Wednesday, August 22, 2012

REVIEW: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in "Honey"

Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains (2.7 g; $7.97 at Superstore) have arrived in Canada!!!! yippee :)

i first saw them available at Superstore and over the weekend, they began popping up at Shopper's and Walmart.
i didn't even really think about what color i wanted. i just sort of grabbed one and that was it. usually there's a complex decision making system i go through but i already knew that i would be purchasing more so this was just a start!

i picked up "001 Honey" which looks like a dusty rose. i love the packaging. it looks like a super-sized crayon - which makes it so much more fun to apply since it actually looks like you're drawing on your lips :). to get more product, you just twist the bottom. once i work through the product, i do not think that pointed-end shape will be maintained - wouldn't it just flatten out? or become a slope like a lipstick?
it has a minty scent and applies incredibly smoothly. it is very moisturizing but this does fade by the hour. on the other hand, the color remains so really you can just touch up with a lip balm.

the shade in the tube is actually darker than what you expect so be warned when you are picking a color out.  the tube color is a better representation of what it will look like once it is applied. "Honey" is a dusty pink that is actually leaning towards purple. the color can be sheer if you prefer it that way but can also be layered. the following photos show the difference:
artificial light; natural light

one layer:

a few layers:

i will be in LAAAAAAAAAAA in a little over 12 hours (should start packing - it's so hard because a girl needs selection!!). i will be purchasing more of these since i think it will be cheaper there. but any suggestions to what else i should pick up while i'm there? let me know! i welcome any ideas regarding things i should buy, places i should visit or food i must eat.
if i have time tonight, i might try to throw together a quick Topbox post since i got one today. sadly, i can't show you July's BB5 just yet because i was missing a product. i have emailed them and am waiting for a response.

thank you for reading! what colors will you be picking up?


  1. This was the first colour I picked up as well since I figured 001 was a good place to start! It is totally darker than what I thought it would be, but it's still nice. The stain it leaves behind is quite nice even if the balmy feeling dries out quickly...

    Have fun in LA!!

    1. haha i am glad we think alike.
      and thanks! i had sooo much fun there. just got back last night and trying to catch up on reading everyone's blogs and replying to comments. hopefully i can do a post soon! there's just so much to blog about!

  2. Ooh nice colour! The packaging reminds me of my Tarte lipsurgence.

    I don't have any recommendations for L.A. (the last time I was there was like 6 years ago) other then have a blast!

    1. they are very similar to Tarte.
      we tried to fit everything we could in the 7 days we were there - quite tiring but awesome :)

  3. lol It really DOES look like a super sized crayon, doesn't it? :D This was a great and helpful review. I've yet to pick these up, but I think I just might now. It's interesting to note that the tube color is a better indication than the actually color on the balm itself, but it's definitely good to know. I love the fact it can be layered as well. So I'll be checking these out! Thanks for sharing! By the way, the color looks good on you ^_^

    1. thanks for dropping by!
      which colors are you thinking of purchasing? i really like the formula so i may be picking up some more soon (i already bought Charm - post on that soon!)


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