Friday, July 27, 2012


i bought these two NYX polishes back in February on my trip to Fernie. they were on sale at Overwaitea (i am pretty sure that was the name of the grocery store there). they were probably on sale because they were discontinued since this particular NYX Nails (14 mL) line is no longer available on the NYX website. or the company could have just updated the formula: the ones i have say "Professional Salon Formula" and the new ones are "Advanced Salon Formula".
i used one of the colors the same night i bought them but since they are more summery colors, i thought it was high time i reviewed them for my blog.

i picked up "NP 49 Mango Cafe" first because i love all things coral.

i used 3 coats. i feel that i needed more coats with NYX polishes because they seem to be on the watery side. it lasted a few days before chipping. removing the polish was a breeze.
in artificial light, it looks super orange. the natural light shot is a better representative of the color.
artificial light; natural light

i also picked up "NP 125 Cancun Pink" since it is a lovely bright pink color with a blue shimmery undertone. the names of the polishes alone makes me happy inside.

again, i applied 3 coats. be careful with this one because when you think the polish is dried, it is probably not. i smudged it three times before taking these pictures.
artificial light; natural light 

holy reflective! "Cancun Pink" is super shiny. here's a closeup to show you the blue behind the pink.

so have you tried NYX polishes before? did anyone notice a difference between the old formula and the new one?

a number of Revlon lip products and nail polishes are on sale this weekend at London Drugs for $3.99 including those infamous Lip Butters!! i am heading back there tomorrow to analyze it more carefully since i was there today with my dad and he was not as patient as i hoped he would be as i was swatching 9 lipsticks on my hand. i can't make such important decisions while under pressure!!


  1. These nail polishes look amazing! I can't swatch when there are boys present...they get so fiance just leaves and looks at computers.

    1. yeah exactly! they don't understand that there's a complex decision making process that may/may not involve googling reviews on my phone on each color... :)

  2. I like both the colours - though I haven't tried NYX before. I do like the blue undertones of Cancun a lot.


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