Monday, June 25, 2012

REVIEW: Rimmel Moisture Renew Cream Lipgloss in "Fuchsia Therapy"

i picked this lipgloss up yesterday at Rexall. again, i was drawn to the sales and the yellow tags.
it was on sale for $3.26 but i paid $3.08 after taking my 10% SPC discount (first time i used it here!! who knew??). i believe the original price was $7.99.
the majority of the shades had a ton of glitter in it. i was torn between "Comfortably Nude" and "Fuchsia Therapy". you can already tell by the names that these are on opposing ends of the spectrum. i ended up taking home "Fuchsia Therapy 345" (6 mL) because
1) it is such a fun vibrant color that i do not currently have in my collection,
2) i wanted a gloss with little/no shimmer in it and
3) nude glosses usually tend to be super sheer on me so i rather not take that risk. i admit i do not usually wear such vibrant colors but maybe i'll start...

it comes in a rectangular tube with a purple reflective cap. if you look really closely, there is some blue glitter in it, which i hear is great for bringing out the whiteness of your teeth.

there is a floral scent that i can only detect when i am applying the product. the wand is a flat sponge applicator. the color appears more sheer on me than in the tube. you can see some of the blue shimmer in the artificial light photo.
top right to bottom right: artificial light; natural light

this Rimmel lipgloss contains Vitamins A, C and E and it is in fact, very moisturizing. the intensity of the color as well as the shininess begins to fade about an hour after application but the moisturizing effect remains. a major plus is that this lipgloss is not sticky. i usually hate wearing lipgloss in the car with the window rolled down because my hair likes to suction itself to my lips. what is very strange is that, the US versions of this product has an extra bonus: they have SPF 15 while the Canadian versions do not. i have no idea why this is - i would have preferred that extra sun protection.

overall, it's just an okay lipgloss - i've seen better (i.e. Essence Stay with Me lipglosses). i wouldn't buy it again since the color payoff and the length of wear is not the greatest. i still prefer Rimmel lipsticks to their lipglosses.
thanks for reading! sooo what's your go-to lipgloss?


  1. Omigoodness, I haven't used my SPC card in forever! I think now that I've graduated, I can't use it anymore! You have such nicely shaped lips! My go to lip glosses right now are still the Benefit ones and Cocoa my Coconut from theBalm.

    1. i've graduated too! but i have the SPC credit card... i love the extra savings especially when you don't expect it.
      and thanks!! haha. i really need to try the Balm products - both Benefit and the Balm have very cute packaging!


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