Saturday, June 23, 2012

REVIEW: L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in "Amber Rush"

hi! so quick post today on an eyeshadow i picked up recently when i chanced upon it in the Clearout section of Shopper's Drug Mart. i honestly love the thrill of finding things here!
lying in a plastic bucket were L'Oreal Paris Infallible eye shadows!! the sticker on these said regular price is $12.49 and these were on Clearout for $3.00! i took this opportunity to pick one up and try it for myself. there were 4 colors there: "Hourglass Beige", "Bronzed Taupe", "Smoky Green" and "Amber Rush". i took "Amber Rush" home, very excited to test out its 24-hour wear formula. looking back, i should've just followed my heart and bought two more. i believe these were on clearance to make way for the new colors L'Oreal just launched for the summer.

"Amber Rush 892" (3.5 g) is a super pigmented shimmery coppery bronze. the packaging is quite unique. when you take the lid off, there is a cap inside which you use to press the shadow (it is already lightly pressed).

this eyeshadow is super soft to the touch and goes on super smooth. i think it`s texture lies between a loose eyeshadow and a cream one.
natural light

artificial light

this particular color is not flattering when i wear it alone. i find that it looks much better when i blend it with other eye shadows in order to bring the intensity behind the copper bronze down a notch (based on my skin tone - otherwise, the intense color would be a fantastic thing!).
this Infallible Eye Shadow maintains its great pigmentation when applied with fingers. the color transfers completely from your finger to your eye. since the color payoff is already so incredible, i wondered what would happen if i used a wet makeup brush.
below, i did one swipe with my finger (right) - you only need to touch it gently. however the wet brush (left) seemed to loosen up the eye shadow a bit and pick up little chunks so i had to smooth it out. it's a better idea to use a dry brush but i find that applying with your fingers is the best choice.
you can also see the different dimensions of the eyeshadow - where the light hits, it leans toward a shimmery gold.
top to bottom: natural light; artificial light

if you were hesitating about this product, don't hesitate any longer! there are a number of fabulous colors just released and they do last all day. i still want to buy the one that Freida Pinto wore in one of the ads - it's the really pretty green one - i think it is "Permanent Kaki"/"Golden Sage" (apparently there are different names in the US compared to international) OR "Emerald Lane"... i've tried many Google searches and still cannot find a picture of it to show you. oh well. have you tried these yet? which eyeshadows rank high on your list in terms of pigmentation?

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