Wednesday, August 08, 2012

REVIEW: Joe Fresh Cream Lipstick in "Cinnamon"

okay i admit i've been lazy in regards to blogging the last couple of days. i have a rather long list of ideas to post about but simply did not feel like doing any of them.
so i started rummaging through my lipstick pile and found something that i was going to accidentally buy again last week, so here we go...

i picked it up sometime last year while browsing the beauty section of Superstore and found it on sale. i think it was somewhere between $2 and $3 (original price is $6).
it was not my first time trying Joe Fresh cosmetics (along with a lip stain, a liquid eye liner and nail polish) but it was the first time trying their lipsticks, so why not pick it up on sale? :)
it was around the same time that i was becoming interested in different finishes of lipsticks, like matte and cream. so i picked up the Cream Lipstick in "Cinnamon", a warm nude.

the packaging is clear so you can easily see the color inside. quite handy indeed! but on the other hand, the clear tubing is a bit thick. it is wider than my other lipsticks and takes up more room. below is a comparison of the Joe Fresh lipstick and a Gosh lipstick. there is no indication of how much product there is so i can't tell you either.

also make sure that when you close it, you snap it tight because the cap had a tendency to come off in my bag.
like its name, it is in fact very creamy. it may actually be too creamy. when i applied it straight from the tube, i felt that there was way too much product on my lips. if you have dry patches on your lips, a lot of the product would accumulate around it; so to have more control, i'd suggest using a lip brush first to get all the edges and whatnot and then applying a thin layer on your bottom lip and smacking your lips together (note: i only did the first step for the swatches). this way you'd get more coverage without it getting too messy.
the color payoff is amazing. when i swatched it on my hand, i could not believe how pigmented this lipstick was. and look just how shiny it is!
top to bottom: artificial light; natural light

on my lips, it looks like a warm nude (as mentioned earlier) but also slightly peachy. i am rediscovering my love for this! i guess it was meant to be that i saw it on sale again and was going to purchase the same shade. good thing i checked my lipstick arsenal first.
top to bottom: artificial light; natural light

the cream lipstick also lasts pretty long - it survived through drinking and snacking and required only a slight touch-up to my center of my bottom lip.
i am coming to an understanding that nudes that work on me aren't necessarily the nudes that are all the rage among other bloggers or ones that have the word "Nude" in the name - one example of this is Revlon's "Nude Attitude".

all in all, i am glad i picked up "Cinnamon". have you tried Joe Fresh's cosmetic line? they are relatively new - Joe Fresh started branching out in '09.


  1. I have not tried any Joe Cosmetics yet, but the colour of the lipstick is so rich!

    I have also been feeling a little lazy when it comes to blogging too. I blame the heat and possibly hormones.

    1. i was so tempted to pick another one up today at Superstore. but i have to save money for LA!
      and yes i blame the heat too. too hot to do anything!

  2. I actually just bought a shine lipstick, I really like it:) I can't believe how many product Joe now as..they have quite the variety:)

    1. oo nice! they have definitely branched out quite a bit! i saw a tinted moisturizer the other day and was intrigued!


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