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BEAUTY BOX 5: May 2012

hello readers!!
so a few months ago, i became aware of the existence of a 5th (or 6th if you are counting Julep) beauty box subscription available in Canada (that's not why it's called Beauty Box 5 is it??). BB5 ships to both the US and Canada. i think this actually affected my reasoning to subscribe to yet another service because it must be good if they could cater to TWO countries, right?... i have kept track of reviews of their boxes for the past couple months and people haven't been too happy. i wasn't impressed by the brands or the sample sizes but i took a risk anyway - partly so i can tell you guys all about it!

so this company offers monthly subscriptions ($12/mth - like LB), quarterly or yearly (you save quite a bit of money - $44 - if you choose this). boxes are shipped mid-month and you receive 4-5 samples. note that BB5 does not say anything about deluxe sizes. you can complete a Beauty Profile and if you want to purchase a full sized product, they have links on their website to help facilitate the process. i do not know many of the companies on their "Brands" list but BB5 prefers to include products with natural ingredients so it's great that i will be introduced to new names.

i was going to sign up in March but i completely forgot about the deadline (it`s usually around the middle of the month like the 15th, right before they start shipping) so i signed up 30 minutes before the deadline for April. guess they decided not to count me in for that month and i wasn't sad about this when i saw the unboxing posts online anyway.
finally, i was sent the May box. they shipped it out on May 16 (according to the postage sticker on my box) and i received it last Friday (June 1). i`ve heard shipping to Canada usually takes 2-3 weeks. i did not know it was coming since Canadians do not get tracking info. BB5 is shipped from Texas. in case you are wondering, there are no customs or duties and i found it in my community mailbox like the other subscription boxes.
without delay, here is what the Beauty Box 5 looks like. it`s a cute little box in an aquamarine color.

here's the contrast in size, as compared to a Glossybox.

shot of what it looks like when you open it:

the company definitely saved money by not including another box within the cardboard shipping box. the size is also smaller so i think they would`ve saved on shipping as well.
ANOTHER thing they saved on is by not sending you a product list. you have to go online to check out details of what you received.
half of the box was filled with the crinkled tissue paper to keep the products from shifting around - and the other half were the you can see, the samples were all in the little white pouch. already i can tell that most of them were one-use samples.

since there is no product card, i'll include the information i retrieved on BB5's website here. i am assuming all the prices are in US dollars. the two cards that are included:

my very first Beauty Box 5:

1) evie evan Mini Soothing Gel Masque
The Soothing Gel Masque is great for dry, dehydrated, and stressed skin, it instantly repairs while delivering comforting moisture. Recommended as a post sun burn treatment.

i usually don't get sunburn with the exception of my shoulders. it's a clear blue gel with a light scent that i can't quite put a finger on. i have yet to try this product so i will update more on this soon. this product is cruelty-free and vegan. there was a little card from the company listing other products and how to use them. for this gel masque, it is suggested you leave it on your face for 10-20 minutes before rinsing.
size: about 15 mL ("full size"!)
retail value: $12 ... i do not see a full sized version of this being offered on their website.

2) Tree Hut Shea Body Butter in "Hawaiian Kukui"
Luxuriate in the infusion of organic shea butter, cocoa butter, and safflower seed oil. This extra thick body butter seals in moisture, giving you rejuvenated skin with a healthy sheen. Natural Hawaiian kukui nut oil repairs cracked skin and provides deep moisturization. i love shea body butters. this one specifically contains no parabens and is certified organic. i had no idea what Kukui is but after doing a little research, found that it is a tree that bears nuts. Kukui nut oil is known to make skin feel soft and increase elasticity. i find that it also smells delicious! it leaves my hands moisturized without the greasy feeling.
size: 57 g
retail value: $7.49  (~198 g)

3) it's a 10 Miracle Hair Mask 
The Miracle Hair Mask from It's a 10 turns your locks up to 11! This high-performance mask gives you detangling, frizz reduction, vibrant color, and amazing body all in one. Just work through cleansed hair for one to three minutes and then rinse - in no time, you'll see more manageable, shinier, softer hair.

i haven't heard of this brand before but it seems that is quite popular. the brand is called "It's a 10" because each product "does 10 things instantly". i have received a number of hair masks recently and have yet to use one so i should get on this! it is recommended that you use this after shampooing and rinse after 1-3 minutes or if you prefer deeper conditioning, leave it in for 5-15 minutes. 
size: 13 mL
retail value: $22.96 (~237 mL)

