Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Jayne [Cosmetic Proof] Saves the Day (from Mosquitoes!)

a special shout out to my friend, Jayne (Cosmetic Proof):

a little over a week ago, i checked my email to find a message from Jayne. she had read one of my comments on her blog about my experience with mosquito bites and generously offered to send me Willow Tree Collection's Bugs Away Coconut Lime Body Mist that she received in her summer edition of the Sweet Delight Divalicious Box
i got the package last Friday and... LOOK:

i had the hugest smile on my face the second i saw it. i was overwhelmed by how much effort she put into this!! honestly going to keep this envelope!!

inside was not only the Bugs Away Body Mist (which smells lovely by the way!), but Jayne also included a Redken All Soft Argan-6 sample since i mentioned wanting to try it in another comment. she is the only one i know who responds to every comment! 
the little card she wrote me made my day. i am blown away by how thoughtful and kind the blogging community is!! i cannot thank you enough Jayne :)

i have yet to test everything out yet since it has been cloudy and rainy the past couple of weeks. i am going on a canoe camping trip this long weekend though so i will be using the Bugs Away plenty (there is a rather horrible story from two years ago concerning mosquito bites - about 20 of them at least... on the same body part)!! it's fantastic that it doubles as an after bite treatment. 
thannnnnnnnnnnnnnkssssss Jayne! 


  1. Awwwww!! You're so sweet!!! And you're welcome! Let me know how it works out and whether you are mosquito bite free this weekend! xoxo

  2. How sweet of her! I just found her blog earlier today and then through another different blog, I found your's! :) I'm just subscribing all around (through Google Reader so it doesn't appear, but I'll be there reading). Post an update on the lime coconut mosquito thing if you can, that would be great - sounds like the type of product I might want and need for the family.

    1. hi! thanks for reading! i will probably put up a thorough review shortly but i found that it did work quite well and i enjoyed the smell so it's a win-win (for me, not the mosquitoes). i'd recommend reapplying it often though since there was a time when i forgot to reapply, perhaps like 4+ hours, and i got bitten (9 pesky mosquitoes got me!!)


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