Thursday, August 16, 2012

GOODIES: First Online Sephora Purchase

helloooo everybody!
i wanted to share my experience with placing my first Sephora order online. i've always ooh-ed and ahh-ed at all the fancy products they have on the website. i love checking out new palettes or makeup sets. but then i never go through with an actual order since i live close to a number of Sephora locations and in order to get free shipping, i have to spend at least $75.

in case you haven't ordered online with them before, it came in a cardboard box with lots of paper stuffed inside.

well, one day i decided that i should get my sister something for Sister Day (the first Sunday of August). i mean, why not get her something and have her feel guilty for the rest of the year? hahaha, i am kidding ...
here is what i got:

sorry for the bad photo! there will be better ones later!

seeing that my sister lost a tokidoki lipgloss (that i also bought her) and that Sephora was no longer going to be carrying tokidoki, i thought i should grab a few items while i had the chance. my sister is just venturing into the land of makeup so i decided to get her a super cute tokidoki Airways Palette. it has 8 eyeshadows and a keychain. one of the eyeshadows is called "Los Angeles" which fits in perfectly with our upcoming vacation! the little tin suitcase as well as the sale price was more than enough to convince me.

from here on, i just had to get to $75 to get free shipping, so i indulged a little. just a little.
i decided to also get two tokidoki Nail Confetti & Nail Art Stickers in "Stellina" and "Savana" since i have succumbed completely to the nail glitter craze.

next, i placed the Buxom Travel in Style set in my cart so i could try out their lip polish and lip stick in my current favorite lip shade of the moment - peach. it didn't hurt that it was a dollar off and made it to the sale section (i have a keen eye for this!).

another Buxom product i picked up is the Buxom Armed and Gorgeous. it is consisted of 3 double-ended eye sticks. i've been eyeing this for so long but i've heard mixed reviews about them. i figured i needed to reach the $75 mark so if anything, i'd give it a go. note, this was the most expensive item in the order!

i also threw in a Sephora Wave Hair Clamp which i have never heard of but was intrigued. reviews were good so i thought $5, why not! thinking back, it was definitely an impulse purchase. the clamp turned out to be much smaller than expected. i think i would need two (or maybe even 3!) in order to get all of my hair. it would look odd with just half of my hair done.

and some happy extras!! i love promos!!!
* Benefit Cosmetics - Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in "Silver Spoon" (free with $25 purchase or something like that!)
* Sephora/Fresh - Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo (hooray for being a beauty insider and birthdays!)

with this purchase, i threw in 3 samples i was very excited to try:
* Urban Decay - Naked Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup
* Kat Von D - Lock-It Tattoo Foundation
* Benefit Cosmetics - 'Hello Flawless!' Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation
most unfortunately, Sephora only sent me one of the three samples (the Benefit one). i was so excited thinking that i could test all 3 of these liquid foundations out. i have emailed them about the issue. has anyone else had this problem before?

-- update Sept 4, 2012 -- i am sorry i didn't update you on what happened with this Sephora order and the missing samples earlier. after my first email, Sephora emailed me back saying that they could not give me replacement samples because it is not something their warehouse can do. i found this answer ridiculous because it does not solve my problem at all. i sent them another email explaining how the samples were a key reason why i ordered online in the first place (i live close to a number of Sephora stores and the items were available there too). customer service replied, offering me a "one time courtesy" of $5 to be used online. this doesn't help at all since this means i have to make another online order, and $5 would not even cover the $7.95 shipping if i chose NOT to spend over $75. to add on top of this, i checked my Sephora account and cannot find this $5 credit so i have to email them AGAIN. bah!! not liking the online Sephora experience. --

the order was made on July 26, 2012. Sephora notified me that they shipped it on July 27. from this day on, I kept trying to login to my account and track my package but I kept getting an error message. this is because i did not know that there would be two different shipping notifications. the first being that it was shipped to their Canadian border facility (Borderfree) and from there, shipped to your address. i got another notification that Borderfree shipped it on August 7. by this time, i was hoping that the package will arrive since it says on the site that total delivery time is 6-12 business days. i received it on August 13. exactly 12 business days. if you count weekends, it was a very long wait! especially since Sister Day was on the 5th. oops!

so anyways, i am quite excited to try out everything i ordered. do not worry, i hope to share my experiences soon! i'll also borrow the tokidoki palette for some swatches - i'm sure she won't mind. i hope i sort out the issue with the samples too.
do you guys like to order online with Sephora?


