Saturday, July 14, 2012

POLISHED: OPI Nail Lacquer in "Number One Nemesis"

sorry i've been very busy lately but i felt the need to blog on my birthday. so here's a quick post about an OPI polish i picked up last week (yes one of the many birthday gifts for myself).
i bought two (will post the other one shortly) on sale at Chatters for $5 each. these are actually my very first OPI polishes! can you believe it? i have a number of China Glazes and Nicole by OPI (and an OPI topcoat sample) but these are my first actual OPI OPIs.
left to right: "We'll Always Have Paris Suede"; "Number One Nemesis"

"Number One Nemesis" (NL M38; 15 mL) is part of Summer 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man Collection. there are a total of 6 shades and 1 shatter. i saw the movie last weekend and it was ah-mazing. i really like Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone (especially together!!) - they're too cute.

i also really like this color!! it's one of those that are tough to describe - let's say it's a greenish gray with multicolored metallic shimmer. i tried to take plenty of pictures to really capture the color because it changes depending on the angle you look at it.
i did 3 coats. the first one was too sheer. the second was almost full opacity and the third was exactly what i was looking for:
artificial light

natural light

the following pics were taken a few days after, but look:
looks grey...

but wait! it's also green!

the wear of this polish is fantastic - i've worn it for almost 4 days without a topcoat and it looks almost like i have just painted my nails. there's no chipping at all - only the bottom edge of my nails has suffered some wear.

so i hope everyone has a fantastic day!! i'm a quarter of a century now! sounds like an age where i am supposed to be a "grown-up" and have my career figured out. oops!


  1. I love it! very cool color

  2. I love both colours! I *think* I have Number One Nemesis, but have yet to try it. I can't believe you've gotten away with barely any chippage for 4 days! Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 25 was such a good age, not too old, not too young. You still have tons of time to figure things out! Although, now that I'm 29 the pressure is really on!

    1. it actually lasted more than 4 days! if i hadn't started picking my nails, it would've lasted like 6+ days!
      and thank you very much jayne!! i like the reassurance especially since my parents feel differently!

  3. Happy Birthday !! This color looks great !


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