Friday, May 04, 2012

REVIEW: Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick

hi everyone!
i saw the Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish lipsticks on sale at Shoppers recently and i couldn't resist. regular price at Shoppers was $6.99 but they had a "buy 2 for $7.00" sale so i went home and did a little research on the shades. after thinking long and hard, i decided to buy shades 08 and 12 (it's too bad that the lipsticks don't have any names!)

there are currently 15 colors available - a few are quite daring; i don't know anyone that rocks a dark purple everyday. i think 7 colors were released first (last year) and Rimmel have expanded the collection since then. there were a few colors i also wanted to try especially since i want to find a nude lipstick that doesn't wash me out (03 or 07 maybe?). i guess i went the safer route and bought the two colors that i liked and have seen swatched often.
the lipsticks come in a sleek black case with the Rimmel brand around the middle and the crown on the slanted top (similar packaging to their other Lasting Finish lipsticks).

the lipsticks are 4 g each and have their distinctive Rimmel scent (the sweet fruity smell). they glide on super easily and leaves a shiny finish. they feel quite moisturizing for a lipstick. however, if you apply it with a lip brush it is more drying so you will probably want to run a gloss over it. they have lasted quite a few hours for me but doesn't survive eating and all that.

quick shot of my bare lips (in artificial lighting):

first up is 08 which is a somewhat nude color that has a pink base (? i really don't know the proper lipstick terminology).

i took pictures first in artificial light, but found that the bathroom lights made the lipstick look a lot different than it actually was so i have also included pictures taken in natural light.
as seen here, the artificial lighting made it look more coral-ly than it actually was while the natural light gives you a much better idea of the actual color. i find this color complements my skin tone. it is definitely a shade that you can wear comfortably everyday that gives you just enough color to make you look awake.
top to bottom: 08 in artificial light; in natural light

aside from searching for the perfect nude, i was also looking for the perfect coral. i have made plenty of attempts and my search has been futile. to me, "coral" means a soft orange color but my previous contender - a Maybelline Superstay 24 Color - disappointed me (more on this later!)

anyways, here is 12 - it looks like a darker orange but i figured that it might look different on me since my lips are quite pigmented.

in artificial light, the orange looks quite bright but in natural lighting, it is much more toned down which i really like. this one is a fun summery color that i'd personally wear all year round.
top to bottom: 12 in artificial light; in natural light

i figured that since i took pictures in both types of lighting, i'd do it again for swatches on my arm:
left to right: 08, 12
top to bottom: artificial light, natural light

overall, i love the color payoff of these lipsticks - super pigmentation! i'm excited to try more but i keep finding myself overloaded with lip products but continue to purchase them anyways... if i find them on sale again, i probably won't resist (again). :)


  1. Hi Helen,
    I was wondering if you could maybe provide me with your contact info so I can shoot you an email! Let me know!

    1. i apologize for not having that information on my blog!
      you can email me here:

  2. The shade 08 looks great on your lips!


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