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GLYMM BAG: June 2012

seems like Glymm is becoming more consistent with their shipping. the last two months, i think they've arrived a few days after Topbox has. the new format of "bag" instead of "box" has made the package feel much lighter. this month's bag is blue! uh oh - you know what that means - it means that my mind may be twisted into thinking that i need to collect these colorful bags... ack! oh and i just noticed the "Glymm" stamped on the zipper. very cute detail.

it's nice that Glymm is going green, but i find the white tissue paper wrapping around the bag unnecessary. anyone else think so?
so Glymm decided to make things a tad harder for everyone by discontinuing the product card. this is the same as BB5 and i do not like this feature. i have to look everything up to see how to use it and i think it is too much of hassle. i hope i make your life easier by listing the description here as found on the Glymm website.
the Glymm bag felt light and it was visibly much less packed than last month's. in fact, everything was quite small.

June's samples:

1) La Fresh Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover
Remove your nail polish in the most eco-friendly way possible. It does no harm to you or the planet, and it smells so delicious.

i have not tried these but have seen them mentioned on fellow bloggers' posts before. i've heard fantastic things about these so i am happy to try them. they are cruelty free and made from natural ingredients. apparently you don't even have to rinse your hands after using the wipe.
size: 1 pad (for 10 nails) x 2
retail value: $9.99 (18 pads)

2) Clark's Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream
This exfoliating and moisturizing cream will leave your skin feeling smooth as can be.

interesting fact - Clark's Botanicals donates a portion of their sales to The Christopher Reeve Foundation (not sure what i'm talking about? re: Superman). anyway, it is supposed to be used prior to applying sunscreen. the directions sound a tad scary when it says: "Never apply this product to red or peeling skin." the use of the word "never" sounds very serious...
i used it in the morning before sunscreen as advised. the scent reminds me of old ladies but it's not unpleasant. it made my face feel soft. i'll gladly use this until i run out but i am not sure if the benefits of this product is worth $115 yet.
size: N/A but on the Glymm site it says around 10-14 uses
retail value: $115 (50 mL)

3) Salvadore Dali ItIsDream Eau De Toilette Natural Spray
This fragrance radiates romance, tenderness, optimism and joy. If you’re artistic and love to dream, then this is the fragrance for you.

i would not have known what brand this was by looking at it since a lot of the writing was rubbed off on my sample. be careful when you use it - it comes out more direct rather than a spray or mist -- spritz! one spritz is more than enough - the scent is pretty strong. a strong citrus-y floral. my sister described it as a musky floral. we both are clueless as to describing scents so don't take our word. i don't think it smells bad though. online, it says it is a combination of fruity-floral-woody... yay  i guess we win!
size: N/A ... 1 sample vial, ~ 35 sprays
retail value: $54 (60 mL)

4) Vitamine & Sea Perfect Skin Solution
This miracle serum is 100% natural blend of vitamin E and essential oils. It will leave your skin flawless.

hooray 100% natural! after reading more about this product, it seems like it is a miracle product: it fights acne and aging, smooths and repairs skin while protecting it from environmental damage. it is to be used at night - apply 2-4 drops on a damp, clean face and neck.
it's a little difficult to do 2-4 drops with this sample packaging so i had to slowly pour a little on my finger. perhaps i poured too much because i did not like the feel of this serum on my face at all. it felt way too oily on my face. i highly dislike oily makeup removers - imagine you are using that and spreading it all over your face. and the smell - ack! not a fan of stinky greasy products!!! i am scared to try this again even though it is apparently so good for your skin.
size: N/A... 1 sample vial, ~ 5 uses
retail value: $68 (45 mL)

5) Belvada Harmony Duo Lipstick/Lip Balm in "Balm/Elegant Maroon"
Everything your lips need for a night: some balm and some color in one lustrous package.

i was very intrigued when i picked this up but then the excitement died a bit when i saw the words "Elegant Maroon". i didn't know if i would like maroon on my lips. there are 3 other colors available: "Intense Red", "Natural Earth" and "Soft Pink".
when i took it out of the box, i was astonished at how large this product was! then, i quickly became confused as to how to use it. i even tried shaking it for a bit. i realized you pushed it on one side to get the opposite out and then you pull the tube out. when you are done, you slide it back in until it clicks (two times so it doesn't roll back and forth).

i took a close up of the "Elegant Maroon" side to show you the actual color as well as how much product there was in the tube.

i did swatches of both the balm and the lipstick even though the balm was clear. the balm feels really nice and moisturizing. and then i tried on the lipstick. i was pleasantly surprised by how much i like this color on me! i feel that it works with my complexion. even though it's definitely a darker color than i am used to wearing, it's a nice toned-down red.
 left to right: artificial light; natural light

i tried to show you on my arm how pearly the color was. as you can see, both of them have a nice shine.
top to bottom: artificial light; natural light

what's handy is that they also sell the lipstick/lip balm separately in case you run out of one side faster than the other. you can purchase them for $10 each.
size: 3.4 g/lip balm or lipstick x 2 = 6.8 g (full size!)
retail value: $20

i wonder if Glymm actually considers this part of our "samples", but on the products list, they included the blue makeup bag the samples came in. it is listed at $12 each - which doesn't make sense to me since the new Glymm bags WITH the samples cost $12/month so why wouldn't you just sign up? (perhaps, here? :))
** spoiler alert ** but aww, it looks like there is only one other color to get other than the pink and blue. oh well, i love orange!

so i think that Glymm did good this month. most of the samples are indeed very small  but the Belvada duo totally made the bag for me. what did you get in your Glymm this month? 


  1. Wow! You got your Glymm bag so early! haha.. it just seems early to me as I always expect them near the end of the month. Awesome samples too!

    1. i know hey! May's Glymm also came around the same time so they are definitely improving on the shipping end.

  2. hmm this isn't a bad bag but it isn't topbox-worthy for sure! I agree with you- the whole 'going digital' thing is a little annoying. they should cut out other excess packaging and keep the info cards, which are useful when you open the box!!


  3. I just got my Glymm bag today and was also confused at first about the lipstick! I felt so dumb because I couldn't figure it out and didn't want to be too violent with it! How did you get both sides out? I was too scared to push! I think the colour you got looks amazing on you! I can see how even the swatch on your arm would be scary because it's so intense! I'll have my post up soon, but I got a very neutral pink. Nothing too crazy. I'm also pretty psyched about the La Fresh nail polish remover. It sounds like it would smell so good!

    1. haha it took a few tries to get both sides out! the trick is to get one end completely out first (push it all to one side and yank it out - don't worry!) and then slide it back in but only enough until you are able to get the other side out (avoid clicking it back in place!)... it sounds extremely complicated... LOL. good luck!

  4. I got the exact same bag as you (just have yet to post about it). I think I've been holding off my post because I wasn't that impressed. The lipstick is nice though, but like you I am worried about that oil. The perfume and I didn't get along so well - it's too bad, because I love the full-sized bottle it comes in. As always, you've done a great and thorough review! :)

    1. did you receive the same color too? thanks so much for reading! i appreciate the comment because i worry that i drag on and on in my posts!


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