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LUXE BOX: April 2012

the Luxe Box arrived on the first of may - which i was actually surprised about since Loose Button sent it out so late in the month. apparently they upgraded shipping for the west and east coasts to make up for it but i don't see anything different on the box and the Canada Post tracking info still says the same "Expedited Parcels".
anyway, i am glad i actually got the item i reserved for the First in Line program fiasco. as mentioned at the end of my Topbox post, i wasted a lot of time on it. so a quick summary of the process in April:
Thursday, April 19
- program was supposed to start at 12 pm EST but was not active
- Loose Button began addressing the issue maybe an hour later
- some people finally able to log in and reserve a product, but not all
- Loose Button suspended program temporarily and decided to send emails out instead for people to reserve time slots; once you pick a time slot, you will receive an email with a password to log in during that time
Friday, April 20
- was sent the time slot email at around 2 am EST; quickly reserved a time slot for next day between 3-6 pm EST
- did not receive email with password so sent Loose Button an email inquiring about this
- received an automatic reply that the company will be responding to emails over the weekend
- received my password at around 7:30 pm EST; First in Line program was no longer active
Saturday, April 21
- around 11 pm EST, received an email saying that they noticed i haven't reserved a product
- surprisingly, i was still able to reserve an Essie nail polish

the choices for April's First in Line program included: an Essie nail polish, Seche Porcelain, Bobos Remi leave-in conditioner and Panty by Post. i found the last option interesting but i did not feel i had enough time to do a little research so i went with what i knew.

after all the kerfuffle (first time ever typing that word and finding that is how it is spelled - nice!), April's samples are:

1) Essie Nail Polish in "793 Pink-a-Boo" - yay actually got what i reserved. i heard plenty of issues of people not getting what they reserved on Facebook so i was a little scared. i believe this color may be too sheer for me though since it is a very light pink color. it is super sparkly though - with purple and green glitter from what i can see; i got a little dizzy when i stare at it too long trying to pick out the colors of the sparkles. i will have to do a swatch for you later since i just put on the Misa nail polish from Topbox yesterday.
i Googled the color and found out that this polish is part of the Essie Resort 2012 collection. it's pretty exciting that it is brand new.
size: 13.5 mL (full size!)... card says 15 mL
retail value: $8

-- update 05/07/12 -- so i got around to using this polish and here are the results:
with 1 coat; natural light - super sheer. you can only see the glitter.
with 2 coats; natural light - you can see a hint of pink.

with 3 coats; natural light - i can still see my nail ridges but i think this is a nice soft pink. i think 4 coats would also be great.
i tried to do a close up here; first in natural light and then in artificial light.
my nails feel smooth (you can't feel the tiny glitter particles) and dried really quickly between coats! i didn't smudge them at all this time! hooray!

2) Orlane Perfect Complexion Treatment Foundation in "Beige 23" - the sample itself was quite small - the box was much larger because it also held a pamphlet in many languages. i had to take the picture at an angle because the box was super reflective.
the daffodil pin was attached to the top of the box.

i used to think that since i am Asian, that anything "Beige"-y would be similar to my skin tone. thank goodness i figured that one out (don't think Loose Button did though). as you can see, i tried it first on my hand and it already appears really dark. since some of the products in the past have also appeared dark but blended really well, i tried to do the same thing with this one. it definitely didn't blend into my skin - i put some on my face and found that this is to be used as a liquid bronzer instead.
size: 3.5 mL
retail value: $60 (50 mL)

3) Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo + Conditioner - these came in the same cute black pouch that held the perfume sampler pack thing a few months ago. i like how they are in bottles rather than the style of the samples to be mentioned in like two seconds. i can't give you a review on these just yet since i alternate days where i wash my hair and i am just in between.
also i can already smell the product without even having to open it and it smells quite nice.
size: 50 mL each x 2 = 100 mL
retail value: $6 (375 mL) each

4) Fekkai Advanced Salon Technician Colour Care Shampoo & Conditioner - another shampoo and conditioner sample in the same box? i would have preferred a little more variety... and yet again with the hair products for coloured hair. what is going on with that?? as already mentioned several times, this sample packaging is terrible. you should open these before jumping in the shower because hands with any type of moisture will leave you extremely frustrated. at least we got 2 samples? :/
size: 9 mL each x 4 = 36 mL
retail value: $28 (236 mL) each
see #5) for pic

5) Fekkai Advanced Salon Technician Colour Care Rapid Results Moisture Mask - i have never used a hair mask before so i am interested as to how this will work. will update you soon on this.
size: 8.6 g each x 2 = 17.2 g
retail value: $45 (198 g)

since April is Daffodil month, we received a daffodil pin to show support for those affected by cancer. it is too bad we received this in May! i am glad that Loose Button is involved with the Canadian Cancer Society though. overall, i am mehh about the box. my favorite is of course, the Essie nail polish even though it may not show very well on my nails. nothing else is super exciting but i will probably use every single item in this box.

check out my link to Loose Button on the right if you are interested :)


  1. I got exactly the same box as you! Love the Essie polish!

    1. it's only my second Essie nail polish and i love how it dries super quick. maybe i should start expanding my collection!

  2. you were right! i just posted the swatches with 3 coats and it's a really nice pink :)


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