Saturday, June 16, 2012

POLISHED: Orly Cool Romance Mani Mini Collection

i know i'm slow to post this since i picked this Orly Cool Romance set up in April and this collection is for Spring 2012. it's not officially summer yet so it still counts! i hope i am able to do more posts now that i've finished one round of Diablo (why is nightmare so hard already?...) and am halfway through Season 2 of Game of Thrones.
i was at Winners again (no surprise) when i saw this beautiful set of minis from Orly. it's the first time that i've found a collection where i loved every single color. my sister looked at me and told me to buy it, so i did. it was $12.99 for 4 of the 6 Cool Romance colors (5.3 mL in each mini). for the full size (18 mL), it's around $9.25 each (according to

the other 2 that were not included in this set was "Artificial Sweetener" (which i wish was part of it!! a very pretty shimmery pink) and "Steel Your Heart" (a sparkly silver that seems to be the odd one out of this mostly-pastel collection). i love minis! i should always just buy mini versions since i have an ever-expanding nail polish collection so i will never get through a whole bottle.

swatches are artificial light on the left and natural light on the right.
the mini collection contained:
left to right: Prelude to a Kiss; Faint of Heart; Jealous, Much?; You're Blushing

1) "You're Blushing" - a mauve purple. i wore this color first and i loved it. it was before the Coldplay concert (back in April) so i believe that these shots were taken after i applied 2 coats but i am not positive. now that i look at these photos, it looked like it photographed quite well (in other words, be warned about the photos coming up)!

2) "Jealous, Much?" - such a pretty mint green. i started doing the swatches again just a week ago since i figured that i've left it for too long! perhaps i didn't shake these bottles enough because from here on out, the nail polish looks a little too thick. plus, i admit i have the tendency to pick at my nails so the edges of my nails are not even. it's a terrible habit i've had since childhood and i'm going to try harder for the sake of better pictures!!
anyways, 1 coat was way too sheer. 2 coats, streaky and i can still see my nail bed. 3 coats, i can still see some of my nail.
also what happened in between the artificial light picture and me running upstairs to take the natural light picture?? i guess i got clumsy and my pointer finger got in the way. also note you can see a bald spot on my pinky.

3) "Prelude to a Kiss" - soft peach and cute name! this one was one of my favorites... until i applied it. the formula was streaky and doesn't it look super goopy!? sooo goopy!!! quite difficult to work with. it does however, have more opacity than "Jealous, Much?". i got pretty good coverage after applying 2 coats but i did 3 anyways. i did this one and "Jealous, Much?" on the same day, solely for swatching purposes so i may have been a little lazy in regards to precision and clean up. oopsies.

4) "Faint of Heart" - a taupe; brownish grey. the application process was much smoother than the previous two. you can't see my right hand but i've got smudges already!! booo. i only did 2 coats with this one.

this collection was my introduction into the Orly world. as i mentioned before, i love the colors but i'm not super excited about the formula. or perhaps it is the mini brush? i found that these polishes appeared to dry quickly but in actuality, was stuck in the tacky stage where if you accidentally touch it, it would push the polish up so you try to mold it back to being flat and even but it just looks super gross? yup. very frustrating.
soooo do you own any Orly nail polishes?


  1. I love this collection , May I asked where you purchased?

  2. I have a couple of full-sized Orlys and the formula is a dream so I think it may have been your minis? Or the colours? I don't have any cremes, so maybe that's it? I love the rubber handles though!

    1. hmm perhaps! i'll keep that in mind. i really want some of their holographic ones!!


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