Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TOPBOX: June 2012

how does Topbox continue to impress me with their shipping abilities? they have remained consistent and this time, even a little early! i live on the west side and i received my box on Monday (11th).
once i opened the box, i found the card that says Topbox has included bonus products that can be found at the drugstore - i think it was smart of Topbox to use precise wording here and mentioning that this was in addition to the usual deluxe items or else some consumers may get angry that drugstore products were included as part of their box.
without delay, here's June's Topbox items (sorry for the blue hue in the photos!):

1) Get Creamed Body Naked Decadence Premium Salon Hair Wash - this is a great size for a shampoo sample (instead of those flimsy one-use packets). this product is made in Canada and is free of parabens, phthalates, SLS, sulfates, dyes and perfumes. when i tried it yesterday, i found that i did not enjoy the smell very much. i read the back of the shampoo and it does smell like a mix of lavender and ginseng. i am not a fan of either so i guess that is why! it also didn't lather up a lot for me but i knew it was because it did not contain sulfates, thanks to Stephanie (Canadian Beauty Reviews) and her recent post on a company that sells only natural products. sulfates are used in many personal hygiene products to create a foamy sensation but are considered possible carcinogens. sounds scary hey? you should read about the rest of them!
so after trying this shampoo, i found my hair to feel super soft. but i can't say that it is due completely to this shampoo since i also tried the conditioner (i will mention in a bit) that was also in this box. my hair doesn't feel weighed down even though i have very thick hair - this one i will attribute it to this shampoo since it is free of so many chemicals.
size: 60 mL
retail value: $22 (240 mL)

2) Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm - yay for a BB cream! i haven't been able to test its "All Day" claim yet. however, it did feel very silky and the color blended in very well - perhaps a little too well because i didn't notice any coverage. i really liked how it made my skin smooth and matte - it is definitely not oily. those with acne-prone skin may enjoy this feature but may feel that it doesn't do anything for reducing redness. by the way, this is paraben-free! and smells slightly of bananas.
size: 5 mL
retail value: $38 (45 mL)

3) Stila Forever Your Curl Mascara - i am currently testing the Revlon Grow Luscious mascara so i can't try this one yet! i am intrigued by any curling mascara though since my lashes prefer to lay completely straight and pointing downwards.
size: 3.5 mL
retail value: $29 (7 mL)

4) Pari Beauty Precious Glow Eyeshadow Primer & Intensifier - when i first pulled this out of the box, i thought it was another pearly lip color that was too frosty for my complexion. but then i began jumping for joy when i realized it was an eyeshadow primer! hooray hooray! it is a very pretty color (for the lids!) but i find that i lose much of the shimmer when i spread it on my eyelids. i didn't wear eye makeup long enough to see how well the primer side of this product works, but the intensifier side was evident. my eyeshadow seemed more pigmented, as if i had applied it with a wet brush. it made the eyeshadow colors more pronounced - love this! and it's affordable! it can also be used as a highlighter on the face or just a shimmering lotion for the body.
size: N/A but looks like the same size as the Stila mascara so perhaps ~ 3.5 mL?
retail value: $15 (10 mL)

the two bonus items:

5) Clear Total Care Daily Conditioner - useful since i can pair this with the shampoo i got earlier. again, a great size for a hair product. i haven't heard of the brand before... it smells like a normal shampoo/conditioner and made my hair feel soft. nothing super impressive though.
size: 50 mL
retail value: $7.49 (375 mL) ... according to

6) Simple Eye Make-Up Remover - i already got this last month from Glossybox and i haven't had a chance to use it yet. it doesn't matter though since i always use makeup remover, i am bound to get to it someday.
size: 56 mL
retail value: $9.99 (125 mL)

so did anyone else think that there was quite the variety this month amongst Topboxes? i guess it is because on the survey, i mentioned that i did not want to receive a product for men.
i am really happy about the Stila beauty balm and the Pari Beauty Precious Glow. i am becoming more and more interested in natural products, so i am excited about the Get Creamed Body shampoo too. it seems that this month had many different types of products in it too - more makeup than usual - which is great for my preferences! Topbox continues to have a waiting list of a few months long but don't miss out on their contests on Facebook: there is a Deborah Lippmann one until June 21, sign up here!
speaking of nail polishes, perhaps you'd like to own over 80 from Julep? click here then! only 2 days left!


  1. I'm still waiting for my Topbox, but I HAD to take a sneak peek at yours!!!!

    It's a great box! I can't wait to get mine! The pari gloss is gorgeous!

    -jamie @Beauty and the Gamer

    1. hope you get yours soon! did you opt for one of those products for men?

  2. I got mine on the 11th too and I'm in Vancity so I too was very impressed! I have a different box from yours probably because I said I was ok with receiving a men's product. I'll post what I got in a little bit, but I am pretty excited about the Pari Beauty highlighter!

    1. nice! i am really liking the Pari Beauty product. can't wait for your review!

  3. I love the variety in this months topbox! it makes reading these posts much more exciting :)

  4. Jealous that you got the Stila Cream! But I agree, Topbox has a few diff boxes out there and they're all great!

    1. they are! i like how Topbox manages to keep everyone happy :)

  5. Aww so sad I didn't get the Stila BB Cream!


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