Wednesday, August 01, 2012

POLISHED: Essie Nail Polish in "Eternal Optimist"

ok this is going to be the first of many Essie posts. i'm actually surprised that i haven't gotten around to doing these yet. my sister has become a collector of Essie. she's starting to sound like me when she says "let's go to _____ to look at the nail polishes!!", to which i never object.
our current stash holds 11 Essie polishes - of which only 3 are considered "mine". i think she's keen on building her own nail polish tower.
"Eternal Optimist #144 [now #676]" (13.5 mL) appears to be a popular shade since it is from the Spring 2009 collection but is still being sold everywhere. i'd describe it as a dusty rose nude which is fantastic when you want something pretty but simple.

the following swatches are done on my sister. i am sure you can tell our hands apart since her nails are much longer whereas i tend to pick at mine whenever my hands are free.
3 coats of "Eternal Optimist". the application was smooth. removing it is not a problem either. in artificial light, it takes on a browner finish.
natural light; artificial light

by the way, my Glossybox seems to be stuck!! it's been in Mississauga since July 28th. i'm seeing everyone's posts pop up on my Blogger but i don't want to click on them just yet. the expected delivery date is tomorrow so i am hoping it comes through!


  1. that is definitely a classic colour, I can't blame them for keeping it around on store shelves!
    I hope you get your glossybox SOON!

    1. do you own a lot of Essies? i just got my Glossybox yesterday! posting soon i hope :)


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