Monday, July 09, 2012

REVIEW: NYC Liquid Lipshine

it has only been 3 days since my last post and i feel like apologizing for being away for so long!
Calgary Stampede has started and the weather is hot hot hot! i went yesterday and i felt like i was melting. this year is the 100th anniversary as well so it is anticipated that there are going to be record numbers attending the Stampede. i heard that on Saturday that there were some waiting for THREE hours to get INSIDE the park. i've spent hours waiting for a ride and have stood in a super long line to try some new item they decided to deep fry but have never heard of waiting for hours outside the park. very crazy!

what's new in terms of food: huge turkey legs (for $15!!) and deep fried red velvet funnel cakes (which was delicious! but only if you share with 5+ people. see below for pic). there's probably more i haven't discovered yet.

anyway, a few days ago, i stopped by Walmart and there happened to be a dollar bin. this was a first! i picked up a CoverGirl Outlast Smoothwear lip color (to be reviewed at another time), a NYC makeup remover and two NYC Liquid Lipshines (7.2 mL) (to be reviewed now).

i recall owning one of these (from my junior high days) before they revamped their packaging. the smell of the lipgloss honestly takes me back - it still smells like cake! the new packaging is sleek but after spending a couple of days in my purse, bits of the lettering is starting to rub off. the sponge applicator is long and flat and the gloss goes on very smoothly.

first up, "Midtown Mulberry 581" is a burgundy color with subtle shimmer. you can't tell there is any shimmer unless you stare long and hard at it. it does not go on quite as dark but gives my lips the perfect shade of pink to brighten up my entire face.

"Honey on the Hudson 584" is a shimmery peachy gold. this one is surprisingly very pigmented. nude-colored glosses do not show on me and usually just goes on clear.

arm swatch:

i did not expect these lipglosses to have such great color payoff. these retail at Walmart for $3.97 and they are worth it. after swatching on my arm and washing it off, it didn't leave any sticky residue. the glossiness effect lasts long too - i felt the need to reapply after 3 or 4 hours which is pretty impressive for lipglosses! i noticed that the two colors i got no longer had room on the display, but according to the website, they are still available. there are a total of 10 shades available. New York Color refers to something NY-related in all ten shades - cute huh?

thanks for reading!!


  1. hehe i had no idea what they were until we got this red velvet one! i should try one that is not deep fried (unless that's the norm?)

  2. Those funnel cakes sound like deep fried heaven!


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