Wednesday, June 06, 2012

REVIEW: Forever 21 Love & Beauty Makeup

have you ever stood in the long line at Forever 21 and while waiting, begin to browse their very affordable selection of makeup? i admit i get suckered into impulse purchases like this all the time - i think: "i've studied marketing and purchasing behavior; i know it's conveniently located near the checkouts just to tempt me... butttttttt it's only a $1.80!! so why not??"

i decided to try my hand at their eyeshadow and blush. both were only $1.80 each. one nice thing about both of these is that they are cruelty free.
i do not have a range of blushes in my arsenal so i decided on a Blush in "Pink" (4.45 g). note that there is absolutely no indication of the color names on the outer packaging or the back. i could only find it on my receipt. you could always check their website and compare too.

the second item i got was an Eyeshadow Block in "Black/Multi" (3.05 g). i've wanted to add a couple of grays into my collection for a while now so i decided to pick this one up. the first 3 colors (which i'll call white, gray and black) are very shimmery, while the last one (über black) has much less shimmer.

it took a few swipes of each color in order to get some pigmentation in these swatches. it doesn't look like there is much color payoff here but it actually shows up much better on my face. the eyeshadow especially looks better once i apply it on my eyes.

i use a brush to apply the blush and i like the color on me. i find coral pink blushes really pretty. however, it seems that i have the same experience with every blush: the color never lasts long. even when i use a face primer, i find that most of the blush has vanished after 3 hours on my skin.
with the eyeshadow block, it was difficult to use makeup brushes since each strip of color is quite narrow. i apply it with my fingers and i find it works much better - less fallout and easier to blend. the color stays on for a good 8 hours on me so i am impressed with this product.

i've been using both products the last couple of days and really enjoy it. the eyeshadow block is perfect for those who want a smoky eye look. if you want a more subtle version, you can use just the lighter colors. what i have personally been doing is using the white color on the inner corner to about half of my eyelid, applying the shimmery black (third one) on the other half of my lid - blend blend blend, and then dab some of the gray (2nd color) in the middle of the two. i'd put up a picture but i feel that would make me seem like i'm some pro and i'm not! i have a monolid so smoky eyes are really difficult for me to do without looking like i got a black eye.

lastly, i thought i would just throw in the only other Love & Beauty makeup product i have (i have a few of the nail polishes but that's for another post!) which i purchased last year. i was actually shopping on their website and thought that an eyeshadow & eyeliner duo was an interesting concept. this was actually $4.80 so it's on the pricier side of the Love & Beauty makeup line. i bought the Eyeliner & Shadow Stick in "Basic/Brown" (.24 g liner and 0.86 g shadow).

interestingly enough, this one is very pigmented but doesn't last long! oily monolids combined with a cream eyeshadow do not bode well. therefore, it has been quite some time since i've reached for this. but since i found this again, i think i might try just using the liner side. (this item is no longer available for sale on their website).

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so what do you tend to buy impulsively? have you purchased Forever 21's Love & Beauty makeup before?


  1. Yea those don't look so bad!

    I have been experimenting with some of the cheaper makeup lines. I found the Essence line at shoppers and just placed my first E.L.F order. I'm not sure how the E.L.F will turn out as they gave me an 83 piece palette for $3.50 lol

    1. ELF has crazy deals all the time! i hope you do a review of your order! i've ordered from them a few times before too and i am very tempted to do another one.
      I like picking up stuff from Essence too. two days ago, i grabbed an eyeliner and i think i'll try their lipstick next!

  2. I love the F21 nail polishes! I've never tried their makeup because I'm a little scared, but the eye shadow palette looks really pretty. I love how you KNOW those little things by the cash wrap are there to tempt you, but you go for it anyway. I'm like that with candy at Winners.


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