4) it's a 10 Miracle Styling Serum 
No matter your style, get a flawless finish every time with It's a 10's Miracle Styling Serum. Whether your goal is bouncy curls or flowing straight locks, this serum is the solution for you. It protects hair from heat styling and environmental damage with naturally-derived ingredients like argania spinosa kernel oil (a hair-softening antioxidant), noni fruit oil (which improves elasticity while repairing damage to the hair shaft) and castor oil copolymer (moisturizes and provides deep conditioning).

hmm.. another one-use packet. you only need to use a small amount each time so i am not sure what i will do with the leftovers. this serum can be used on wet or dry hair. 
size: 7 mL
retail value: $24.96 (~118 mL)
please see previous item for pic!

5) Merlot Moonlight Radiance Night Cream
Infused with grape seed antioxidants, Merlot Skin Care's Moonlight Radiance Night Cream keeps skin hydrated and healthy. Specially-formulated peptides team up with natural grape seed to reduce deep wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging while locking in moisture. Find the tone, elasticity, and pH balance your skin has been craving!

this came in a little bag with 3 samples and a pamphlet about other products the company offers. on the pamphlet there are also photos of before and after using the night cream. i am actually excited about this since i was hoping that one of these beauty box services would send me some night cream. these are again, one-use samples but at least there are 3.
Merlot's products focus on grape seeds and using them to fight aging. i love grapes and there is a light grape scent. i think there is enough product in each sample to get 2 uses if you apply just to the face area. i am not entirely sold on the benefits behind grape seeds just yet but we will see.
size: N/A - one (or two)-use samples x 3
retail value: $19 (~118 mL)

6) Comodynes Self-Tanning Towelette
Get a natural-looking tan with Comodyne's Self-Tanning Towelettes - no salon appointment required! In just three hours, you'll have an even, clean tan with no side effects or streaking. Their special formula contains a moisturizing complex to keep skin feeling soft without artificial aromas or parabens. While the tan tone depends on your individual skin type, the self-tanning towelettes adapt to provide natural results for both fair and dark skin types.

hmm i don't normally tan but one towelette would not be suffice to fully test this product out. i am curious to see how effective this actually is. on the back of the sample, it says you get a tan in 3 hours. on the plus side, it's paraben free.
size: 1 towelette // 7 mL
retail value: $17 (8 towelettes)

so a few differences between this box and other beauty boxes is that there is no extra box to store your samples (not that i needed anymore) and there is no product card. this is all environmentally-friendly, but you`d think with all the money BB5 saved as well as charging $12/box, they could include larger sized samples (wayyy too many tiny sample packets!). i actually heard that this month's box was a step up from the previous boxes but i am not overly impressed. hopefully, BB5 will continue to improve since i will stick around for another month or two to see how this goes. if the sample size remains this small, your $12 may be better invested in something else.

BB5 likes to add spoilers to their Facebook page so if you do not want to know what will be in your box, do not check it! ** spoiler alert ** i checked today and it says June's box will include an eyeliner from Blinc! i am excited to try it since i've been wanting to try Blinc mascara anyway...
BB5 has a Sharing is Caring referral program, so if you are interested, i will appreciate it if you can click through my link. thanks so much :)


  1. I remember the reviews from last months BB5 were terrible-- this month is pretty meh as well. I strongly dislike getting one use sample packets of hair care or body creams. I also strongly dislike getting fragrance samples in tiny vials. At least the body butter looks interesting! this box can in no way compete with glossybox or topbox though!

    1. yes i agree - BB5 has nothing on Glossybox or Topbox.
      i hope the number of the one-use samples decreases next month!

  2. Oh, you decided to go for BB5?! I was about to, but almost every box had one use sample type things and the reviews haven't been too good...the Tree Hut body butter and even the gel mask look interesting though. The Blinc eyeliner should be pretty good though if you get it next month!

    1. i did - i signed up for the sake of trying it. i'm hoping that BB5 would catch on as to why their customers are unhappy and make a serious comeback box, lol

  3. Ooh, you got the gel masque! I wanted that one - I got a different masque - will post a review on my box later on. Great review and pics!

    1. thanks! i'm excited to read your review :) there's not too many BB5 reviews out there!

  4. Thanks for the review. I've been humming and hawwing about whether or not I should sign up. It just looks like there are too many teeny tiny samples for my liking right now. But if they do include a blinc product, you'll love it. I've been using Blinc mascara and liner for ages!


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