Monday, July 16, 2012

POLISHED: OPI Nail Laquer in "We'll Always Have Paris Suede"

sooo continuing from my last post, this is the other nail color i picked up. it is a SUEDE! i had no idea what that meant but it looked like a really awesome color.

"We'll Always Have Paris Suede" (NN F20; 15 mL) is one of six in the Suede Collection of Fall 2009. that sounds like ages ago so i am glad to have had the opportunity to pick this up. i found out that suede pretty much means matte. the Suede Collection consists of colors that have been released before but OPI decided to give them a suede twist. i find that the original "We'll Always Have Paris" looks nothing like the suede version though. 
"We'll Always Have Paris Suede" is a cool pink-purple with plenty of metallic shimmer. it goes on really easily and dries quickly. i used two coats in the following pictures:
artificial light 

natural light

according to OPI, Suedes do not last as long as regular OPIs and this was definitely the case with my nails. i had chipping the very next day. and it was not minor chipping either - i had to have a complete change of nail polish. it is recommended not to use a topcoat (or a base coat, or hand lotion for that matter) since it changes the look, but i think there is no way i can wear this polish longer than one day if i didn't. i am pretty sure it wouldn't look bad with glossy finish either. 
taking off the nail polish wasn't a problem as long as you held the cotton ball/pad over the polish a tad longer so it can remove the remainder of the metallic particles.

thanks for reading! and many thanks for the birthday wishes :) 


  1. It's a really nice colour - I do find though with matte shades like this they chip much faster, and you're right, you can't do too much about it.

  2. Wow, it's sensitive! No hand lotion! You pretty much can't do anything once you have this polish on!

    1. i know hey! i was shocked when i read the hand lotion part too.


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