Sunday, May 06, 2012

LOVE: Pari Beauty Makeup Train Case

so here's something i received quite some time ago but haven't had a chance to post about: my wonderful pink makeup train case. i became obsessed with finding a makeup case sometime before Christmas last year - i watched a million videos of how some people store their makeup, searched a gazillion sites and visited a bazillion stores (slight exaggeration). there were a few websites out there that provided plenty of options such as Amazon but after calculating costs to ship to Canada, things became a little too pricey (since these tend to be super heavy).
i was also looking specifically for one that was pretty spacious since my collection is quite large. i wasn't interested in the rolling ones since i was not looking to carry it anywhere - i just needed a place to store (most of) my makeup.
one of my personal favorites in stores was the Aluminum Makeup Train Case found at the Pari Beauty makeup counter at selected Sears (specifically, the Marlborough Mall one in Calgary). if you recall this brand, Topbox subscribers received an eyeshadow from the same company back in February.
i probably visited it twice and then went back home to do some more research. i kept delaying since i wasn't sure if i wanted to risk buying on eBay where they were some really pretty looking ones or buying one that is slightly more expensive at Sears.
in the end, it was just simpler to buy it from Sears since i can observe it thoroughly myself. i didn't want to deal with the hassle of shipping anything back or regretting a decision. plus, my boyfriend decided to buy it for our anniversary which made the decision even easier :)! thanks boyfriend <3
so this is my lovely train case in pink:

it cost $75 before tax and has an aluminum finish. according to the Sears website, the dimensions are 14.4" l. x 9.25" w. x 11.22" h.

it comes with keys (if you decide to lock it up) and a shoulder strap - both of which i am not really going to use.

when you open it up, one side extends to two trays while the other side only has one tray but is deeper.

one of the features i was looking for was adjustable dividers so you can move them around depending on how big you want a compartment to be. another selling feature was the vinyl instead of velvet which would be much easier to clean.

one thing that sort of bugs me about this one though is that this lining is too long along the inside wall of the case and so it curves like this:

also there is an area where the lining doesn't seem to have been attached properly:

other than these slight imperfections, i am very happy with this!
before this baby came along, the makeup and brushes i used most often were scattered everywhere. currently, i am still playing around with ways to best organize my makeup. i will post a picture later when get it all figured out. there is no way i can fit any lip products in there since i have way too many lipglosses and lipsticks (these are in separate containers). i keep the train case open at all times so i am able to fit my brushes in one of the lower compartments. i think you can also close it with the brushes on the bottom if you had only a few and stored them at an angle. (speaking of angles... oops!)

you can check it out on the Sears website or the Pari Beauty website. it also comes in black or silver! Sears is currently having a Pari Beauty promotion right now: if you spend over $45 on any Pari Beauty products, you'd get a gift worth over $60 that includes an eyeshadow, 2 color cubes, a gloss and a moisturizer sample all in a little clutch (until May 18/12). guess i missed out a great gift! their eyeshadows are super pigmented so don't delay if you are thinking about it.
let me know how you store your makeup :)


  1. thanks for sharing with us! I store my makeup all over the place in my room! some here, some there. not very organized to say the least!

  2. I have a simular makeup box that I got for christmas on the shopping channel was $25.

    1. ps. mine is already full.. :)

    2. sweet deal!! i've never ordered anything off the shopping channel before - maybe i should start!


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