  1. The shipping used to be faster than that, 12 business days is way too long. I mean, you can order something from the US or even UK and receive it in less than 10 business days!!

    I need to place an order but will probably wait until I get the birthday gift, I just hate waiting for my order! Oh and the samples, it seems like they never ship the 3 we want.

    1. that's how i feel too! it was much longer than anticipated. that's unfortunate that they don't send the samples you want. i guess i'll learn this time! but they have such cool promotions - i think right now there's a Too Faced bronzer!

    2. I know!! I wish they had more promos and samples in store! And the prices sometimes are a couple dollars less than in store, and we don't pay TVQ online.

    3. that would be awesome if they had more promos in store!!
      i am also a little scared about asking for samples. the girls that work there never offer when they are helping me out so i am not sure if they frown on that or something.

  2. I ordered from Sephora Monday and I was actually expecting it today. I didn't get any tracking or anything but orders to my house always seem to take considerably less time than the approximate they give on websites so I unintentionally expect things fast. For example, Glymm was here 1 day after shipping. Amazon orders are always here in 2-3 days, ebeauty took just 2 days I think, even took 2 days when I ordered from the US. I'm disappointed that it took so long for you and that it will probably take my order another while too. They should be shipping from Canada directly to our addresses!

    And not giving you your samples! That's really bad. I have at least 2 of the same ones as you chose so I guess I'll see... As a free extra, I chose the Anastasia hydrofull lip gloss and I'm quite looking forward to that. Actually, the only thing mine in the order is a tokidoki eyeliner so the extras are most of my order! The rest is for a friend's birthday. I got her the Buxom Samantha's smokey eyes kit, which has a mascara, eyeliner/shadow thing, smudge brush and nude gloss. Her name is Samantha. :) I'm kind of mad that the Canadian part of the site sells this kit for 6$ more than the American. They better make it up to me somehow by having all my extras and not taking 2 weeks to get me my order! I paid for the shipping too so something that would cost an American 26$ in store cost me 38$.

    I need to stop complaining, I'm practically writing a full post in your comments section. lol

    1. yes i did not think shipping would take so long but it did. :(
      hopefully you get your samples though! the Anastasia hydrofull lip gloss was tempting but i received a tiny sample in my previous Glymm bags already so i thought i'd try something different. that idea of Samantha's smokey eyes kit for Samantha is so cute! great idea!
      and i notice the price differences too - they are huge sometimes!

      and you are too funny candice. i love reading your comments! especially when they are full paragraphs.

  3. I have written about Sephoras terrible shipping service etc. on my blog. They suck. I won't order from their online website anymore.
    I am glad you actually GOT your package though :)

    1. agh, i remember that post!! i felt bad with the terrible service you got! they actually replied to my email regarding missing samples and said there is nothing they can do about it because they can't send samples outside of orders. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhat. that is ridiculous!

  4. I have not yet ordered from sephora online .. with all the bad reviews I have heard on their shipping and service in general I think I will skip out on online ordering and just head over to the store to pick up my goodies! I don't know I hate shipping head aches!
    Steps To Perfection...With Romanianbutterfly206

    1. i would definitely think twice about ordering online again. i know those headaches!

  5. Shipping does take awhile, but I am generally happy as long as I receive my package within the month although I'm sorry you had issues with your account! I've ordered from Sephora maybe 5 times and I have never had issues...I guess I should keep my fingers crossed that everything has been peachy so far!

    1. i am reluctant to order from them again since i did not like their response to my issue but their promotions are so very tempting! ack!

  6. I finally got my order this morning and I scheduled a post for tomorrow morning. Linked ya!


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