.

the Fall Edition contained:

1) Vichy ProEVEN Daily Dark Spot Corrector - this was actually hidden in one of the cute brown boxes. i was expecting something special since it needed to be stored separately but i was wrong. it's the one-use packets again! you'd think the transition to seasonal boxes would've eliminated these... i did hear good things about this so i guess i am glad to have 5 packets to try it. i actually have some spots that look like freckles on my cheek area - i don't really recognize them as freckles though cause Asians hardly ever have freckles (or the Asians i know).

if you go on the website, you can actually see a demonstration of how it may work for you - you get to choose the ethnicity, the skin tone and then you can choose all different kinds of spots to place on her face.
i've opened the first packet and i think i can get four uses out of it. it sort of smells like berries too.
see 5) for a picture of the sample.
size: 1.5 mL x 5 
retail value: $44.00 (at Shopper's Drug Mart; 30 mL)

2) Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in in "350 Misbehaved" - i've always been tempted to pick these up (and i think i may have... stashed somewhere) but i have so many nail polish swatches to do, i just never got around to it. i like the design i got though - it's like gold glitter polish with a fishnet design over it. 
size: 1 box containing 16 nail polish strips, cuticle stick, mini file & buffer (full size!) 
retail value: $9.29 (according to

3) Marcelle Eyeshadow Quad in "Jungle Fever" - undoubtedly, my favorite product in the box. at first, i thought something was loose since i can hear something was shaking around inside it, but it turns out there is another layer underneath with 2 eyeshadow sponge applicators.

the colors of the quad is right up my alley - i almost always wear either greens, purples or golds/browns. "Jungle Fever" has a champagne color, a green, brown and a black - all very shimmery. the colors are similar to some of the ones found in my Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette. in comparison, the Marcelle quad actually seems to be lacking in pigmentation, as you can see in the arm swatches:

i wore it on my eyes today and all the colors except the champagne one lasted the day without requiring a primer. all that was left of the champagne shade was the shimmer though. i really like how the eyeshadows are shaped like little studs but for the price, i would've expected better color payoff.  
size: 4.6 g (full size!)
retail value: $15.95 (according to

4) Calvin Klein Beauty Eau de Parfum Spray & Luminous Skin Lotion - a light scent of fresh flowers. it's not a scent that stands out to me so i won't be purchasing a bottle of this. i am glad that they included the lotion with the small perfume sample. the lotion is not moisturizing since it is only meant to accentuate the scent. the smell of the lotion is extremely light.
size: 1.2 mL (spray); 30 mL (lotion)
retail value: (according to
   spray: $51 (30 mL); $66 (50 mL); $87 (100 mL)
   lotion: $43 (200 mL)

5) Loose Button Exfoliating Pad - so this was the other item in the little box. uhm, this thing feels really rough, no? i haven't even used it in the shower yet - but i'm a little scared to. from what i've read, it unravels rather quickly.
size: 1 pad (full size!)
retail value: N/A

6) Madonna Truth or Dare Eau de Parfum - another perfume sample - this one is a long tube that can only be applied by dabbing it on. it's musky but very flowery at the same time. it's a strong scent and i think i rather like it. i prefer it over the Calvin Klein one.
size: 3 mL
retail value: $65 (50 mL); $75 (75 mL) (according to

7) KMS Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray - mine separated into two layers so i'd suggest shaking it before use! or so i figured, but the picture on LB's site and KMS' site shows it half pink and half white.

i have thick hair that almost reaches my lower back so blow drying usually takes forever. these days i usually just air dry. .. but then it looks flat. so i will try using this to hopefully speed the process up a bit. 
size: 30 mL
retail value: $17.96 (US according to; 200 mL)

so like i said earlier, i am not enjoying my "lollipop" as much as before! i am not sure if i see the value of $26 in the box... 2 of the 7 items were full size, 2/7 were fragrances and 1/7 were in one-use packets.
and doesn't the 3-month wait seem terribly long? since it seems that there are better boxes out there, maybe i will have better luck next time :)


  1. The KMS spray sounds great! That's too bad for the eyeshadows, I tried one too and it wasn't well pigmented and kinda powdery.

    1. yes i wasn't too impressed with the eyeshadow. how's the eyeko eyeliner and the moroccan oil hairspray working out for you?

  2. I too am wondering if the box is worth the price... Although I am happy with the content, I was expecting more for 26$ ! And I don't really care about the box the products come in (they all end up in my wardrobe), I would rather have the subscription price all invested in the samples ! I guess we'll see how the other editions turn out. :)

    1. i completely agree with you - i'd much rather they use my $26 for the products rather than on the fancy packaging.
      once i start collecting enough of these (well, if i choose to remain subscribed in the future), i'll have to do something about these boxes too! another storage system? hmmmmm

      it's going to be quite a wait until we can see the winter edition though!

  3. I find we only get about 4 or 5 items out of 7 items, in real. You can consider some products very cheap and may get it for free. For example... 1/ exfoliating pad... they are inferior quality for one or two times used then break up. Or only at $1 at dollar store. 2/ Vichy's dark spot corrector foil samples... get it for free if ask beauty adviser at drug store. 3/ True or Dare by Madona perfume you may get it for free at The Bay (actually I got it at Bay two months ago). And some perfume too. SO, if I got 7 items and minus 3 items are free or very cheap... then, I actually got 4 items only... it is same to previous luxebox or the other beauty box.

    1. your calculations make a lot of sense - that's probably why i don't feel like there was a $26 value behind my box. i am now paying a little over 2 months of what Loose Button used to be and it doesn't seem like i am getting more for my money. i was actually at The Bay today and they offered me a Madonna perfume sample. did you get the same box as me?

  4. You are the only one I have seen so far getting the Marcelle Eye Quad! That's unfortunate about the colour payoff though...I would have been sad too. The nail strips are pretty snazzy though. That's the kind if thing I can never justify buying for myself because they cost the same price as a polish and last only a week! The design you got was very cool though and you can always so a review of how easy/hard they are to use and how well they wear. You got a pretty good box I think!

    1. yeah i've noticed that no one else seems to be getting the quad... i did fill out the beauty profile thing a bit late so i am wondering if that could have affected it.
      i will get to those nail polish strips sometime... and i think you got a better box! :)

  5. I like your box.. better then some others I have seen

    1. really? i am actually jealous of other people's boxes. haha.
      btw thanks for the heads up on the shopper's BOGO offer at Shopper's on Wednesday!

  6. Your box was better than mine! I got the Eyeko liner, Kerastase Elixir Ultime, 2 Orlane samples, the CK beauty set, Sally Hansen nail strips (same ones as you) and the exfoliating pad. If the next box isn't better, I will be cancelling my subscription.

    1. hi valerie! thanks for stopping by :)
      it seems like we got the same value... one full size makeup product, some face samples, a hair product, nail strips, perfume, and the exfoliating pad.
      how long have you been subscribed to Loose Button? are you subscribed to any others?

  7. You got a full shadow quad?! pretty darn cool :)

    1. i saw that you got an Eyeko eyeliner and a gorgeous China Glaze polish - even cooler! :)


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