Sunday, June 17, 2012

REVIEW: Sally Beauty Sally Girl Makeup & Nail Polish

so Friday was the first day i've ever walked into a Sally Beauty Supply store. i've heard before that they had amazing deals but i never thought that they had stores in Canada - and one that's really close to me too!
they DO have amazing deals every month. i got there with like 30 minutes to spare until closing time so i just quickly browsed and ended up by the Sally Girl makeup section. you already know what happens here especially since each item was $1.34. i decided to give the brand a test and picked up 3 nail polishes, a lipstick and a baked eyeshadow. all of these are in teeny tiny form - very cute minis. i figured it wouldn't be a huge waste if i didn't end up liking any of them.

first up, the nail polishes. cannot. resist. mini. polishes. and there was such a range of colors too! they don't have color names on them but you can look up the numbers online or check the receipt. these are 5.3 mL each and the photos below were taken after 2 generous coats. i now have:

"Genie 812015" - a soft pearly pink color that goes on really sheer. it looks nothing like the swatch on the website.
"LOL 812002" - a sparkly dark purple. the formula was harder to work with than "Genie" - look at how messy it looks even after i tried to clean it up :( the mini brush was not my friend in this instance.
"Text Me 812098" - a sparkly forest green. much easier to deal with than "LOL". also looks nothing like the swatch on the site.

these are pretty good, especially for the price. i didn't notice how reflective it was when i took the photo. i didn't get to test the wear though but the removal process was easy and there was no staining.

i've never seen a lipstick this tiny before!! i got the lip color in "Manic 388359" (1.5 g). it's a pearly nude shade. i was taking a risk with this since i am looking for a non-shimmery nude that doesn't wash me out but this was the only nude they had. the picture on the right shows how much product there actually is.

this color is a bit too frosty for my liking and it brings out the lines in my mouth (swatches below). it's also so small that applying it takes a little more effort than usual. on the other hand, it is not drying! it has a scent too that i can't really describe - cocoa?

this is the second baked eyeshadow i own and i had very high hopes for this one. i have been on the lookout for a yellow gold eyeshadow and i was hoping this may be the answer. i got "Gold 388122" (1.4 g).  i was surprised when i first touched it because it felt really rough. i know it's pressed but it felt really coarse on my finger. i do not recommend applying this dry with your fingers because a lot of the eyeshadow remains on your hands instead. you will definitely have to pile it on a few more times in order to get enough color. using a brush is even worse because it hardly picks up the eyeshadow at all. i haven't tried using a wet brush yet so i will be updating this section tomorrow!!

--update July 4/12 -- i tried swatching both with my finger and a wet brush. i find that both required a  lot of product before achieving some pigmentation. the wet brush seemed to pick up just a bit more of gold and appears to be darker as well.

the last item i got is not a Sally Girl brand but i also bought it while at Sally Beauty. it is Beautique's lip crayon in "Coral Shimmer 714055". i can never have too much coral in my life. this one cost me $2.49 (1.25 g) and is a lip liner and lipstick in one.

it looked like a much darker color than a normal coral but i've been lusting after Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain and i cannot wait until they reach Canadian stores! so i decided to settle for a cheap lip crayon for now. when i first used it, i applied lip balm first because it looked like it was drying and will tug at my lips. surprisingly, it isn't! it goes on quite easily. just make sure your lips are not peeling or else it would look really uneven. i found the color was a bit on the brownish side.


have you purchased anything from Sally Beauty before? i know i will be going again soon since i joined the Beauty Club!

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