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GLOSSYBOX: June 2012

unfortunately, Glossybox has a reputation for delivering extremely late in the month. and this month was no exception. my June box arrived yesterday on July usual, however, the box was pretty heavyyy. i took off the lid and noticed that the box was pretty much filled to the brim. if anyone was wondering, i am a V4 (according to Glossybox, there are different versions of the box based on the skin type you selected in your beauty profile). this is quite the list of June's samples:

1) Bioré Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser - this is one of the items weighing the box down! this is a full-sized product and Glossybox took into account my combination skin. i admit i have not tried Bioré products before even though i've heard many many great things about their nose strips. based on one use, i really like the fresh scent and it feels gentle. it comes out as a clear liquid and becomes a foam. i will start using this regularly after my current cleanser is used up.
size: 200 mL (full size!)
retail value: $9.99

2) Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF 55 - ahhh this is one item i would've loved to receive before the long weekend. SPF 55 would've been great for lying in a canoe all day (i did not do much/any paddling). still will be useful for the rest of the summer... and the upcoming Calgary Stampede.
size: 14 mL
retail value: $15.99 (88 mL)

3) Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Hairspray - it appears that Wella is popping up all over the place! but wait!!! is this a beach texture hairspray?! i am so so so very excited about this product :) i've been wanting to try salt sprays to get beachy waves. i don't think it's possible with my hair but i've wanted to try forever. and another full-sized item? whoohoo!!
i tried it today and found that it gave me the piecey hair look - when your ends are separated into.. pieces? i lack the ability to describe this properly. anyway, about 12 spritzes gave me that look but some of the ends seemed to lie straight. perhaps i need to use more product since i have very thick hair. also i was focused on using this product on my ends only - but then my hair looked super flat on my head so i'd recommend using the hairspray all over. i'll try again tomorrow!
size: 150 mL (full size!)
retail value: $16.99

4) Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex - okay, who thought it would be funny to give me another one of these?? not cool.
size: 7 mL
retail value: $30.99 (50 mL)

5) CoverGirl Blast Flipstick Blendable Lip Duo in "800 Whisper" - i already own one of these from Christmas in the color "Cheeky" which i'll do another post on soon. on FB, it seems like the majority received the color "Minx" which i am glad i did not. the creme side of "Whisper" looks like a pink leaning on purple while the other is a shimmery darker version of it. i forgot how pigmented these Flipsticks are! i like the idea of creating different variations with the two lipsticks, but in reality, i rarely blend lipsticks together. the lipsticks do not have individual names so the clear packaging is useful in that you can see the actual colors (way better than guessing based on its name anyway).

i first tried on the lighter creme side and look at how it brings out the lines on my lips... it is very pigmented and the color is very light and does not complement my skin tone. wayy too frosty of a finish. my bottom lip looks like a very light pink but the rest is lilac-y.

next, i tried on the darker shimmery shade. again i was surprised, but this time at how metallic my lips look. very purple with a golden sheen. egad! look at those lip lines (does anyone still say egad?).

it says "New" on the packaging as well as on the card. i think these have been out for a while now. i'm curious as to when is something "New" not considered new anymore?
i'll have to say that i am not a huge fan of this lip product. although it has great color payoff, it is very drying. i noticed while wearing it that i needed to apply lip balm. but the day after you wear it is the bigger concern - every time i licked my lips, i could feel every single dry patch on my lips. i had to reapply lip balm constantly today. i am also not a huge fan of this color. AND it has a very unnatural taste - like i'm licking chemicals or soap. yuck.
size: 3.8 g (full size!)
retail value: $12.50

6) Gillette Venus Embrace Razor - i see Glossybox has ventured into an area where only Loose Button had been before - razor territory. this one i do not currently have in my stash. i will eventually get through them but i think i am set for the year.
size: 1 razor and 1 cartridge (full size!)
retail value: $13.43

7) **bonus ** Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips - yay! the thing i mentioned in 1). i am excited to try this!
size: 1 pore strip
retail value: $9.99 (8 pore strips)

hmm, as you already know, most of these are drugstore items. but then again, most of them are also full sized. i feel that beauty box services need to find that balance between drugstore and high-end names, especially those that advertise "luxury" items. i enjoy receiving drugstore items since these are usually the items i am able to purchase on my own, but i also enjoy learning about brands i haven't heard before or products i haven't tried. so this box was not a miss for me - i love the Wella hairspray and i'll definitely use the Bioré cleanser, Neutrogena sunscreen and razor on a regular basis.

did you like your Glossybox this month? BB5 review coming shortly!
while you wait, why not enter Topbox's current Vasanti Cosmetics sweepstakes here?


  1. The Wella spray works better on naturally wavy hair! Did you try it on damp hair, then scrunch your hair and let it hair dry? I got the best results doing this. :)

    1. i have straight hair and i followed the instructions on the back and it said use on dry hair - i'll try it your way next! thanks for the tip

  2. Yeah I know, I followed these instructions when I first tried it, but it looked really bad like I got caught in the wind. lol

    1. lol. your way sounds promising! will update you on the results :)

  3. OMGGGG! You actually got a NICE color Covergirl Lipstick! I feel like so many of us got the ugly copper lipstick! It's so hideous!!


    1. i knowww haha i feel really bad for everyone else! i do not like mine a whole lot but it is definitely more wearable.

  4. I was a V1 = scarily dark copper shade! NO. It does not get better once you mix the two together. I should post a picture of it with my lips, it's so much darker than what I would normally wear. Once I put it on, I thought I would have to do drink someone's blood!

    1. lol jayne! that does sound terrible but i am also curious as to how it will look haha

  5. Hi! Not a bad box, you definitely got a better shade of that lipstick than a lot of people. I'm really looking forward to my first Glossybox "this month" (beginning of next month maybe)

    Also wanted to mention that I made you my Fabulous Blogger for the week if you want to check it out:

    1. very true! Glossybox does have a poor track record for shipping on time.
      and thank you so much! i am very happy to have been chosen :)

  6. yes let's. ooo does your mom subscribe only to Glossybox?

  7. Great post!! :) I got the copper shade lipstick :( I figured I would just wear it around the house and scare my bf with it..cuz what else am I gonna do with it??

    LOL with your comment on the Olay Wrinkle cream...I felt the same way!

    1. LOL you're right - that sounds like a hilarious idea!!


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