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REVIEW: Ultraflesh Perfect Pinks 6-Piece Set

so continuing on my journey to overflow my current lipstick container, i did not think twice when i saw this box at - you guessed it - Winners. in fact, i saw a set for "Perfect Reds" first and then "Perfect Pinks" but to my horror, both boxes were missing one lipstick! who would do such a thing??
so it became my ultimate goal to track down a set. i found my "Perfect Pinks" set at my third Winners and on my fourth trip, i also secured a "Perfect Reds" set (to be reviewed separately).
considering that i did find this at Winners, the box was a bit bunged up but the lipsticks were untouched. thank goodness!!

the lipsticks in the Ultraflesh Perfect Pinks set are itty bitty (1.2 g each) but i loved the idea of finding a perfect shade of pink. each box contained 6 lipsticks - there are 3 shades and each shade has a matte version as well as a sheer one.

this is the first time i've tried Ultraflesh and i've only seen their products at Winners. i purchased this set for $8.99. after searching online, Sephora also carries Ultraflesh but has a very very limited selection (in fact, only 3 items). they used to have the 6-piece set for $29 so i paid about a third of the original price! nice one Winners! Ultraflesh is actually owned by Fusion Brands Inc, the same company who does Fusion Beauty and CLEAN.

i apologize for the different lighting in the following photos - i don't like swatching multiple lipsticks in one go since it will be quite drying on my lips. as a result, some swatches were done in direct sunlight and some during cloudier days. top right are shots in artificial lighting and bottom right are natural lighting.

starting with "Tender":
the matte version appears to be a matte pink with the slightest bend towards mauve-purple. i tried this color first and it was especially drying on my lips. even in the swatches of all the colors on my arm, i could tell that this color had the most drying formula. it tugged at my lips when i was applying it and it seems to accentuate every line in my lips. the color does not look particularly good on me either. it looks like i was trying to pull a Nicki Minaj.
i really like sheer Tender. it looks like a pink nude in the tube but actually appears quite pigmented on my lips (and a tad purple), rather than sheer. it glides on much easier than the matte Tender.

i didn't expect such coral-ly colors to be in a pink set! and what's also odd is that the matte and sheer versions are quite similar. both are very shimmery which defeats the purpose of calling one a 'matte'. the matte Ethereal is slightly more coral/orange-based while the sheer is more red/brown.
the matte does not feel super drying but is drier than the sheer formula. i like both of these colors since coral is just awesome but would've preferred if they weren't so shimmery.

and lastly, "Fragile":
matte Fragile is the definition of a hot pink. it is on the cooler side of the spectrum and is quite pigmented. i don't normally wear flashy colors so i only put on one layer with a soft hand but i'm sure the color can be much brighter (it was also a cloudy day!). this particular color left a nice berry stain hours afterwards. i quite enjoyed this color!
five hours after:
Fragile in sheer form looks like a slightly toned down version in the tube but is sheerer than all the other colors. it's something you can wear comfortably without thinking about it. on my arm, it looks like sheer Ethereal without the shimmer.

arm swatches:
top to bottom: artificial light, natural light
left to right: "Tender" Matte, Sheer; "Ethereal" M, S; "Fragile" M, S

these lipsticks tend to be on the drier side (especially the mattes) so i would recommend wearing lip balm or lip gloss. the sheer versions have a shiny finish to them. i think the color payoff is pretty good and the sizes are small but enough to try all of them many times.the scent of cheap lipstick is a bit strong when you are applying it but that's the only time you notice it. i expect to wear the majority of these colors so i am glad i picked this one up! it was also fun trying on different variations of pink even if they didn't work on my skin tone. i am sure Tender (matte) would look great on other people :)

a comparison of the size with a NYX and a MUFE lipstick:

how much product is actually in the tube:

i reached 10,000 views overnight. thank you very much for all the loveeee <3


  1. I saw just the one set of Perfect Reds at my Winners, but it was in really bad shape :S This is a great little set and all the colours looks really great! Matte lipsticks are so drying...I don't wear them very much...what do you use to remove your lipstick? I've been using this Elizabth Arden Lip and Eye Makeup Remover and it's pretty moisturizing.

    1. aww that's too bad! i am excited to try the Red set too - i don't normally wear reds since i consider it a bold color choice but perhaps a sheer version would ease me into it!
      i don't normally remove my lipsticks with makeup remover... i didn't know there was a lip makeup remover actually. usually i just let it fade. thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I like the middle one especially (in both matte and sheer). Looks good! :)


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