Sunday, August 19, 2012

POLISHED: Revlon Nail Enamel in "Popular"

for the second part of my gift to my sister for Sister Day, i got her a Revlon nail polish (14.7 mL; $4.47 at Walmart). to be honest, i was looking for "Whimsical" for myself and just happened to find one that was also glittery and pretty with a name that my sister would appreciate - "230 Popular" (cue: the song "Popular" from Wicked).

"Popular" is a soft pink with micro-glitter as well as hexagon-shaped glitter (the hexagons do not have sharp edges though so it can almost pass for circles).

unfortunately, i had trouble putting it on. the soft pink is a milky kind of pink but once i applied it, the "milk" seems to have gone bad. it was very clumpy with all that glitter in it. if you look closely on my nails, the pink and much of the glitter is gathered at the top of my nail while it becomes a little more sheer near the bottom. perhaps i did not shake it enough or i did not have the right strategy for applying glitter polishes - should i try applying very thin layers instead? i also only used two coats since the coverage looked pretty good until i took the pictures in natural light. i'll try 3 coats next time! i still really like the color so maybe i'll update you on some better pictures :) (by the way, my artificial lighting pic was taken at another place so i couldn't tell that the lighting was actually very similar to my natural one. oh well!)

taking it off - like any glitter polishes - require a bit more patience. this was actually one of the easier glitter polishes to remove for me. holding a cotton ball (with remover) on your nail for 10 seconds should do the trick.

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