Saturday, May 12, 2012

LOVE: Army & Navy Legendary Shoe Sale

first of all, you have no idea how shocked i was to find out that i did not know of a LEGENDARY shoe sale that has been happening for many many years.
where was i?! i do not comprehend how this is even possible.
i remember going to a shoe sale at Army & Navy last year but it was definitely a few days after it started since it was pretty slow. and it was just a shoe sale to me, not the legendary shoe sale.
but this year, i saw the flyers, i read about the hype and knew i had to be there.
i guess it wasn't enough to convince me i should arrive hours early and wait in line until doors opened at 8 am, but i still showed up at around 12:30 pm (it was on on Wednesday, April 25).
who knows what happened but i left 10 minutes before 4 pm. these sales are definitely one of those things you do by yourself - i don't think there is anyone i know who would be able to keep up with me or have the same patience. they just don't understand shoes like i do.
i left with only 4 pairs because in all honesty, i really didn't have the money to spend. there were also a ton of shoes i was debating (especially a really really cute pair of Steve Madden booties) that was just not the right size. i probably tried on the Steve Madden ones like 8 times to convince myself that forcing my normally 7-1/2 size feet into a pair of 6s just wasn't going to work.
5 hours after the sale had started, Army & Navy was still really busy. there were plenty of selection left but i think i just might stand in line next year just to see what i missed this year :)
the atmosphere was pretty intense. it seemed like there was a black market for shoes within this shoe sale! women were holding onto shoes just to trade them with each other (i.e. i'd give you this pair in an 8 if you find me the 7). if you had a rare pair, you definitely had bargaining power. if you leave a cart/basket, women-sized vultures will begin to pick through it so be careful! there were even secret exchanges in the far corner of the store.
it was also a mess! shoes were not categorized by size but by style and they littered the floor. there was a table specifically set up for missing left/right shoes. i was forced to develop a strategy to ensure my survival. i hung around the mirrors and chairs a lot, looking at what people have discarded and i followed the staff as they were putting shoes back on the rack...
some recommendations for those going next year: go early and bring a CART. i know it gets really busy so it will be hard to navigate but i started off just picking shoes off the shelf, and then i used a basket. my basket was overloaded and weighed me down as i carried it for like an hour. i was seriously sweating in no time - shoe sales are a workout!!
and this is what i ventured out with:

De Blossom Collection - Saru-11 - Size 7 - $29.99

when i first saw these, i fell in love with the colors! there was another pair that was much more flashy (purple, yellow, pink and blue) but i liked the neutral colorblocking more. made of suede, this is a 5" heel with a 1.25" platform. it has a zipper in the back and a treaded sole (important since i would not want to slip around in something this high). according to websites online, the retail value is $59.99 even though i haven't heard of this brand before.
i've worn these twice now and even though they are comfortable, i've almost wiped out twice. you'd think they'd be easy to walk in since they are wedges, so maybe i'm just not used to high wedges.

Guess - N/A - Size 7 - $39.99

i have no idea what this shoe is called right now since i tried all the keywords i thought i could have to describe the shoe and i still can't find it online... does anyone know? anyways, it looks like it has a 5" heel and an approximately 1.25" platform as well. this shoe gives off a rocker-ish vibe with the buckles on the ankle and the studs on the bottom. it has a side zip (with a Guess embossed symbol) and feels like it is made of leather. the bottom has some treading on it and feels like it is made of a plastic-like material.

De Blossom Collection - Mandy-11 - Size 7-1/2 - $19.99

so another De Blossom Collection item and i cannot find details of this particular shoe online. once again, a 5" heel but with a 1" platform i think. holy moly 5" heels hey! i didn't know i was buying so many of them. although this one is a 7-1/2 instead of a 7 with the Saru-11 style, this pair feels much tighter in the toe area so it's probably not recommended for wide feet. Mandy is made of suede and has a pretty jewel-encrusted design on the back. i know i have way too many black heels but these had the detail on the back which i do not have!
these were in my cart as i was pushing them around a corner, and a man actually picked them up and asked me where i found them. he held them in his hands for like a minute as i watched him and he's like wow "$20, good deal!". i know - that's why they are IN my cart... very strange.

Qupid - Tanya-04 - Size 7-1/2 - $19.99

my only mid-heel pair (3") in this purchase. these are slingbacks with an embellished bow on the front. i look like i have duck feet in this but they are really cute from my view! according to a site, it's made of polyurethane and retail for about $29.99.

total i spent:

not too bad for 4 pairs! i checked the Army and Navy Facebook page and they had some stats up for their first day of sale: 67,000 shoes were sold to 3,400 women which averages about 19.7 pairs per person. that is extreme!!!
perhaps next year when i am there when the doors open?
were any of you there? how many did you pick up?


  1. NO WAY! You SO did not get those shoes at Army and Navy?!?!?! They are fabulous!

    - Jamie @ Beauty and the Gamer

    1. yes it was awesome!! there were a ton of other brands you might recognize - like Fergalicious, Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson and Betsey Johnson. you didn't hear about it in Edmonton?


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